Song Review: Young K (DAY6) – Guard You

Young K (DAY6) - Guard YouThe effects of military enlistment have resulted in numerous side projects for DAY6. Their sub-unit Even Of Day has released two albums, and now it’s time for the group’s bassist to embark on a solo career. Young K has long been a prominent songwriter within the band, almost ensuring his own work will carry a similar sound. And though Guard You (끝까지 안아 줄게) could have fit on any DAY6 album, it’s streamlined through Young K’s vision.

I don’t listen to a ton of rock music these days, but it became my preferred genre in the mid-2000’s when the indie rock scene was flourishing worldwide. It’s a sound I absolutely love, but its building blocks are the same as any genre. A dynamic arrangement – centered by a great chorus – is critical. With this in mind, Guard You doesn’t do much for me.

The song’s opening verse borrows the plodding energy of an Imagine Dragons song (a band I can’t stand), tossing in a few trap influences to match the times. The second verse expands upon this, offering greater drive. These segments resolve in a beautiful pre-chorus, as Young K’s vocal swerves downward in grungy atmosphere. But, I find the actual chorus too monotonous. The melody has a droning quality that drags rather than lift. I admit this is my musical preference poking through, as I’d be tempted to call this style of rock “dirge-like” when others can’t get enough of its cathartic emotion. Fortunately, Young K’s ferocious performance elevates most moments.

 Hooks 7
 Production 8
 Longevity 7
 Bias 7
 RATING 7.25

10 thoughts on “Song Review: Young K (DAY6) – Guard You

  1. Oh, Young K you are such a tease. You naughty naughty boyfriend you!

    You give us a song like this, when we know you are capable of songs and expression like this. ‘

    The whole first verse is barely musical. Then he teases us right at 0:41 and 1:50 that something good is going to happen in the chorus, some nice key change or momentum change aaaaaaad nope, nothing.

    This is the same boyfriend right?

    Sonny boy likes Imagine Dragons, esp “Thunder”. I think they used to play it at the YMCA as the afternoon hype screamathon in the gym. Darling daughter would always hide from it in the camp office covering her ears.


    • Yes! Super happy to see more love for the ‘Young One’ project.
      His ‘Young One’ project is one of my favourite music-related series to listen to. It’s been a while since I sat down to go through his covers again… I almost forgot how much I miss his voice. I wish more people got to know more about his covers as well as the original songs he uploaded by himself. His demo songs like “Greatest” and “Enemy” that sound memorable and is experimental, and most importantly he gets to boast his production skills and/or vocal prowess.

      I don’t blame your daughter for saving her ears haha. Those ears are best needed somewhere else. Like… totally exposing herself to Young K’s ‘Young One’ project, right?
      Ok, in all seriousness, I love the little anecdotes people would add to their comment(s), and yours is no different. I find them quite charming to read (especially when its stringed along with your thoughts concerning the artist that is spotlighted here).

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  2. I definitely see the imagine dragons vibe you refer to, and yes, I can’t stand them too. But, I really liked this song and the interesting melody of the last line of the prechorus and feel the entire ep is fine excepting a few lofi chill songs. But it is truly Young K’s passionate performance that elevates it.


  3. What has happened with DAY6 in 2021?

    After putting the best albums of their discography with Entropy and the Demon, they seem to have fallen so sharply down with all of their 2021 albums.

    None of it is obscenely bad, but the feeling I get is rushed and sterile emphasizing quantity over quality. This is Young K’s third album in what, six months?

    Speaking of this one, the only track I liked in this album is not gonna love. Everything else is safe, flat, or generic.


  4. I actually really like this chorus, but that production, eugh. Young K sounds like a fish… I’m not gonna pretend that pitch-correction isn’t a part of modern rock music but this is just gratuitous…


  5. I hated Imagine Dragon’s until I visited a 16 speaker Dolby Atmos room and was played some of their music that had been mixed for the format. I then understood their intentions of making rock music that sounds like a movie trailer. Not for me, but I do think they have some effective craft in their work.

    To me, this isn’t as caveman-like as Imagine Dragons. There’s a lot of melodic moments I find interesting, even in the verse. Also, Young K’s voice is so much more beautiful than the Imagine Dragon’s singer.

    I understand why some folks don’t like hearing trap hi-hats juxtaposed with alt-rock power chord-ing…and for some, they will not be able to look past it.

    the weak part of this song is indeed the chorus melody, but I do like the distorted synth and guitar that accompanies it. I don’t disagree that the instrumental is repetitive and dirge-like…but I enjoy the overall attitude in spite of that.


  6. I had this and the recent album from NELL on repeat while I was working this morning, and both were satisfactorily pleasant and non-distracting. I didn’t playlist anything on this one, although a couple of NELL’s tracks caught my attention – “Beautiful Jeopardy” and “Sober”, if that kind of thing is anyone’s jam. I’ve definitely found prior DAY6 releases more compelling.


    • Yes, I absolutely love NELL releases. Their chill work might not be one for me all the time but I really like their indie sound. I liked don’t hurry up and sober from this album and crash is one of my all time favourites.


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