Song Review: Suho (EXO) – Grey Suit

Suho - Grey SUitEXO’s Suho completed his military service earlier this year and has quickly returned with a new solo album. Last time we heard from him, he delivered the soft-rock balladry of Let’s Love. The song did incredibly well, establishing his voice outside of EXO. I’m all for K-pop members exploring a more rock-infused sound, but the album left me pretty cold. New single Grey Suit doesn’t do much to dispel that feeling.

It’s hard to fault a track like Grey Suit because it isn’t trying to be anything beyond a pleasant ballad. If you go in with those expectations (and are already predisposed to loving Suho as an artist), you’ll be pleased. He has a lovely vocal tone for this style and imbues the chorus with a warmth akin to a comfortable blanket on a cold afternoon. Strings offset the subtle rock guitar, creating a cinematic backdrop that gives Grey Suit plenty of atmosphere. The bridge is particularly nice, as Suho segues into falsetto for a dynamic piece of ascending melody.

Unfortunately, it takes a lot for a song like this to stand out on my playlist. My interest in pop music first emerged in the 90’s when sentimental rock like this still ruled the airwaves. It’s safe to say I’ve heard (and enjoyed) a lot of songs in this style. With that in mind, Grey Suit is neither here nor there. Its melody is pretty but subdued, which makes it a bit forgettable. It’s wonderful to hear Suho’s voice again, but I wish he would have opted for a more colorful suit than grey.

Hooks 7
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 7


14 thoughts on “Song Review: Suho (EXO) – Grey Suit

  1. The first verse of this song is representative of what is dull about contemporary pop music. There is someone like with mad skillz like Suho, who can sing the shit out of just about anything, and the song gives him three notes to intone sotto voce. Not only is it a back and forth approximation of a melody, its too low for the color and brightness in his range.

    Compare the first verse to the second verse where he just busts out and soars on actual melody. It just shines. Too bad we wasted a minute and almost one-third of the song to get there.

    The little line at 1:25 and 2:32 with the ascending runs is fantastic. He just glides over them like they are nothing at all.


  2. unrelated but i watched ily:1’s debut (only know them bcuz chang ching and ririka from gp999 are in it) and i found it just alright. ur probably not gonna review it but im just saying anyway


  3. Suho is Suho for creating his own genre in this album. He expressed lot of his thoughts and feelings he felt during his service. It’s okay if the song doesn’t reach your expectations but the least we can do is respect his feelings. This might not be a catchy song but it’s a meaningful song. People who relates with his lyrics would understand his feelings first. Catchy is not the only thing, there is so much more to music.
    No offense 😊


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