The Top Ten Best Songs by TXT

Top Ten Best Songs By TXTThough they only debuted two years ago, TXT’s habit of promoting several songs from each albums means they’re already eligible for one of my top ten lists!

The group has covered a lot of sonic ground in this short time, making for a strong and diverse list. Read on for my favorite releases, and make sure to leave yours in the comments. As always, only songs with mvs are eligible (sorry, Ghosting!).

(And yes, I’m well aware that Can’t You See Me exists. I still don’t care for that track…)

10. Angel Or Devil (2019)

The lightness of this mid-tempo pop track may bely the duality of its lyrics, but that seesawing hook proves irresistible – especially when coupled with TXT’s effusive performance. (full review)

9. Magic (2021)

It’s easy to dismiss an English-language track like this as a “sell-out,” but Magic’s fizzy, singalong chorus knows what it’s doing. And if that doesn’t get you, the clap-along climax surely will. (full review)

8. Cat & Dog (2019)

Cat & Dog’s silliness may have you scratching your head the first time through, but the song’s sticky hooks and endearing attitude will quickly win you over. By the time the guys start barking, its best to simply surrender to the irreverence of it all. (full review)

7. Nap Of A Star (2019)

Nap Of A Star‘s gentle, acoustic nature offered the first hint that TXT could pull off this shoegaze style with surprising tenderness and restraint. It’s a gorgeous track, coupled with a knockout video.

6. We Lost The Summer (2020)

A bittersweet trop-bop, We Lost The Summer wrings nuance and depth from a familiar sound. Its percolating groove supports a hypnotic chorus dripping with a sense of yearning. (full review)

5. Drama (2020)

A standout album track turned Japanese single, Drama lets TXT do what they do best. Its buoyant funk pop backbone bounds incessantly forward, building to a headrush of a chorus. (full review)

4. Blue Hour (2020)

Blue Hour only grows more addictive the longer you hear it. Driven by a light disco beat, the track unfurls like musical cotton candy, culminating in a stunning dance break bridge that’s essential to the song’s overall effect. (full review)

3. 0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You) (ft. Seori) (2021)

TXT go full-on emo, but unlike 2020’s Can’t You See Me, LOVESONG bolsters this angst with a pummeling pop chorus and a sense of sonic drama that lends the track a larger-than-life, cinematic appeal. (full review)

2. Run Away (2019)

After their bright, bubbly debut, Run Away’s rock-tinged dance pop came as a bit of a surprise. However, TXT tie the song’s heavier elements to a fantastical worldview that brings touches of whimsy to the track. If nothing else, that megawatt chorus is sure to get you. (full review)

1. Crown (2019)

TXT knocked it out of the park with their debut, unveiling a perfect shot of concentrated synth pop. Crown is fueled by its off-kilter choices, from the gorgeous vocal effects in the chorus to the playful choreography that brings the song to life. Beyond that, it’s a parade of hooks, each more optimistic and buoyant than the last. Bright boy group tracks don’t get much better than this. (full review)



22 thoughts on “The Top Ten Best Songs by TXT

  1. 1. Run Away
    2. 0X1 = LOVESONG
    3. Drama
    4. Crown
    5. Blue Hour
    6. Cat And Dog
    7. Can’t You See Me
    8. Magic
    9. We Lost The Summer
    956,345,092 . Puma (I don’t think has ever been such an abrupt change since NCT Dream going from My First And Last to Go)

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  2. My Top 10:
    1. Drama
    2. Ghosting
    3. Anti-Romantic
    4. Run Away
    5. 0X1=Lovesong
    6. Cat and Dog
    7. Can’t You See Me
    8. Blue Hour
    9. Eternally
    10. Crown

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  3. Loved reading this post! TXT are one of my most beloved groups in the current generation of K-pop and they have created several songs which I love, so here are the ones which reign supreme?

    10. Magic Island
    09. Magic
    08. Nap Of A Star
    07. Angel or Devil
    06. We Lost the Summer
    05. Blue Hour

    Bronze Spot:
    Crown and LoveSong.
    Songs with different styles but both anchor a knockout chorus. Crown’s Sweet, fantastical Synth Pop is pure bliss to my ears, and LoveSong’s rock-laced sound went from slow-burn verses to an anthemic melody which hits HARD.

    Silver Spot:
    An absolute stand-out of a b-side which deserved promotion! Drama hops along shimmering synths and addictive rhythm guitar, Attacking with deliriously catchy hooks. It’s all tied by TXT’s immense charisma.

    Gold Spot:
    Run Away.
    This is the kind of a song which tells a story. From the lyrics to the Music Video, Run Away casts you in an incredible story and takes you on a journey. I love the instrumental here but it’s the classic chorus which shoots this one to THE STARS!

    Solid Single Run! And I hope for greater things to come.

    *Ghosting could have easily sweeped this whole list honestly*


  4. That statement about CYSM is me, but with MITM. Turned me off from the artists that were well-loved during their rookie years. Hope ITZY gets a turnaround after that comeback.
    Interesting question – which ranking would you put the songs not on this list? (I think Puma is the other song besides CYSM?)
    Anyways! I just heard of I Know I Love You like, a week ago, since the show I’m watching has played it a lot (well, they were guests there) and it was life-changing. That’s how you do a cinematic song! (sides-eyes IZ*ONE, where articles described Secret Story of the Swan as Cinematic EDM) More so….No Rules – a true banger.


