Song Review: CRAXY – Dance With God

CRAXY - Dance With GodThis seems to be the week of bonkers girl group releases. From NMIXX to Billlie to CRAXY, these groups are serious about their worldbuilding and intricate concepts. But so far, the music hasn’t always followed suit. Yes, the songs twist and swerve in unexpected (sometimes jarring) directions, but they’re all built on ultra-familiar, overused sounds. To me, this considerably blunts their ambition.

Speaking of ambition, CRAXY burst onto the scene in 2020 with the wonderfully left-field Aria. Last year, they revisited the sound in a more fragmented way with Gaia. New single Dance With God continues the approach, but lacks a killer calling card that might set it apart. The song relies heavily on its instrumental, which pounds forward with huge energy. At times, it feels like the soundtrack to the most exhausting Zumba class you never had. When the beat gets going, it’s hard not to dance along. I only wish there was more of a song attached to this exuberant percussion.

Instead, Dance With God feels like the extended climax from one of those formulaic YG Entertainment title tracks. CRAXY serve plenty of energy and verve, but without a memorable hook there’s not much to work with. The song might have been a great rap showcase had the group opted to lean further in that direction. However, most of Dance With God hinges on the kind of flim flam sing-talk that tends to go in one ear and out the other. Its rambunctious energy is enjoyable in the moment, but I fear it will be difficult to recall this track in several months’ time.

Hooks 6
 Production 8
 Longevity 7
 Bias 7

21 thoughts on “Song Review: CRAXY – Dance With God

  1. Out of the past four days worth of songs, this has to my second best pick, after run2u though it’s pretty close. I did not expect to like this but I feel the throbbing energy is incredibly addictive and however generic and predictable the chorus is, it keeps the energy high. Will see definitely grow on me a lot.

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  2. I have been pondering the meaning of life and the brother- and sisterhood of humankind lately, and how little faith I have in it now.

    Also, what happened to Songs. Like a song that sings. Everyone suddenly burst out singing, and I was filled with such delight, as prisoned birds must find in freedom winging wildly across the white orchards and dark green fields, on on and out of sight.

    And then this one comes along, not terrible by itself, but all it really is about is swagger and incessant beat beat beat, and this just does not fit the week.

    (The above excerpt from which was composed at the end of WWI.)

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  3. I think I liked Billlie’s song more than this. Their raps were incredibly good and I think of all the songs of this bonkers week it has the most potential to grow!

    Last times Craxy’s Gaia grew on me like crazy so I can only wonder if this will as well. But if I’m being honest… I got the ad for a Mafumafu song halfway through the video and I think I remember that a lot more than this 😅


  4. I’ve been a lurker for a long time on here, but I just think it’s funny enough to break my silence that possibly one of the lowest-rated weeks on this blog coincides with the start of your best-weeks-of-kpop series. Looks like the universe either playing a sick joke or making social commentary about “the state of K-Pop” lol

    (Also I really like your blog! I check it almost religiously lol, it’s like my morning routine at this point. I even play the “guess the Buried Treasure” game quietly on my own haha. Looking forward to more fun posts & features :)) )

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  5. i understand the want to world build when it feels so often our lived world is falling apart.

    the track tho…fun moments, in agreement with everyone else that there’s not much song here. the zoomba comment cracked me up.

    I like the first half of the prechorus (all these sub-structures, lol). Kinda reminds me of a synth Imagine Dragons would use, I don’t like them, but I like how it’s used here.

    I like how wonky Craxy gets but I would like them to up the wonkiness and hooks, please.

    peace and luv to all today

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  6. I’m still in love with the girls but I feel like I’m liking every track they release less and less. They have good vocalists I wish they gave us more melodies


  7. also i don’t really see what those short films after the song have to do with the mv or anything

    from what i can get watching the videos, some guy is taken to Karin’s house and is handed a secret formula in a suitcase from one of her servants (which she probably stole from the krusty krab). after the guy takes the formula to some building and is handed a large sum of money in return, hyejin (i think) comes in and kills everyone in the building

    who knows, maybe the mvs are anime openings for the short episodes


  8. Hey everybody, I’ve been busy for the last couple of weeks, what did I miss? *skims the last few posts* *backs away slowly*

    How about that TAEYEON album though?! Anyone remember that ear-worm JAMIE started the month off with? Good times, good times. *weeps into my copy of “The Billage of Perception”*

    Well, “Love Me or Hate Me” is looking like a lock for favorite song of the month, followed by “Pity Party” and “Satellite”, although I’m holding out a little hope for Rocket Punch.


  9. Oh, CRAXY, how the mighty have fallen.

    OT: I found this song, released in January. It is in Korean, and totally eligible for Nick’s end of year lists, and given how it is synthwave, I think it actually has a chance lol. The singer was apparently Korea’s premier pop star in the 80s, so a legend basically in the nation. The track is pretty good too.

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  10. CRAXY is back with all of the style and none of the hooks and I love them anyway haha. I have the mental capacity for only a few “just here for the content” groups at a time and they’re one of them.


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