Every A.C.E Single Ranked: From Worst to Best

Every A.C.E Single Ranked - From Worst to BestI’ve listed my “top tens” for many artists, but it’s time to rummage through entire discographies and rank every single from worst to best. This feature will primarily tackle groups who have disbanded or gone on indefinite hiatus. It’s a way for me to re-evaluate my initial thoughts on their singles run. Don’t be surprised if the order has changed from past countdowns. These things are always in flux!

A.C.E are currently on hiatus as members complete their military service, so with any luck we can consider this list a mid-career check-in. Hopefully in a year or two they’ll be back and better than ever.

11. Savage (2019)

Shrug. Not every single can be a winner. (original review)

10. Down (ft. Gray) (2021)

A perfectly serviceable imitation of Western pop trends. (original review)

9. I Feel So Lucky (with Hcue) (2018)

Not the most original track, but that thumping percussion is nice.

8. Higher (2021)

This takes a while to get to the majestic post-chorus hook. The wait is mostly worth it. (original review)

7. Take Me Higher (2018)

Bright and bubbly, even if the full group couldn’t participate. (original review)

6. Changer (2021)

I love the bounding energy of this track. The chorus feels like such a rallying cry. (original review)

5. Stand By You (2020)

My favorite kind of ballad. The vocals and melody compete to see which can be more gorgeous.

It’s a draw. (original review)

4. Cactus (2017)

Bringing hardstyle to the K-pop mainstream, Cactus does what few debuts accomplish by giving A.C.E a perspective of their own. (full review)

3. Goblin (Favorite Boys) (2020)

Roaring back with a ballsy rock-meets-hip-hop sound, Goblin is a striking display of their talent. (original review)

2. Under Cover (2019)

After a too-long stint as a sub-unit, A.C.E reunited in full with this brilliantly bombastic burst of rock-infused attitude. (original review)

1. Callin’ (2017)

The most distilled injection of the group’s energy. That chorus soars and the hardstyle breakdowns clobber listeners in the best way. (original review)


15 thoughts on “Every A.C.E Single Ranked: From Worst to Best

  1. Ah, I’ll miss A.C.E during this military era. My top 3 would probably be:
    1) Cactus
    2) Favorite Boys
    3) Higher (although Undercover would fight it for this place lol)

    They also have some pretty good bsides. 👏🏼

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  2. DAMN what a twist. I really thought either Favourite Boys or Under Cover would be duking it out for the top spot only for Callin’ to come in and claim it. Fully deserved though. That chorus is killer.

    Favourite Boys would be my top pick though. It’s such a thrilling listening from start to finish.

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  3. I was just thinking about them this morning as darling daughter played “Cactus” again this morning at o dark thirty at a surprisingly loud volume. And then I remembered some minor comment to a comment on some other song where I estimated what my and her ranking would be, and I don’t know where that is so I shall attempt to recreate.

    Darling Daughter’s ranking would be:
    1. Cactus
    2. Favorite Boyz
    3. all the Fav Boyz remixes
    4. Callin
    5. Undercover
    6. Take me higher
    7. Stand by you
    8. Higher

    My ranking:
    1. (tie) Favorite Boyz and Undercover
    2. whatever the girl subjects me to


    • Also, the Favorite Boyz concept is absolutely stunning and superbly executed. If you haven’t already, go watch the video from Nick’s link above, and then watch the DKDK review that explains all the Korean mythology and legends behind the images. It is truly great. Das ist ein Gesamkunstwerk!

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  4. Here comes my top 3:

    1. Goblin (Favorite Boys)
    2. Under Cover
    3. Changer

    The worst one would be Savage for me. It sounds like a pure terrorist attack against A.C.E, and that song didn’t let them show their talents at all, wasting its time on making the guys do nothing but posture.

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  5. This is pretty close to my ranking, although I would put Under Cover as #1, Favorite Boys as #2, and Callin’ as #3. I’m always conflicted with #s 1 and 2 because I like Under Cover better as a song but Favorite Boys as an MV and concept, plus it was the song that got me into A.C.E. They really are one of the best and most underrated bgs in Kpop. I hope they come back stronger than ever.


  6. Ooh, the plot twist of the century! One of the top anime betrayals! A shocking twist! The new Sherlock Holmes!

    You get it, I was NOT expecting Callin to top at all. I get the decision though, I guess it is now in your top 10 for 2017 then?

    Favorite Boys or Under Cover for me, I really cannot decide.

    Down and Feel So Lucky are dead bottom for me. I may dislike Savage, but at least I can remember it right after listening.

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    • Yeah, on paper I’d definitely prefer Under Cover or Fav Boys, but Callin pulls ahead on sheer play count. Still, it’s a very close top three.

      As far as 2017 goes, I’d have to look back but my hunch is that Callin would fall just outside the top ten. DamDaDi would also be a lot higher (obviously!)


  7. The great thing about music or any of the arts is that it is subjective. Thank you for featuring A.C.E and sharing your list. In the spirit of writing a lengthy comment here’s my list:
    1. Savage
    2. Goblin/Favorite Boys
    3. Under Cover
    4. Callin’
    5. Take Me Higher
    6. Down
    7. Changer
    8. Stand By You
    9. Higher
    10. Cactus
    11. Fav Boyz Remix
    12. Feel So Lucky


  8. Ooh, did not expect Callin’ to top the list! Can’t fault you for choosing that though, it’s a banger.

    My ranking:

    11. Savage
    10. Down
    9. I Feel So Lucky
    8. Higher
    7. Changer
    6. Cactus
    5. Callin’
    4. Take Me Higher
    3. Stand By You
    2. Goblin (Favorite Boys)
    1. Under Cover

    Under Cover was the song that sold me on A.C.E, so it has to be my number 1. ‘Nuff said.


  9. I’m hearing a lot of songs for the first time here. As a weaboo I’m a sucker for tracks that sound like Anime OPs so Callin’ instantly caught my attention. I’m surprised that a lot of people ranked Cactus very high since I’m not a big fan of how the song stripped most of the instrumentals from the chorus which only leaves the guys to try and fill the void with their vocals (which they weren’t able to do imo) My list would be:

    1. Favorite Boys
    2. Under Cover
    3. Callin’
    4. Changer
    5. Higher

    The rest of the tracks were just not my thing.


  10. Just as shocked as everyone else that you put Callin at the top! My personal ranking goes like this:

    1. Undercover/Goblin
    2. Callin
    3. Cactus
    4. Stand By Me/Take Me Higher
    5. Changer
    6. Higher
    7. Fav Boyz
    9. Savage/I Feel So Lucky/Down

    As you can see I’m quite indecisive…


  11. Oooh, I was feeling the A.C.E vibes the other day, too, so it was nice seeing this pop up! I haven’t watched the MV for Callin’ in ages – I prefer the performance version.

    My ratings are skewed based on what I feel like listening to most often. 1-3 are my favorite kind of rock/hip-hop/bangers. 4-6 are in the chiller camp. 7-8 are excellent but I need to be in the right mood. 9 and 10 suffer from following up on Goblin but I tend to be pleasantly surprised when the pop up. 11 is fine but I forget it exists because Apple Music doesn’t sort it with the rest of A.C.E and it’s buried in a random dance playlist I don’t listen to very often.

    11. I Feel So Lucky
    10. Higher
    9. Changer
    8. Callin’
    7. Cactus
    6. Down
    5. Stand By You
    4. Take Me Higher
    3. Savage
    2. Under Cover
    1. Goblin (Favorite Boys)


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