Song Review: Blitzers – Will Make A Mistake

Blitzers - Will Make A MistakeBoy group Blitzers burst onto the scene this spring with a promising rap-rock sound. This genre blend is a tried-and-true formula for success, dating all the way back to Run DMC and Aerosmith’s 80’s encounter. It’s a niche that Blitzers would do well to maintain. No other idol group is consistently exploring it. But if new single Will Make A Mistake (실수 좀 할게) is any indication, there are still some kinks to work out.

If I could make a strategic investment in one area of K-pop, it would be to recruit excellent topliners/melodicists. This era of K-pop songwriting seems content to rely on chants and vaguely melodic exclamations, overstuffing its songs with hyped-up sounds that feel exciting in the moment but hold no lasting appeal. That sums up Blitzers’ Will Make A Mistake. If we were to strip away all its guitar-fueled bluster, it’s not much of a song at all. Sure, the guys sing-talk their way through a convincing verse, but by the time we approach the derivative “na na na” chorus, it becomes clear just how empty this track is.

This leaves the heavy lifting to Mistake’s bombastic, rock-infused instrumental. I love the scuzzy bass and amped up guitars. The production has great swagger and energy – the perfect backdrop for a dynamic pop song. Blitzers seem game for the style, shouting and posturing with confidence. Their performance matches the instrumental’s intensity, and that’s important. But as soon as the song has finished, there’s nothing drawing me back for another listen. Those “na na na’s” and “blah blah blah’s” aren’t catchy enough to compensate for their predictability.

 Hooks 7
 Production 9
 Longevity 7
 Bias 8
 RATING 7.75

7 thoughts on “Song Review: Blitzers – Will Make A Mistake

  1. Rap triplets in full force. 1 2 Lookatme Lookatme, 1 2 Followme Followme. Almost every or every other line is also in triplets, including the half step twirl.

    It’s a two idea song strung together with just enough meat and stage presence that it actually isn’t bad.

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  2. Breathe Again has remained one of my favorite songs OTY so I was pretty excited for this but unfortunately, i have to agree with you on all fronts. The instrumental is just as good as Breathe Again, but man is the topline weak. It’s just feels so daunting and repititive. I will say the song has a rambunctious energy to it which I appreciate. Despite me not enjoying this, I still believe in Blitzers. I’ll be looking out for their next release.

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  3. I’m having a hard time expressing my thoughts about “Will Make a Mistake” because I’m so completely baffled by “K-POP”. I can’t figure out which playlist to put it on and it’s got all these big strings and that running synth and it’s called “K-POP” but doesn’t sound like anything I’ve been hearing from the k-pop scene for the last couple of years. What’s happening?

    “Seat-Belt” is a great intro/whatever. They did this b-side -> intro -> title structure on their last EP and I liked all three tracks better, but it still works here and doesn’t just sound like a retread.

    But yeah, “Will Make a Mistake” could be better. I’m happy enough with the skuzzy guitars, but I could be happier. The piano leading into the last chorus was a pleasant surprise. The showcase performances are great though – interesting choreo and stage presence are both really important to my enjoyment of a group, and BLITZERS is solid on both. I will probably love this song after watching a few stages.

    I saw the stage of “Hop-in” and found it pretty endearing – it reminds me of PENTAGON’s frog song (“Naughty Boy”?) or DONKIZ’s dancing egg SKRRT song. I don’t think that’s real brass, but it sounded like a real piano in “Will Make a Mistake,” and the guitars in “Love Bottle” are definitely real, so maybe MYMAGOOGLE can help me out. “Love Bottle” sounds like it was written for an indie rock group, and I don’t tend to care that much about vocals but they sound pretty good to me.

    The vocals in “Rain Drop” sound a little strained going into the high parts, which is a peeve of mine, but there’s that brass again and a sing-along chorus, oh shoot, and a whistle outro? I’m so confused, but I playlisted every track.


    • Did I hear my name? I listened =just for you=
      내적댄스 “Hop in” does sounds very Pentagon Shine – Froggy era song, doesn’t it? I’m going to say no, not real brass, because the whole song sounds like they tried every setting on that synth including a pretty good Hammond organ setting too. But they did a good job.

      Whoever is playing, can play really well, there are little touches here and there that sound a touch more organic than usual. It shows up more in the “Rain Drop” song. 15:14 is the slidey thing that makes it sound more real brass but really its a fast little slide of the fingers over the keys in a jazz style. 15:54-16:04 the player is starting to groove, a little bounce bounce.


      Pentagon “Shine” is such a classic, and a great pop melody too.

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  4. They made a mistake of not giving this song solid melody line even if it’s just on the chorus alone. I would probably give this a 7.25 (6,9,7,7)


  5. I enjoy Blitzers a lot, and like the other songs on the album as we’ll. I love the rock sound on their title tracks. Their b sides are more pop oriented and often quite pretty. They have sticking power for me. The first album is still on my playlist.

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