  5. As someone who just naturally stays away from HYBE artists I cannot deny the musical might of TXT’s discography, especially so for their tracks that infuse rock. Run Away and Lovesong are permanently on my playlist

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  6. I don’t know what wasn’t clicking with me the first three times I listened to 0x1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You) but I think I finally get it. I still think that my top 3 are Run Away, then Blue Hour, then Crown but this is probably 4th for sure at this point.


  7. Here’s my list:
    1. Run Away (Probably the strongest song released in this generation for me)
    2. Lovesong (It might be a little early to put this song this high but I really just love it so much)
    3. Drama
    4. Crown (Even though I don’t have it in the top 3, this song will literally never get old)
    5. Blue Hour
    6. Eternally
    7. CYSM (I actually did enjoy this song, but I can see why others didn’t.)
    8. We Lost the Summer
    9. Magic Island
    10. Nap of a Star

    TXT have been my favorite group since 2019 and it’s incredible to see how strong their discography already is. They already have two legendary songs on this website and have had a buried treasure featured for every comeback. Their b-sides are incredibly consistent with Ghosting and Wishlist being my favorite b-sides.

    I would also like to give some appreciation for Slow Rabbit, who has been working with TXT since debut. He’s produced every title track and many b-sides and deserves some more recognition. I’ve always felt like he was one of the more under appreciated producers from BigHit and deserves more praise.

    Apparently their comeback I still supposed to be “sooner than we think” according to Taehyun so I’m excited. But apparently it’s supposed to be on the more sentimental side? Which could be interesting since they usually excel in energetic songs but they have a plethora of great slow songs like Ghosting so I’m optimistic.


  8. I’m thinking it’s possible but I’m not quite sure. I’m just glad that they’re possibly getting out of the May-October comeback schedule. Their last 4 comebacks have been in those two months so I kinda want them to switch things up lol.


  9. I love TXT. What a charming group of talented boys.

    Unfortunately, I have trouble listening to “Cat and Dog” reminds me too much of a past relationship/breakup. but the rest of these are real winners.

    I might swap Run Away and Crown, it’s tough…

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  10. I used to stan this group until I realized I was a bandwagon-er, but I still like the content they put out, even if I feel mostly indifferent to the members themselves.

    1. Runaway
    2. What If I Had Been That Puma (hated the original Puma, but love how hip hop oriented this one is)
    3. Angel or Devil (amazing longevity)
    4. Crown
    5. Dear Sputnik (I think how I feel about this song is the way most feel about the title track.)
    6. Drama
    7. Frost (would’ve ranked higher if not for the chorus, which is so-so)
    8. No Rules
    9. Cat and Dog
    10. We Lost The Summer


  11. Noooooooooo, i thought Run Away was locked in first place… oh well, Crown is a close 2nd in my own ranking so it’s understandable.

    TXT is the first group of your top ten series that i came to read already knowing all the songs so i guess that makes me a MOA after all, even if I’ve been reluctant to identify myself as a stan of any particular group.

    I think that the dreamy quality of TXT together with their ability to create a unique soundsphere is what got me in the end. They just know how to infuse so much personality into their songs and how to standout from the “kpop boy group larger than life kingdom war” wave, i love it and i hope they keep exploring things while mantaining their core.

    Plus, Soobin and Arin make for some wonderful moments while hosting Music Bank, so much that they were some of the initial motivation for me to go after more content of their groups.

    PS: Used this week to catch up with LOUD – i’m completely mind-blown with the 3 first performances from the JYP Round, the Creative Music ones – it shouldn’t be possible for groups of teenagers to compose full songs like that in such a small period. Hell, they made and sold better concepts than a LOT of comebacks and debuts from full acts.
    JYP and PSY are making us dream about revolutionary groups being formed in this show.

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    • Agreed, LOUD is an absolute gem of a show! The JYP round has been on fire so far. The rappers also really impressed me, I didn’t expect such talent from these contestants. Hoping the show keeps up the quality until the end (and beyond, too!)

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  12. I’m so psyched that TXT has their own top ten list now!! Hopefully their future singles will be even better; I’m very excited for their musical future!

    I would probably put Magic Island and Eternally somewhere in the list and take out Cat & Dog and Magic (Does Our Summer count as a single? It kind of has a MV). God, I wish Everlasting Shine had an MV!

    However, I think most people can agree Crown, Run Away, and Lovesong are definitely the top three.


    • Glad to see someone mention the “bippity boppity boo.” I appreciate Run Away for what it is now, but at the time when it dropped, I was really put off by the Cinderella moment lol


  13. I just found out “Eternally” has an MV and I’m shocked it’s not on here! It’s gorgeous and dynamic and one of my favorite txt songs. I find “cat & dog” unlistenable lol.

    TXT’s discography is really really good on the whole with few exceptions (CYSM). When I compare their releases this year with BTS’s, I feel really bummed out. Like, is bighit just giving TXT all the good songs? RM even has a writing credit on “lovesong” so we know he’s still got it in him….

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