Song Review: Omega X – Love Me Like

Omega X - Love Me LikeDespite counting many fantastic idols among its roster, Omega X’s title tracks haven’t yet connected with me. They’re firmly entrenched in the “noise music” trend favored by many modern boy groups, where “going hard” takes precedence over most other elements. I understand the appeal, but I tend to prefer songs that merge their intensity with an equally ambitious series of hooks.

New single Love Me Like dials things down a bit, though its first few seconds are definitely a test of my patience! Filtered flute and brass loops fuel the instrumental, squealing and squeaking with a persistent desire to get on my nerves. Sometimes I wonder if this is just a unique quirk of my ears, but this style of instrumental loop feels like nails on a chalkboard and makes it hard to focus on the merits of a song.

Taking that element out of the equation, Love Me Like is a straightforward dance track with strong moombahton elements. It goes everywhere you’d expect of a song like this, down to its halting, blustery bridge. This style can occasionally result in standout material, but Love Me Like doesn’t make any memorable moves. Its chorus is far too indebted to that squeaky loop, leaving little room for the guys to establish their own personality. The rap during the second verse feels more focused and compelling. Elsewhere, the group casts off forgettable melody lines. The aggressive beat keeps everything in check, but it’s not enough to compensate for the track’s overwhelming feeling of “been there, done that.”

 Hooks 7
 Production 7
 Longevity 8
 Bias 7
 RATING 7.25


14 thoughts on “Song Review: Omega X – Love Me Like

  1. A few weeks ago, I forced myself to listen to the whole Spotify top 100 and Billboard top 100 for 2021. This song sounds like it would fit right in with those lists -so much moombahton and dance hall (as well as listless lazy raps over crickets). Actually, its more melodic than most on those lists.

    Judging by the number of comments in Spanish on the youtube video, maybe the approach is a good idea. Me, myself, its not my style, and that is OK.

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  2. The moment I heard this I was like DAMN I like this but I know Nick won’t 🤣. It’s a type of noise music that I can get behind although I know many others will dislike it’s formulaic pattern or instrumental. But I bop my head to it, and so it’s all good by me.

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  3. I really liked this more than that other one – What’s going on, I think lol.

    Vamos was unadulterated fun and I think this one is pretty much the same! I really enjoy their bgm! It’s so damn catchy! ❤️ Also I think this time the vocals got to shine quite some more! I sometimes feel the size of the group really affects the way they handle their songs – but this time it seemed better to me!

    And not criticising you or anything but… Golcha?? 😅 Why even comapre with them? Ra Pam Pam is good BECAUSE of Golcha and their execution. The song had that kind of energy and crispness only in their hands 😂 Even I do compare songs sometimes but some groups are off-limits when I do it. Eg: Golcha and Oneus – both groups I personally feel are ones that can add value to a song because of their group’s skills! 40% song and 60% group! A similar genre song cannot exactly be compared in their cases for me but I can understand your views too 🤗

    So on that note if I’m gonna compare OmegaX with anyone it would be themselves😂 Vamos was a FULL ON blast. This is slightly more toned down but they are getting closer to their sound now!

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    • I only compare it because the underlying moombahton influences are very similar. The beat itself is almost the same, but the two groups took very different approaches from there. Bias aside, it’s interesting for me to ask myself why I enjoyed one and not the other.

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      • Ah fair! Got it! 🙂 I really wasn’t getting annoyed over it or anything 😂 It’s just that I hold Golcha at a high level of standard myself and so I don’t compare any of their output to others because I have a feeling it’s unfair to compare with this bias lol.

        But yes I understand what you mean! 😄

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  4. Three releases in, Omega X find themselves firmly wedged in my bottom tier of rookies (compulsory “it’s not their fault, it’s the material, etc”). It boggles the mind that an agency would throw resources behind these unimaginative, dime-a-dozen tracks.


  5. It doesn’t go as hard as I’d like, and the “flute” is borderline too much, but I’m happy they’re sticking with the Latinish sound.


    • My headphones did the thing where they switch devices just for funzies and I rather liked the song that came on but didn’t recognize it – turns out b-side “Liar” is a pretty nice, guitar backed ballad-ish mid-tempo whatever that wouldn’t sound out of place as an ATEEZ b-side. If that’s your kind of thing, of course.


  6. Also, in songs Nick doesn’t review news, A.C.E just put out an OST called “Buzzer Beater” – it’s a weird peppy song that would sounds like an afternoon on a patio after visiting an independent bookstore. I’m not sure how much I like it, but I like it okay. Beat recently announced that the three younger members will be enlisting in the spring but fingers crossed they put out a couple more OSTs before hiatus.


  7. Well, I totally agree with Nick. There is not the least bit interesting or that stands out about this song. 7.25 might be too high. There is no diversity in this group’s songs and there are just way too many of them to get a feel for their talents and personalities.


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