Song Review: Weeekly – Ven Para

Weeekly - Ven ParaWeeekly have made their name on a fresh, youthful sound that’s been a nice counterpoint to the girl crush trends of the moment. True to their name, past singles have felt perfect for Friday night or the weekend. With that in mind, new single Ven Para is that unwelcome Monday morning when you have to drag yourself out of bed and trudge to work.

I often complain about bright boy groups going dark, and that transformation has started to affect girl groups as well. Ven Para is a flagrant example, completely upending Weeekly’s charms in favor of a turgid bluster-fest. Songs of this genre aren’t automatically irredeemable, but in K-pop they tend to jettison elements like melody and replace them with noise, noise, noise. The louder the better, and Ven Para goes full bore during its fit of a climax. Prior to that, the song gives the group a hip-hop makeover. Again, this has potential to be great if the group were actually rapping in an interesting way. Alas, forgettable sing-talk wins the day yet again.

Ven Para includes slight Latin influences, though they’re buried in walls of boisterous synth. The song might have been more successful had it embraced the elements that make it unique. I’m not a fan of the chorus, but given a different arrangement it could have popped. Instead, vocal effects join the already claustrophobic brew and the whole thing just sounds washed out. I appreciated Weeekly’s desire to take on new challenges, but this style of girl crush track has been done to death. Ven Para doesn’t bring anything new to the table.

Hooks 7
 Production 7
 Longevity 7
 Bias 6
 RATING 6.75


55 thoughts on “Song Review: Weeekly – Ven Para

    • I’ll put it this way: the song is honestly not bad… up until the end when they (the boneheaded producers) decided to move the whole chorus melody forward a beat and made the ending sound messy. It took me a few listens to get used to it, but it’s still a terrible idea that ruined what could’ve been their “Fingertip” moment.


  1. The Monday analogy is apt considering that this comeback has made my actual Monday so much more depressing. I suppose their company decided that since they gained a fan-base they can save time and energy on creativity and can just buy the newest girlcrush song off the assembly line.

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    • What?! This deserves a 10/10!I love the song and the girl-crush concept is more beautiful than never before! Why do all hate this concept?!It’s empowering for women!
      Don’t listen to this uninformed review, dear Weeekly! This page doesn’t appreciate masterpieces!

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        • “These hype girl crush sounds are doing the opposite of standing out, ironically. No idea what it sounds like already.”
          – Asian Junkie.


      • You are right. This song is even much more better than other group’s some popular songs. These people are just hating on them or don’t have a taste. This is just their opinion

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  2. this is so frustrating lol. there are bits of the song that like (i actually think the chorus is pretty catchy, and the second half of the bridge), and overall i don’t hate it. but…like…there has to be a middle ground between something as cutesy and saccharine as after school (which i love) and this. if they want to change things up and ditch the cute concept, fine, but this feels like a total overcorrection toward the worst parts of current girl crush trends.

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      • I meant the song was shouting at me, but the funny thing is that I know what song that gif came from and That Song can shout at me all day.

        But since you replied, darling daughter put on some songs the other day in the car (it happened to be 4Minute “Crazy”, followed by 2NE1 “Come Back Home”), then she sighs and says “They don’t make kpop songs like this anymore. These days everyone is trying to copy Itzy, except for Dreamcatcher who are good. What happened?!” Then I tell her that these days its all 80’s revival like The Weeknd, from which I have shielded her because I haven’t downloaded many. She smacks her head and say “Good god!”

        I am not making this up. The wisdom of the children (in full teenage everything in ironic voice mode). And a child shall lead us!

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  3. I was gonna ironically like this because the chorus is bad in a funny way but everything else is just so so so boring that I can’t even try. Not huge on the pandering to the “THEIR DUALITYYYYY” type of kpop stans

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  4. Disappointment is an understatement. Looks like the end of one of the few gg that did something special.

    Seems their first day album sales doubled. Are Koreans such big fans of girl crush or can anyone imagine why?

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  5. I think the song itself is probably not bad… and I hate to say this, but it doesn’t suit Weeekly. I am all for diversity in genres and trying new stuff and not criticising groups that want to try new stuff…. but sometimes a group might lack certain requirements to do a certain genre of songs.

    In my opinion, Weeekly lacks what is needed for this kinda song. In their usual teen charm style, they all have decent vocals and Monday stands out with her vocals. Here… not as much. It’s frustrating because a minute in I had almost started to imagine how Everglow or even Pixy would have executed this better. I personally think Weeekly doesn’t have the particular style of vocals or rapping to fit this kind of song.

    Perhaps it was the mixing and I’m pinning all my hopes on the Live stages to see if they can bring a different energy there with their presence. For now, I’m sad because a small part of me was curious to see how they would execute a concept change and I was really hoping to see them blow this out of the ballpark… but for now I’ll wait. If Nmixx’s O.O can grow on me…. well, at this point anything can.

