Song Review: ONEUS – Bring It On

ONEUS - Bring It OnONEUS went from strength to strength in 2021, but this streak kicked off inauspiciously with the blustery No Diggity. That song grew on me, but still feels like an overly generic use of the group’s skills. New single Bring It On (덤벼) comes across as No Diggity’s older brother, dipping its toes in a ton of different sounds without fully committing to any of them.

That description actually makes Bring It On sound more exciting than it is. Though it’s quite varied, every moment feels ripped from songs we’ve heard before. Like 90% of their peers, ONEUS are pulling from the same limited sound palette. K-pop wrung everything it could from these beats long ago. Now, a song like Bring It On comes across as a copy of a copy.

This isn’t to say ONEUS don’t give it their all. As usual, they commit to the track’s wild energy, shouting and “ra ta tahing” with the best of them. And when distorted guitar comes in to bolster the arrangement, the producers have some fun as well. There’s no doubt Bring It On is well-arranged. Even its madcap, post-chorus breakdown feels pretty seamless. But without an engaging melody at the heart of the track, this feels like another case of great sound and fury, signifying very little. Had it been released back in 2015 or 2016 when this style was just gaining a foothold, Bring It On might have carved out a nice, notable place for itself. In 2022, it stands as a lesser ONEUS single, far from the best their 2021 had to offer.

Hooks 7
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8
 RATING 7.75


30 thoughts on “Song Review: ONEUS – Bring It On

  1. Why tf do we need No Diggity 2.0? Personally for me, the song is an utter boredom. It’s loud, obnoxious, and, of course, ultra-generic again….
    Apart from that, I also listened to the b-sides, and I believe that Skydivin’ should have been the title track. Especially I’m in love with the electric guitar solo in the end of it, but on the other hand, the hook feels too flimsy for a rock song like that. I hope that Nick will review it as a buried treasure 🙂

    In the end, I’ll give Bring it on 6.75/10 (6,8,7,6). Disappointing😔

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  2. Oh Oneus, you naughty naughty boyfriends.

    I now have a full food court of sounds from Oneus. Sushi over there, bourbon chicken over there, plus pizza by the slice and a random salad place. Hanbok-styled “Luna”, light pop “Bing Bing”, totally bonkers in a good way “Shut up I go crazy hot”, soft and sweet “A song written easily”. And now the latest one to do dark theme. I mean, someday I may actually buy an Auntie Anne’s pretzel out of desperation, but now is not that time.

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  3. no dig (hah!) to oneus here, but this just sounds like a recycled ateez song. not necessarily a bad thing, but it highlights how stale boy group music has been recently.
    that being said, i appreciate their energy to sell the track, but luna is still my favourite.

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  4. I liked this more than I thought I would! The teasers read No Diggity 2.0 but the pre-chorus parts by Hwanwoong and Keonhee said otherwise! 🙂 Ofc it isn’t close to my personal Big 3 from them (TBONTB, Valkyrie, Luna) – but it’s pretty fun and I think this is more of a song to perform as the choreo looked pretty intense.

    It’s fine… I have faith in Oneus lol. I never expected a Luna to drop last year and take up my Number One spot, so I’m ready to wait 🙂


  5. Considering the teasers had me scared for life this isn’t that bad. Thank heavens. It works for me only because it’s ONEUS and it’s far from their best but I’ll listen to it.


  6. Well I’m gonna be a differing opinion here. This may be my bias but I’m digging this song. The opening was a little weak but the chorus BRINGS IT ON. It’s bombastic loud and in your face. Also the second rap first is fire. Back to back Seoho (a usual vocalist mind you) and ravn? Yes please!

    To me this a no diggity 2.0, but in a good way. I understand if this isn’t your cup of tea, but it is definitely mine. I give it a 8.5. ✨

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    • B sides Review

      Intro: Who Got The Joker?:
      The guitar heavy sound really makes this song for me. For all of you who hate those “NA NA NA” sounds, sadly it has it too. But it’s not too bad, trust me. I actually think it’s more solid than the title track I just wish it was LONGER. At only 1:31 run time, if feels like it leaves me for more.

      It’s a little slow at first, but it’s positive energy keeps it moving forward. It’s a happy go lucky song. The song is a lot more dynamic than expected. The second verse isn’t slow, it’s actually full of energy. I was expecting another slow tempo song, but they infused a lot of energy in it. I highly recommend this one. ✨✨✨



    • Firebomb:

      Oh I didn’t think I would like this based on the highlight reel. The verses make me groove a lot. The only part that might need to grow on me is the chorus. But for a noise drop, it’s not too bad. However, if you dislike noise drops this song is not for you.


      Ah the actual slower song on the album. I’ll have to read the lyrics for this one to appreciate it. I have a hard time getting into songs like this. BUT, the chorus was a lot catchier than I thought and the second verse had more life than I thought there would be. So…this might grow on me. But it won’t be my go to on the album.

      Mr. Wolf:

      PLEASE LISTEN TO THIS. If you listen to any b side listen to this one. The ambiance is *chef’s kiss*. I think my favorite part of the song is the PRECHORUS and chorus combo. Seoho does a great job on leading that chorus. That’s my bias~ Ahem. However, I understand if the weird second verse instrumental break isn’t everybody’s thing. It does stall the song for a second. In the whole grand scheme of the song, it doesn’t hold it back too much. This is my favorite song on the album.

