Song Review: WJSN Chocome – Super Yuppers!

WJSN Chocome - Super Yuppers!
Everything about WJSN Chocome’s Super Yuppers (슈퍼 그럼요) is disarmingly silly. First there’s that ridiculous song title, which effectively previews the giddy energy of the music itself. Then there’s the tongue-in-cheek video, which hearkens back to similar efforts by groups like Crayon Pop and Orange Caramel. I’m delighted to see a big-name comeback opt for a tone like this. So many K-pop comebacks have become too self-serious for my taste. It’s refreshing to hear a track that’s willing to have a little dumb fun.

Super Yuppers’ sound will be familiar to anyone who has been following the industry for the past few years. It’s the latest in a long trend of retro synth-pop. The majority of these tracks seem to draw upon A-Ha’s mega-hit Take On Me for inspiration, as if that’s the only 80’s touchstone in existence. In Yuppers’ case, the insistent beat is essentially a cut-and-paste job. Thankfully, the track opts for a different synth line as its base, tugging the tone upward to deliver an icy riff. Otherwise, the production largely follows expectations. It’s a total pastiche, but it’s a fun one.

WJSN Chocomo inject plenty of bubbly enthusiasm into Super Yuppers’ catchy melody. This kicks off with a spoken word intro delivered with the intensity of a manifesto. I wish the rest of the song felt as over the top, but the melodies are still pleasant. The track is laser-focused on its specific sound, leaving little room for diversion. Compared to the golden age of Orange Caramel bonkers-pop, the result is tame but enjoyable. At the very least, it’s nice to hear something a little different from a girl group.

 Hooks 8
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 9
 RATING 8.25

23 thoughts on “Song Review: WJSN Chocome – Super Yuppers!

  1. Of course you’re going to compare this to Orange Caramel and talk about how “tame” it is. The members tried to shade Chocome and now they’re sitting in jail for DUIs while this group is already establishing their name. It’s time to get with the times and stop with the backhanded “at the very least” compliments. Maybe contact song camps yourself and ask for music more suiting of your niche because lord knows WJSN has always done their own thing and stood above the trends throughout their career only to be discredited by reviewers such as yourself.


    • People have their own opinions chill
      If you already know he’s going to compare them to Orange Caramel you don’t have to read it, you can spend your energy enjoying Chocome on your own
      Also if they don’t want to be compared maybe they could do a concept that hasn’t been done before?

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    • I.. You.. He.. ..umm..

      You know what? You’re right, Bubble Guppy! How dare Nick go all referential in a review. Who does he think he is? A reviewer? ..with personal bias? MADNESS! If he’s going to go that route, the very least he should do is name the site accordingly; for cripes sake.

      Please, Mr. Guppy, while I feel your “lodged bowel movement” levels of discomfort, let’s try to remember that pedestrian individuals like Nick aren’t savvy to the mystical currents that flow under the K-Pop waters. He’s unaware that the only reason groups like Orange Caramel were able to release songs that are thematically and melodically similar to the genius of “Super Yuppers” is because Nana, Reina, and Lizzy must have resorted to shamanistic foretelling. They were able to view the oncoming greatness of WJSN Chocome and they pathetically ensorcelled the masses prior to the emergence of these goddesses of goof. But you and I.. ..we know; we know.

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  2. I should like this song. Its called “Super Yuppers!”. It sounds like WJSN covering Orange Caramel covering an 80’s song!

    But at this point, I am so over the 80’s / City Pop revival that I am just not feeling it. To the extent I was ever hip to the 80’s / City Pop revival, having lived through the 80’s the first time through. I mean its just not the same. I know all the references and originals without trying. The drum kit line here is like “Maniac”, with the synth line like a lesser b-side with neon fingerless gloves like a Teena Marie or Mel & Kim or Stacy Q type. Nu Shooz “Point of No Return”. I can picture the hair style too, and hat. Heck, I owned the hat.

    OK, pfft whatev, the song is called “SUPER YUPPERS!”. Bonus point for that! Rating is about right.


  3. wow 2022 off to a blitz…my own life distracting to keep up w all the releases.
    but I am Ujung and very happy to receive this.
    I think the song and performance are good, but totally agree, yes tame, kinda restrained in its intent and concept.

    I love camp and this is so so campy.
    I think the vocals are strong and I think the girls sound fired up. There’s a lot of melodic moments I really like and I really enjoy how they’re being delivered.

    I am hopeful for a year where WJSN coexists peacefully and consistently alongside the for sure high budget, high media covered IVE comebacks that are sure to rear their head soon.

