Song Review: Jay B (GOT7) – B.T.W (ft. Jay Park)

Jay B - B.T.W (ft. Jay Park)GOT7’s Jay B offered the first peek at his solo work with May’s Switch It Up. Like many of his fellow group members, he’s opted from a subdued r&b style with heavy trap influences. It’s an ultra-trendy sound, and not one I usually flock toward. But, I thought Switch It Up was very successful, bringing a ton of texture to its familiar frame. New single B.T.W shares the same producer – the prolific Cha Cha Malone. But despite a guest feature from AOMG’s Jay Park, the track is less memorable than its successor.

B.T.W launches with the expected Cha Cha Malone producer tag (I’ve always found his to be particularly grating) before moving into a languid, synth-assisted trap beat. The sparseness of this arrangement allows Jay B’s vocals to take center stage, and he sounds great. Honestly, I think I’ve been more impressed with his solo performances than anything he did in GOT7. However, B.T.W has me craving more melody. The phrasing feels repetitive and monotonous. I know this kind of flow is hot right now, but I struggle to understand the appeal. To me, this melodic structure just sounds disinterested.

Jay Park steps in to inject new texture to the second verse, and his lighter tone is a nice foil for Jay B’s vocal. This also shakes up the melody, but not in a particularly compelling way. Unfortunately, B.T.W feels like one musical idea stretched across three minutes. I guess you could say the same about Switch It Up, but its great hook and excellent vocal arrangements made for an irresistible listen all the way through.

 Hooks 7
 Production 7
 Longevity 7
 Bias 7

5 thoughts on “Song Review: Jay B (GOT7) – B.T.W (ft. Jay Park)

    • For those Jung Seung Hwan chill fans here, he has one out today too.
      “The Wind Blows on a Star”


    • OT: Best title this year.
      dun dun dunnnnnn Come into earth age!

      I can’t wait. It drops 31Aug, next Tuesday.

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      • My top groups’ comebacks have been mildly disappointing recently so I’m really hoping MCND can turn that trend around. And speaking of, A.C.E is squeezing out one last OT5 release in a couple of weeks! The concept photos look pretty chill and preppy, which is not my favorite A.C.E, but I’ll take another “Stand By You” if that’s what they want to serve up. Fingers crossed!

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