Song Review: A.C.E – Take Me Higher

I had the pleasure of attending A.C.E’s first global fanmeet last month, and beyond marveling at their talent, my biggest takeaway was that this small group from an even smaller agency has been able to galvanize a dedicated international fan base with only three songs under their belt. New single Take Me Higher comes at the perfect time to capitalize on this buzz, especially after the group’s successful stint on survival series MIXNINE and The Unit.

For those who have been following A.C.E since the beginning, Take Me Higher will come across as a complete 180 turn. Gone are the hardstyle influences of previous singles Cactus and Callin. And the group is down a member in main vocal Chan, who is currently promoting with project group UNB. Both factors are missed dearly in Take Me Higher, but the song also offers promise. Rather than hit you over the head with sledgehammer beats, Higher takes a more nuanced approach.

The song’s verses provide a great sense of build, but in a more organic way than we’re used to from EDM. They have a soulful, finger-snap shuffle that leaves ample room for vocal flourishes. From here, the instrumental briefly slows as strings enter the fray to usher in the sweeping chorus. This central melody has a very classic appeal, underlined by double time percussion that approaches drum & bass in its execution. I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t miss the unique hardstyle energy of their past work, but I can see this becoming one of the summer’s biggest growers.

 Hooks 8
 Production 8
 Longevity 9
 Bias 8
 RATING 8.25



5 thoughts on “Song Review: A.C.E – Take Me Higher

  1. I really missed their old style as well, but I also know that logicallly they had to go a different direction to build a fanbase and interest from the general public in Korean, and this is the perfect time do it. The song actually turned out much better than I thought it would from the teasers and my own expectations of what they would do for a more public friendly song. I hope that they get the recognition they deserve, and hopefully they can go back to harder, more experimental sounds for some comebacks once they have built a larger fanbase.

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  2. I liked their hardstyle sound but I’m also glad that they are exploring other genres as well! I hope that in the future when they release albums each album will have at least one hardstyle type song, but they shouldn’t feel limited either! For example, as this was a repackaged album two of the songs on the album are hardstyle but the others aren’t: it makes the listening experience more enjoyable and it lets them show off!


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