Song Review: Sorn – Sharp Objects

Sorn - Sharp ObjectsWriting about Sorn’s solo music on this blog is seriously challenging the definition of “K-pop.” But hey, it’s a slow music day and even if Sharp Objects comes from a Thai singer performing entirely in English, her former membership of Korean girl group CLC affords us some latitude. More importantly, Sharp Objects embraces the popular synthwave style – a sound I tend to be quite fond of.

As any trend becomes more prevalent, songs can’t simply rest on their genre influences to stand out. Aspects like melody and performance style become more important. With this in mind, Sharp Objects succeeds. Its melody is predictable but satisfying, coasting along the icy synth beat with ease. I’m particularly fond of the pre-chorus, which injects a bit of drama to the arrangement. Sorn’s vocal moves from airy head voice to a more forceful delivery. It shifts momentum without upending the track – a balance that can be tricky to pull off.

Now, will a song like Sharp Objects stand the test of time? This question runs through my mind any time I hear one of these nu-disco, nu-retro (or whatever you want to call them) singles. The market is bursting with them, and only the absolute best will leave a permanent mark. I’m sure Sharp Objects will sound great even a few years from now, but with relatively light ambitions it doesn’t push past its influences to become an instant classic. However, that’s a high bar to measure any song by. For now, Sorn’s synth makeover hits just right.

Hooks 8
 Production 9
 Longevity 8
 Bias 9


13 thoughts on “Song Review: Sorn – Sharp Objects

  1. This is great. Thank you for turning me on to this. She sings so lightly yet passionately. You know, back in the day most people thought 80s music was going to be completely transient. Ha. The kids showed you. A real treat considering I wasn’t thrilled that much by any song that came out this week.

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  2. I accidentally found out on Sorn’s debut by finding her AMA in kpop reddit when I’m actually searching for Queendom news and are waiting for your review because for the song because it’s actually really good! I only realized when reading your review that this song shouldn’t have been reviewed in the first place because it’s not k-pop lol. Here’s hoping for her career to go well!

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  3. Love this for Sorn. I saw her tease the instrumental on tiktok and it’s cool she realized the full song and video so quickly.
    I think it’s fun and catchy, and I like the fast pace. The production is good and the song does not slack!
    I think the “I’m not afraid, sha sha sha” is super fun.

    I really hope she finds some success with this…would love to see the CLC members flourish….really felt they were dealt an unfortunate hand even though they had some real hits in their discography.

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  4. She uses her upper register really well. The performance comes across like candy floss or cotton candy, a light spun confection that is an much air as sugar.

    The song itself is fairly generic fair though, there is nothing much to it, so as a whole its closer to a flat 8 for me.

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  5. I’ve considered Sorn a standout since “Pepe”. A performer can be the best singer, dancer, rapper, but if they don’t have the “it” factor, then having an impactful career will be a Sisyphean effort. The girl has charm; you can’t deny her that.

    As far as K-pop alumnus breaking out with solo English songs, I think it’s something we’re going to see a lot of in the coming years since a lot of agencies like their trainees to learn or already know English. When the groups are no more, the individual members will try to keep their wings flapping with whatever edge they have.

    “Sharp Objects” is a good song. I don’t love it. I don’t hate it. If it didn’t have Sorn, it wouldn’t really have value for me. I hope it gains traction so we’ll get future offerings from her.

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  6. Wow this is a rather pleasant surprise. I dont know about Sorn but she never really caught me as a solo act and her song Run did little to sway that but this is like pretty fuckin good. I do agree with Myma slightly that the song is a wee bit generic as my mind flew to a myriad of different artists while listening but its still a good song and for it to be Sorn’s 2nd ever solo track. She’s definitely on the right path.

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  7. Sorn has gorgeous vocals and CLC was a bangin’ group.

    I think any degree of kpop affiliation can make something worth covering.

    The main downside of the song for me is the parts where some frequencies cut out so the song sounds like it’s in the background of a scene are too sudden for me.

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  8. Pleasantly surprised by this release. I think that with a little more ambition it could be, as you mention, a classic, however the song is already very good and goes straight to my playlist.


  9. Sorn was always one of the standout talents in CLC, and while I’m sad to see CLC is no more, it’s terrific that Sorn is branching out and finding her own individual voice. The song is quite alright, and Sorn performs with skill, power and nuance.

    As for K-pop stars singing English, yeah it may break the concept of “pure K-Pop” for many, but we have to accept that K-Pop is ever morphing and changing, and we have to approach this new music with an open mind, even if we ultimately don’t like all of it. I personally don’t have any problem with English lyrics, but I would draw the line with K-Pop trying too hard to sound like western music.

    Sorn has proven she can navigate this difficult balancing act so far. Overall, it’s a terrific first step for her and I’m super excited to hear what is coming next.

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  10. It’s safe to say that Sorn is exiting the K-Pop scene. The statement from her new agency (Wild) says she is transitioning into an artist who performs in North America and Southeast Asia. That’s probably the best decision for her as I can’t see her surviving as a soloist in Korea. This will let her balance making money from her fame in Thailand (probably with the occasional Thai release) while trying to make inroads to the Western market.

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