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  6. I remember someone joking on Twitter like a few that this would be worse than NMIXX’s song and they weren’t that far off lmao. The whole thing feels half-baked. Maybe it’s just me but the bass kinda overpowers everything else at points and the vocals feel processed in a very odd, robotic manner. The chorus feels extremely cluttered as well. Ngl 6.75 might be to high for this 😭😭

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  7. I don’t really understand why we (as in the kpop community as a whole) talk about concepts in two extremes – both lovers and haters of the Weeekly switch frame the discussion as though the group is/has been either ‘too cute’ or ‘too girl crush’, when it feels like there are plenty of middle ground options between their earlier singles and this song. I don’t know, I just wish there could be moves from one concept to another without making it seem like they absolutely have to be on opposite sides of the spectrum (I mean, Apink’s move with I’m So Sick was so masterfully done so there are plenty of other options to pivot to without making it into a strict ‘cute’/’girl crush’ dichotomy…)

    As someone who enjoyed their previous songs (though I wouldn’t say I *loved* those), I find myself mostly apathetic to this, sadly. I’m not going to go out of my way to say it’s unlistenable, but nothing about this stands out to me either. I’m not as attached to Weeekly’s previous image as some others might be, but I’m not as keen on this one either though I do think the group’s very talented.

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    • That’s the thing. All of the girls are very talented. Go back and watch some of the cover videos on their YouTube channel that were posted before they became semi-popular. The girls can sing. They also had “it” factor (charm) as a group through the styles and themes of their previous music videos.

      I’ve no problem with groups experimenting. CLC tried something new with “Hobgoblin” and it took them in a wonderful new direction, but it was okay because they were floundering before that so they needed the change. GFRIEND released “Fingertip”, and while many loved it, I didn’t, but it was okay because they weren’t trying to copy and paste a tired trend, they were just sending out feelers. However, when “APPLE” and “Mago” came out, I ate those both up like candy.

      With Weeekly, it’s not about trying something new. There’s nothing “new” about this release. It’s a rehash of a trend that is a rehash of another trend. The definition of “trendy” is “very fashionable or up to date”. This trend is so overused that it is now unfashionable and out of date.

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      • Your GFRIEND example is on point, that’s the sort of thing I was thinking of too! For me the epicness of their early singles run is still top-tier but I came to like Fingertip and later Apple too because it felt like a more natural evolution, and these songs still stood out because it didnt feel like it was a switch done just for the sake of throwing whatever at the board and trying to see what stuck, for no good reason at all. Weeekly’s previous style was a great fit for them and it seemed like tons of people agree with this, so this sudden huge change does feel jarring.

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        • I’ll see your GFRIEND reference and raise you a Apink reference. I don’t think anybody expected Apink to stick with the infantilization schtick for too long. At first, they went a bit more pop with “Mr. Chu” and “Luv”, then they hit us with “I’m So Sick”. A clean progression that made sense and the fans were waiting for it. This (Ven Para)? Umm.. ..nope.


  8. TL;DR: Weeekly was NICHE! Now they’re PASTICHE!

    Ya know.. ..I don’t ask for much. At least, I don’t think I do?! There are a few groups that I start to build a reliance on. One of them is Weeekly. I liked that they were a little quirky, but still maintained enough normalcy that you wouldn’t be surprised if they all lived down the street from you. Most of the stuff they’ve released has been fun bops. Then.. ..this.. Why?

    How many girl groups try to find an established sound? Something that builds loyal fans? Something that becomes a signature style? Something that fans felt they couldn’t get from any other group? Weeekly had that. I don’t get it; I really, really don’t.

    P.S. Oh, and the irony isn’t lost on me that part of the lyrics are: “No copy eeh no copy at all”. Yeah, right. They should’ve named this song “Xerox” with production credits going to Staples.

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    • I’m with you completely. I loved Weeekly because they were doing something that you don’t see from many other girl groups. Their sound and vibe was so fresh and fun, yet with a beautifully nostalgic quality. And now their company, for some ungodly reason, has decided the group needs to “mature” (I guess??), and the result is a complete 180 into the same tired, overdone, grating girl crush that dozens of other girl groups are already doing. And the sad thing is their stans will eat it up and stream it and bulk buy the album anyway, because it never seems to be about the music in the end. As someone who’s into groups primarily for their music, I hate to lose a group I love like this. 😦

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      • There are several reasons why “Ven Para” exists. The company could’ve tried a two-pronged effort to attract Latin fans and a more mature audience. The girls, themselves, could’ve asked for a more mature song but the company ineptly went with this. Or, more likely, someone in charge thinks the girls aren’t making enough bank so let’s push them off this cliff. Regardless, I sincerely hope this song isn’t a sign of things to come. It’s not too late to right the ship.


  9. i really dislike this and couldn’t get through half of it. it’s not even the worst song, it’s just disappointing on ist’s end that this is what they thought fans would want at all.

