Song Review: Luna – Madonna

Luna - MadonnaIt’s been years since f(x)’s Luna graced us with her dance opus Free Somebody. That mini album represents so much wasted potential. Her music could have been tearing up dance floors these past five years. Instead, we’re lucky to get an occasional ballad. New single Madonna promises to change that, delivering her most upbeat offering in some time. Unfortunately, the track is weighed down by its treacly sentiment and odd production choices.

Madonna is unbearably cheesy. Anytime you reference a famous pop star in your song, you invite comparisons. However honest the sentiment may be, Madonna’s yearnful chorus comes off as a gimmick – and not a particularly fun one. This is why English lyrics can be such a stumbling block for me. You can’t craft a chorus around the desire to vogue without supporting it with a vogue-worthy instrumental. It just doesn’t jibe, and that unsatisfying contrast is hard to ignore.

The track’s chorus has a ‘theater kid’ sheen to it, coming across as an outtake from the Glee TV series. Meanwhile, the verses are more skeletal and edgy. I’m not sure the two pieces fit together well, though each might have led to a successful pop song on their own. Neither approach represents the huge EDM banger I was hoping for, but beggars can’t be choosers. The effusive pre-chorus comes closest to capturing the energy of Luna’s best work. It’s a shame this segment takes up such little space in Madonna’s brief three-minute frame.

 Hooks 8
 Production 8
 Longevity 7
 Bias 7


12 thoughts on “Song Review: Luna – Madonna

  1. Hah, I had a soft spot for Glee for a couple of years and don’t mind the chorus, but agree that the lack of vogueing is inexcusable, and the verses don’t really fit with the chorus.

    On the bright side, now I have discovered “Free Somebody”, and it’s delightful. One could vogue to that for sure. Not me, but someone.


  2. But where’s her Sweetune song?

    The Free Somebody mini really is amazing. The title track, Keep On Doin’ & Galaxy remain spectacular.


    • I really thought he would’ve appreciated the pop chorus since it’s been missing in a lot of recent listens. He said that he likes a little cheese in his pop music. However, after reading the glee comment I was immediately turned off by the song. In English luna kinda sounds like that lead from Glee that everyone loves to clown. The deep chant definitely worked better in girl front and an nack sumun. It really didn’t suit luna.


  3. I appreciate what she was attempting here but, yeah, it just doesn’t quite come together into something fully formed.

    It is kind of funny because I feel like she could just vocalize over a generic but club-ready house beat and it would deliver what everyone is expecting from her, but it seems she won’t go in that direction again. I almost respect that she isn’t pumping out cheap Free Somebody clones, BUT she also isn’t doing much else either……here’s hoping she follows this up with other, perhaps more danceable material!


  4. Conceptually, I wonder what the songwriters thought it would be to grow up to be like Madonna? Because I grew up in the Madonna era, and it wasn’t really anything like this. She was far more outre sexy naked blasphemous, and it was great. There is no outre sexy naked blasphemy going on here.

    (I remember when the Sex book came out. There was a stack on them right in the front room of the Tower Records across the street from campus. There we were there the book was, should we .. have a look … should we … is anyone we know looking at us looking … is that … oh yes well yes she is hitchhiking in Miami fully naked in this picture.)

    Oh this song, yeah, sounds grafted together.

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  5. This was crying, begginggg for a Chung Ha Stay Tonight inst. and drop. But it never went around not even a second. This type of music is where being predictable is best. You mention vogue but there are no vogue elements? why


  6. Can we go back to the time where you were writing reviews that weren’t grifting to look for any problem possible? Looking through your page after months of not being here is just rows of nitpicky 7’s. Geez


      • You tell em Nick! Plus, so what? Even if you did put a whole bunch of 7s that’s your business, it’s YOUR BLOG! I would argue you used to be harsher in the beginning of this blog. I’m honestly mad that the guy didn’t actually mention anything about the review or music in general

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  7. The cringey English lyrics really killed this one for me. I think if it weren’t for that, I would actually like it. But maybe I’m just biased as Luna is one of my favorite vocalists and I’m always wanting new material from her.

    Although the lyrics are still not as cringe as the fact that I unironically liked Glee as a teenager. Ha!

    Btw I’m just catching up on your recent posts now; work has been kicking my butt the last month and I’ve barely had any time to keep up with new releases:(


  8. I feel you on a few of those points. Luna is great so I’m definitely inclined to give her the benefit of the doubt. Plus, I like “all I want”by Victoria justice which has a part that references Madonna (I thought of it first before nick mentioned Glee).

    As far as catching up, Im working while also trying to be serious about learning Korean. It kinda feels like all of a sudden Nick had a burst of reviews so I’ve been powering through them. I totally get where you’re coming from

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