Song Review: Kwon Eunbi – Glitch

Kwon Eunbi - GlitchFresh off her release for the Universe app, IZ*ONE leader-turned-soloist Kwon Eunbi is back with her second mini album. Woollim Entertainment has paired her with a host of great songwriters, from the Newtype team (1Take, TAK and others) to Full8loom to Monotree. New single Glitch gives her an interesting sound to work with, taking its title literally for a song that feels choppy and jerky throughout.

This is a very cool approach. I can’t fault the production, which remains dynamic and surprising all the way through. From the sparseness of the verses to the theatrical drama of the pre-chorus, Glitch is continually in flux. It borrows elements from drum and bass, psytrance and trip hop, fusing them together to create an exciting brew. The track climaxes in a final glitch-out, adding abrasive electronics to simulate ultimate meltdown. This arrives after a beautiful, vocal-led bridge and rips the song open in the best way.

Kwon Eunbi has her work cut out for her, competing with such an attention grabbing instrumental. She’s like a ghost in the machine, offering wispy vocals that slide between the mechanical cogs of the production. It’s a nice contrast, and allows for some striking moments. As well-arranged as Glitch is, I feel like I should be head over heels in love with the song. Instead, I find myself appreciating its artistry without being compelled to immediately re-listen. This is likely due to my preference for a fuller-sounding track. I’m not a huge fan of this skeletal production style, even if it’s done very well here. Still, this is a big step in the right direction for Eunbi’s burgeoning solo career.

Hooks 8
 Production 9
 Longevity 9
 Bias 8


29 thoughts on “Song Review: Kwon Eunbi – Glitch

  1. The song tries to make up for a basic song by crafting clever little bits and patching them here and there, dropping in and out (like a glitch). Fine, ok, technically it rhymes, but it all sounds like it is trying too hard. In the end, what makes this song musical? It is a fine example of one type of overproduction.

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  2. Ive been listening to Luna’s Free Somebody tape and a number of other house-infused kpop bops recently so this was a very welcome surprise from Eunbi. I liked Door more than most seemed to but I do think this is an all-around step up and more in line with what I want from her as a solo act.
    The rest of the album is pretty good too

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  3. Truthfully, I really enjoy this song! I do kind of just like this kind of production. As someone who likes instrumental tracks, I’m not too bothered by the emphasis on the . Thankfully it’s pretty well-crafted and it doesn’t really falter in that aspect. As commented earlier, yeah it’s got a lot of little bits and bobs. Vocals dropping in and out, beats picking up and disappearing.

    Personally, the little details makes the song. Though, that last chorus/outro is the best part which stops the minimalism and just goes future bass.

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    • Oh man, I messed up editing here did I. Here’s what I actually have in my notes, “As someone who likes instrumental tracks, I’m not too bothered by the emphasis on the emptiness and sparse beat. Silence is also a tool in music. Although that can get boring.”

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  4. If they had found a way to make the entire song out of the final moments (from 3:08 on), then I would’ve gone Cuckoo-for-cocoa-puffs over this one. Eunbi has a limited vocal range (not a dig), so shaping a song around that narrows the scope a bit. I could enthusiastically embrace her steering into the stylings of Imogen Heap and think she’d create a flower path for herself; but.. ..yeah; probably never going to happen.

    In closing, this is a decent release.


    Imogen Heap “Goodnight and Go”
    Ref #1 (GaG):

    Imogen Heap “Just for Now”
    Ref #1 (JfN):

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    • You and me pal, we are the old gimmers here who can instantly think of a dozen other songs with a spartan production style and empty space that just work better.

      Y’all like glitchy drop outs? (… shuffles through ipod …) Here, here is one everyone should love. New Order “Shellshock” the medium-long version from the “Pretty in Pink” soundtrack. This song has such good bones, there is a 9 minute version that is just as good as the 4 minute version and the 6minute+a tiny bit versions. They just can arrange and rearrange the pieces like useful long 1×8 and 1×12 beams in Lego.

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      • OMG! New fucking Order! Sorry. Umm.. know what? I’m not sorry. New fucking Order! Hell, yes!

        – “Bizarre Love Triangle” instantly jumps into the playlist.
        – “Perfect Kiss” & “Blue Monday” placed in queue immediately after.

        P.S. If anyone else has an extra “like” available for MYMA’s comment, can I borrow it? Because her comment just sent me over the moon.

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  5. I think this is really good.
    Xeno is spot on that the ending should have been expanded upon and teased throughout the song. The first time I heard it, I wish the ending bridge was actually the chorus.
    But I think the chorus is good and the firsts and pre chorus and break down are stand out.
    I think this style works well for Eunbi and reminds me a little of Izone’s “sequence”, which is one of their best b-sides.

    Overral, I love the style of production. I really like Eunbi’s voice. I think this song is great, but the rating is fair. It just ain’t a 9!

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  6. I love it cos the music reminds me to UK garage/drum and bass from 2000s.

    Don’t like the last part /too/ much but I can forgive it.


  7. Oh this is super cool – I had my hopes up from the teasers, and I love it! It’s such a fun listen, and I particularly enjoy the breakdown in the climax as others have mentioned. Hoping this represents a shift in her direction as soloist, I would love to see her continue doing something like this.

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  8. This is really cool! The production is super clean and has lots of fun sounds. That being said, I can’t help but feel like the final chorus was a missed opportunity. That definitely could have been stretched out into an even more explosive ending. What better excuse to pull out a 4, or even a 5 minute long kpop song than that!

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  9. It’s very ironic how Eunbi’s comeback is the day before her former members (IVE) comeback so that makes my WIZ*ONE heart very excited. This is a futuristic minimalist club banger and I think I’m about to fall deeply in love with it


  10. I like it better than door and I do appreciate what the song is doing. Despite that, I don’t really feel like replaying it. Maybe it just takes a while to sink in.

    Also, what is trip hop?


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