Song Review: JO1 – Our Season (Bokura no Kisetsu)

JO1 - Our SeasonIt’s been interesting to watch Korea’s changing approach to the Japanese market. There was a time when the biggest K-pop idols boasted equally huge J-pop careers. Acts like Girls’ Generation, SHINee and Kara released a ton of original Japanese music, often embracing local tastes rather than copying the exact sounds that made them popular in Korea. Nowadays, K-pop idols seem more focused on other international markets. So, Korean companies have gone straight to the source and created their own J-pop acts, complete with K-pop style and sound.

I’m not a huge fan of this transformation. I want to love groups like JO1, INI and NiziU. Occasionally, they churn out an epic track, but more often than not their output comes across as reheated K-pop. Utilizing Korean talent-for-hire, the music and presentation feels overly assembly-lined, ready for its inevitable performance on every MNET-sponsored event. Such is the case with JO1’s winter single, Our Season (僕らの季節). It’s a nice slow-burn, showcasing a gentle energy and sentimental vocal. The chorus surges with satisfying synth and trendy percussion. There’s nothing “wrong” or “bad” about the song. It’s just so familiar.

One could easily compare Our Season to JO1’s 2020 single Shine A Light. Both are cut from the same musical cloth, but Shine A Light had a crisper sense of focus and a stronger melody. When Our Season gets going, it’s quite pleasant. But, the production feels overly murky, weighing down the verses even as the vocals want to soar. It’s a fine capper on the group’s super-successful 2021, but I’ll eagerly be waiting for another Born To Be Wild.

 Hooks 8
 Production 7
 Longevity 8
 Bias 7


6 thoughts on “Song Review: JO1 – Our Season (Bokura no Kisetsu)

  1. Thank you for the review. I get why you don’t really like it. I was too, especially due to the first rap verse. The rap verses are the weak line in this song for me. But the melody of the chorus is just too good. I saw people saying they want to go karaoke to it. I suppose that’s the target. I’d put this over Real though


  2. Yeah it’s starting to feel like “Born to be Wild” is a little bit of an anomaly. This song is fine, particularly don’t like the “jingle bells” percussion in the second half of the chorus. I’m not sold on this style of grandeur.

    Curious what you thought of the new Loren single! It’s definitely much more rock than pop song and totally in English, so I get it not gaining a review. I thought it was cool how it has traces serious traces of that YG rock sound but also more DIY/indie rock sounds. I wish I liked his voice a little more, because I do like aspects of the writing.


  3. Its so familiar because it shares a lot of melodic territory with BTS “Spring Day”. Its not a copy, but thematically a similar, sentimental mid tempo, similar chord progressions, and it might(?) be in the same key too. One can sing “Spring Day” chorus fairly well over the chorus here with the Eb – F – G main line in both, same notes.

    I suppose following the biggest boy band in the world these days isn’t a bad idea for the kids, but it leaves the old cranky people like me bored.


  4. Their music seems very shimmery to me, like watching light shining through crystal. It’s very pleasant listening for certain moods. This song felt gently uplifting.


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