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  10. I saw the trailers and thought “I’m not going to like this.” Than first verse made me think it was going to redeem itself. I can’t with this chorus. Messy and not melodic.
    Really really messy.

    total aside but Nmixx “o.o” grew on me. Maybe because I like being a contrarian and they are performing the hell out of that song. The mv def did that song dirty by putting a gap before the first switch up. Live and on record it works more.
    It’s wayyyy better than “ven para”

    Cuz I think in the end Weeekly, who’s previous titles I love, don’t have the vocalists to elevate something so unmelodic. I’ve always enjoyed a noisy track bolstered by power vocals…ie Aespa, NCT, and NMixx lololol (even Loona’s “so what” had siiiick harmonies to keep it afloat and engaging)…but there’s not enough strength in the performance to match whatever they’re trying to pull off.
    whatever that may be, they’re not pulling it off!

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    • god O.O is growing on me too, i can’t believe it! i really like the “eye drops” line in the chorus, and they really have a lot of charisma, it’s still a mess but it’s starting to be more of a fun mess than a hot mess

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      • I watched a dance performance of o.o and it flows much better than the video version because it doesn’t have all the empty air transitional moments. That said, its still not for me. (I didn’t do aespa last year either for same reason.)

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  11. I absolutely hate it. I love After School and Tag Me. But this is boring, goes nowhere and does not suit them whatsoever. Why must we constantly have to trade fun for “attitude”.

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  12. Why in the kpop world does Spanish only show up on girl crush/badass tracks?

    (Also, I generally don’t worry about vocal timbre much. That being said, the difference between how much more natural Weeekly sound on their more melodic tracks vs. this one is striking.)

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    • There are some boy ones too. Of special note to this ELF, Super Junior have a bunch of Spanish tracks. Otra Vez, Lo siento, Mamacita (half-point for that one). And my personal favorite, the shot-by-shot remake of Ahora Te Puedes Marchar as a gift to their Central and South American fans.
      de nada

      While I am on the topic, Forestella have done a few songs in Spanish
      “Maldita sea mi suerte” ‘
      Hijo De La Luna (trans into Korean) ‘


  13. And Weeekly’s perfect singles run since debut has finally come to an end…. not with a bang but with a BULTARA BULATARARA.

    I don’t think everything is such a clear-cut dichotomy of “cute” vs “girl crush” concepts. I didn’t think of Weeekly’s original concept as “cute.” To me it felt more genuine, down-to-earth, age-appropriate. They were high school aged girls singing about being in high school and hanging out with our friends. I found this a refreshing change of pace! And I really love the girls based on that image they’d built… so, uh. You can guess how I feel about this song, which is sonically the girl group equivalent of The Boyz Maverick (another comeback that made me absolutely despondent).

    On another note, I really don’t dislike the NMIXX song to be honest with you. It’s different and not altogether a pleasant experience– kind of like if IGAB and Sticker had a big noisy baby– but there’s some interesting things going on there, at least, and it feels very intentional. I mean it’s noisy, but it’s noisy with a purpose, trying to grab your eyes and force you to look because it’s a big debut and everything. And the middle section is genuinely good. So, by the end of that song I felt my interest was piqued and it kept things varying so I didn’t get bored. By comparison, I really could not wait for Ven Para to be over.

    I don’t know. Obviously there are some die-hard stans who will naturally proclaim that this concept is a perfect fit for Weeekly, and they are masters of any concept, etc etc etc. But I really can’t agree here. Not every idol group is meant to be jacks of all trades. In Weeekly’s case, the group was clearly formed with their debut concept in mind. It’s what they’re good at, and there are plenty of groups doing this style of song already, and doing it better… can’t we leave it to them?

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    • “…Not every idol group is meant to be jacks of all trades. In Weeekly’s case, the group was clearly formed with their debut concept in mind. It’s what they’re good at, and there are plenty of groups doing this style of song already, and doing it better…”

      I perfectly agree with this. That’s exactly what I felt at the end of the song. The song itself is probably not too bad and might grow on me, but Weeekly wasn’t really able to “carry” it completely. And it’s not a bad thing. They have strengths which other groups could possibly not execute as well either.

      Everglow or Pixy – that’s all my mind was screaming as I saw this. They can do obnoxious, loud or intense styles and fit the mood like a glove.

      And going through YT I saw this interesting comment by someone that if Weeekly really wanted to go dark, they could have just done a mature academy theme! And I thought that was a cool idea! I mean, we all know a dark and creepy college theme might be fun too! 😀 Even Weeekly trying a Dreamcatcher Because style slinky creepy song might have been cool than an out and out theme like this.

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  14. I cannot express how crushed I was when I hit play on this.

    And I LIKE “girlcrush”. The aesthetic isn’t played out in my heart yet, and I think there’s room for creativity and imagination left there. But this? Not only does it fly directly in the face of Weeekly’s strengths, *it’s not even a good song*. It’s almost parodic how generic it is. I couldn’t tell you a single thing about its content or structure.

    Truly, as the kids say, this is their Witness era.

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  15. Why did they get tired of the high school concept when none of the listeners are? It’s not like they aged 6 years in a span of 20 months for them to do a complete 360 like this. Never in a million years would you let me listen to this for the first time and the first thing that will come out of my mouth is “Weeekly?!”


  16. dont worry guys, weeekly are just in their emo phase right now, they’ll come back soon with a bright high school song, hopefuly


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