      Overall thoughts, the album is cohesive if nothing else. I love the trickster vibe and it makes me want to go to a carnival. It isn’t perfect, but allow my tomoon heart to appreciate it for all its worth.

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  7. This song is ridiculous in a very Oneus way…I feel like I can recognize bits and pieces from their other songs (plus EXO in the chorus??). I wish they’d saved the post-chorus breakdown for the end. All I can say is that I don’t dislike this as much as No Diggity (and even that won me over once I saw it performed in concert). So I guess there’s hope.

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    • Edit: The rest of the album is fantastic! I hope they promote Fragile, it sounds very different from their usual and I don’t think they’ve ever promoted a song quite like this. Mr. Wolf reminds me of a cross between Ateez’s Deja Vu and Mamamoo’s Gogobebe.

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  8. This is one of the very few cases in K-Pop (the most similar was Nu’Est) where the best track in a whole discography is the debut song. Valkyrie is still the highest peak of their entire path and, given how the story is goin’ on, probably it’s going to stay this way. Really disappointing.

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    • Not very few though…..Astro, Verivery, EXO, TXT and quite possibly Mirae, Stayc and Drippin (yes, I like Nostalgia more than Reach Out Your Hands……) all fall into that category don’t they…..?

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  9. I only had two questions on my mind this morning: 1) Is the Japanese version of “Rocky” my new second favorite ATEEZ track, and 2) will Nick hate the new ONEUS title.

    Unsurprisingly, I love the hell out of it. I don’t think it tops No Diggity but I haven’t listened to it in the car yet, either. The EP is easily my favorite EP of theirs.

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    • Haha I definitely don’t hate it. For a song of this style, it’s well done. I’m just so, so tired of boy group songs of this style.

      As far as the album? It’s not for me.

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      • Honestly, this is my favorite BG title of the year so far – I’ve been commenting less because I don’t want to be a grump, but I’ve generally been in agreement that idol group releases have been weak this year. I don’t know why I love this but have been so disappointed by other loud BG tracks – I’ve tried dissecting your reviews but haven’t worked it out yet!

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        • Sometimes a song just hits right and it’s a wonderful feeling. I do agree that it’s a notch above similar loud BG tracks. Maybe if it had been released in a different K-pop climate I’d appreciate it more than I do.

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    • I also really liked this EP as a whole. Mr. Wolf has been on repeat all day for me. This comeback wasn’t perfect, but it scratched an itch for me in the back of my brain.


  10. I dunno, this review comes off more as you being jaded; I wish you had viewed Bring It On as its own song instead of just casting it as a repeat.

    I really liked it, personally, but I can definitely see why one might not — that DO DO DO OR DIE part frustrates me. But the prechorus and chorus are great, and I dunno, it was just a lot of fun, and a helluva lot more melodic than No Diggity.

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    • Guilty as charged.

      I’m definitely jaded with boy group songs of this style. It gets harder and harder to come up with things to write about them — especially this year when there have been SO many.

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  11. I have to agree in some parts where u said that had this been released on 2015 or 2016, this would definitely took off. But considering their discography, there are parts where it sounds more polished for a track of the same vibe in comparison to other BG. Of course, granted that if u listen to enough BG of this genre, this would be tiring to listen to. But if u enjoy watching them explore different genres in their discography, I would say its a banger. Personally, I wished Who Got The Joker wad the title or even Mr Wolf.

    I do notice the topline for the chorus reminds me a bit of either Monster or Overdose by EXO and a little bit of Don’t Call Me by SHINee but not in a bad way. Just an observation.

    If there’s any good thing I have to say, its chaotic in a way where they could pull it off as a concept chameleon among 4th gen groups(of course, there’s a bit of bias in my opinion since I’m a ToMoon but I get where ure coming from. )

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  12. I really did not like No Diggity. I like this a lot better, it might grow on me. It’s got that Oneus crazy around the eyes – especially that strange upbeat part with the strings and the horns. It’s just weird, and I’m not sure if it’s good or bad, but at least Oneus is completely committed to whatever the hell its vision is, and I respect that.

    The B-sides, particularly Mr. Wolf, Firebomb, and Skydivin’, are great, and I’m wondering why they weren’t selected. I can see Skydivin’ being a great summer radio song – it’s fun and has a little heft to it.

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  13. I don’t hate it. The crazy horn section is fun. The song makes me itchy because parts of it keep reminding me of other songs I can’t quite remember. I did hear Overdose sandwiched in there and the horns reminded me of something … Madness? I dunno. I loved Luna and Valkyrie and this seems so harsh and jittery in comparison.

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    • It reminds me of Monsta X a lot, especially the harmonized vocals in the chorus on top of a heavy instrumental. The short prechorus chant is giving Seventeen for me, the guitar part that precedes it is a recall to BigBangs style (like in No Diggity).

      I also definitely heard some Overdose.. definitely a little bit of a derivative song, but I still like it.

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  14. I’m wondering if the sax bit reminded anyone else of something because it really reminded me of something but I can’t figure out what and it has been driving me up the wall since release


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