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  4. I honestly don’t think it was that restrained. Anyway I love it. It’s been on a loop for me all day.

    I don’t really know the girl names but Dayoung (?) is really good at the super camp concept. I loved her in this.

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  5. The vocals are too high for me to love, but I like the groove and melodies. I think this track is solid.

    I don’t mind retro concepts continuing if they sound good, and this song is a clean retro song. That bridge is ridiculously odd. I don’t think I heard someone talking during the bridge in K-pop. That’s a rarity. It has that j-pop influence to it.

    As you stated, this hearkens back to Orange Caramel and Crayon Pop. I would like to see this style pop up (not that much though) for girl groups. I need more diversity.

    Finally, I think this is going to be one of my favorite music videos of this year. I like to see this performed live. Loosen up a bit and have fun!

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  6. Itz güd!

    “Disarmingly Silly” could’ve easily been the caption under my high school yearbook picture, so efforts like “Super Yuppers” go swimmingly with the rest of the clutter in my mental fishbowl. All four women has a strong following of male fans that see them as sexy and desirable, per design by the agency, but they’re willing to steer into their playful side. I, unsurprisingly, can respect that.

    Curious..? Boy bands work hard to build up this image of swag, debonair, machismo. How many BB are willing to risk that image by releasing something just as zany? I’m not talking “cute” or “aegyo”, I’m talking Officer Doofy meets Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne levels of lunacy. Personally, I like it when groups don’t by into their own hype and take a walk on the wiley side.

    본보기 >


      • Very charming. Thx for the link. 😀

        That song leans more into the cute and aegyo side of things, rather than goofball antics, but yes..’s always refreshing seeing the playful sides of our faves.

        NOTE: I deliberately avoided the King of K-Pop Silliness, PSY, because his releases are rarely serious, so he’s the opposite of what I was asking. He’s “always” silly so referencing him is non sequitur.


    • Super Junior have a lot of examples of kitsch, bonkers and just plain corny. Every Super Show has some performance piece (eg Rokkugo dressed as drag Elsa, Do Re Mi from Sound of Music in lederhosen, etc).

      But for real singles, I would suggest Charm of Life and Super Duper.

      And then there is the all jazz hands “Wow Wow Wow”, I mean, wow!

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      • Just finished watching all 3. Thanks, Myma, I was hoping you’d chime in as I respect your familiarity with the boys side of the playground.

        Yeah, having Heechul in your ranks ensures silliness and tongue-in-cheek surprises. He’s one of my favorite oddballs. ..and Shindong is a perfect Olly to Heechul’s Stan. Add Eunhyuk and queue The Three Stooges melody.

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        • Stan, Olly, Three stooges – only you and I are old enough to understand.

          For more Heechul entertainment, may I suggest this fine work with sidekick Kyung Hoon (also of Knowing Brothers) and her Sultriness Bibi. It’s like they rented one of the sageuk sets including the key to the costume closet. Fun! And Fun fact – Ateez show up as the dancers.


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          • Another good link. That one was full of theatrics and chutzpah. I love when artists throw in lots of cameos and guest performances. I know it’s just me, and that I should probably seek professional help as a result, but every time I see Heechul, I almost hear a kazoo sound in the background. To quote the late, great Lloyd Bridges, “Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue.”.

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  7. I loved this!! ✨❤️ I didn’t think it was toned down at all! Far from it! Almost make me wonder if everyone else has high standards or if I have abnormally low standards! 😂

    This totally reminds me of magical girls and all those really old anime shows! Right from that intro to the very end! Silly and cute and a smashing MV! 🎊 The vibes of the music reminded me of Hikyou Sentai Urotander (Japanese and Vocaloid but with a Power ranger superhero theme and an old style sound 😅)

    And hard agree on the different thing from a girl group!! ❤️ I absolutely wanted gg to chill more and this kinda made me happy! Also all 4 of those ladies carried off that fun cute vibe really well! Even putting aside the “funness”, the song itself is really good!! ✨

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  8. I really enjoyed this song, but I can’t help but feel it was wasted on this group. It reminds me of J-pop’s Kyary Pamyu Pamyu or Puffy – whose entire shtick is to sing very simplistic high-pitched vocals over expertly produced tracks. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, it’s been very successful for them. But in the K-pop world I feel this song would have been better served with a more elaborate vocal arrangement and probably also with better vocalists too.


  9. I think this song is gorgeous. It’s silly but is also feels really stylisch and I adore the retro vibe. The instrumentals the song opens with after 9 seconds and you get to hear throughout the song are especially wonderful.


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