Song Review: TNX – Move

TNX - Way UpAs an enthusiastic watcher of PSY and JYP’s build-a-boyband series LOUD, I’ve been waiting for its two groups to debut. I’m more excited for what JYP’s group will bring, but PSY’s rearrangements and concepts were incredibly creative. Some of my favorite LOUD contestants ended up becoming part of his team. As P Nation’s first idol group, TNX seem poised to bring something fresh to the market. And coming off the heels of a very strong album from PSY himself, I was eager to see what unique touches he’d bring to their music.

This is the danger of heightened expectations. Given that hype, title track Move (비켜) is a massive disappointment. Take the pedigree away from the song and we’ve got another “fine” boy group release in a sea of similar-sounding hip-hop tracks. But, even that’s a problem. When it comes to debuts, I always crave something that sets their music apart from existing acts. I want to know who TNX are and what their perspective is. Move offers none of that, relying instead on tired beat drops and incessant vocal effects.

LOUD more than vouched for these guys’ talent and charisma. Now, it’s up to the song to act as an effective vehicle for those qualities. Move brings the requisite bluster and in-your-face attitude but forgets the hooks. The verses cater to the group’s rappers, while the pre-chorus shows off some vocals in a familiar way. Then, we’ve got a beat-drop chorus that highlights very little beyond the same plug-and-play percussion we’ve heard a million times before. I have faith in these guys (and in PSY!), but I hope the first comeback ends up being far more memorable than this.

Hooks 7
 Production 7
 Longevity 7
 Bias 7

31 thoughts on “Song Review: TNX – Move

  1. *sigh*

    Ugh. UGH. UGHHHHHHHHHHHH🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬. WHY? WHYYYY? This sounds so disgusting. How long are we gonna hear the same loud, noisy, faceless boy group tracks over and over again????? When I was listening to the debut, my head and ears were hurting so bad. The guys aren’t even given the opportunity to shine and even show at least some of their talents – they SHOUT, SHOUT, POSTURE, POSTURE. AGAIN, AGAIN AND AGAIN.

    FUCK YOU, PNATION!!!!!🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬TNX deserve much, much more than another piece of shit like this. It’s not even a song. It is a a hate crime against humanity.

    All in all, my rating of it is 4.5/10 (5,4,5,4). Heck, even Norazo songs sound better than TNX debut for me….(for instance, I rated their Cider and Shower 7.75/10)😦

    Sorry, Nick, but 7 for this track sounds like you’re kidding. Just my opinion, don’t get mad at me😄

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    • P.S. Same as with DKB’s Sober, I was close to vomiting while listening to the debut because of the way how awful it sounds. Not kidding, btw

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      • I agree; I really really did not like the chorus of this song (so shouty and so unenjoyable). HOWEVER, I really liked Sober by DKB, surprisingly enough. I can’t even explain it but it was so addicting. I just thought it was way better than this song.


  2. It was just one of those mornings. I was going to make a lengthy analogy about the ramen aisle at my local Grand Asia Market, which is a variation of my lengthy analogy on the flavors of fizzy water aisle at my local supermarket, but I will just leave it at that.

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  3. Look I don’t wanna be rude or anything because this will be mostly unrelated.

    I’ve kind of heard the previews of BVNDIT’s title (Venom) and while the song looks as if it is gearing up for a lame beat drop, I think the beat sounds really, really cool and interesting!

    And about this song, I am honestly really surprised the debut turned out…so…generic. Normally P Nation songs verses are always good and interesting but everything here is really boring and dull.

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  4. im glad koki isnt here to see this crap

    c’mon kpop, this is the 9999999999999999999999999999999th time you’ve given us this “noisy beat drop chorus and instrumentals with shouty lines” song, come up with something else pls

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    • +++
      Yes, unfortunately, it’s true…
      This was such an awful, brainless move of PNation, I still can’t believe that they actually did THIS…..
      Btw, what if we go and burn down PNation headquarters? I think it would be so deserved for them😆

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      • i have a song for companies that do this kind of stuff

        What you are doing, is straight up criminal
        So just try and be original

        Be your own you
        Be your own you
        Don’t do what I do, just be your own you
        It’s much more fun to be yourself than copy everybody else

        Be your own you
        Be your own you
        Try something new
        Find you own things to do
        Copying is clearly theft, it’s gonna lead to your arrest

        Be your own you
        And when you’ve stopped being such a dirty hag
        Get in your stupid car, and don’t come back

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  5. No doubt they’re talented boys with a lot to give us in the future but I had such high expectations and then… this happened.

    I’m staying with TEMPEST’s Bad News as the best boy group debut of this year.

    Nevertheless, wishing them a bright future!

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  6. Here’s the thing, unlike most of everyone here, I don’t automatically think of hiphop songs with noisy drops as bad right away (I am not afraid to say I enjoy Treasure songs). But this one is already painfully noisy and generic at the same time and that’s coming from someone who doesn’t mind Omega X’s Vamos. I think a lot of the generic kpop song elements here are overused and turned up to 11 and that makes it almost indigestible. It’s shocking because PNATION songs have good verses but here from verse to chorus it’s really throwaway.


    • For me, it really is a matter of oversaturation. I don’t think I always disliked this sound, as there are plenty of examples from years ago that I still enjoy. It’s just that 80% of current boy group songs are this exact style, and when you get three or four of them in the space of one week it begins to feel like everyone’s playing with the same five Lego bricks. They take them apart, but quickly discover there are only so many things you can build without additional elements.

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      • That’s very true. They do very little to distinguish themselves from the others. KPOP also used to be more adventurous in styling and concept but everyone looks and sounds the same now.


  7. This kind of material is especially disappointing coming from under the purview of PSY, who should know very well the importance of a good hook and a fun, lighthearted concept that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

    Can we please please pleeeeease have goofy K-pop back, I’m begging you, I can’t go on much longer like this! *swoons and faints backwards onto a chaise lounge*

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  8. Pretty disappointing song from a group that I was hyped about debuting. Like everyone else said here already, it sounds like every other noisy trap song thats come out in the recent years. I really dont mind trap if its done in a more melodic(?) manner. Like Jikjin by Treasure or My Bag by Gi-dle. But I feel like nothing really sticks in this song. Its just noise with almost no melody. Tbh idk what direction i want the groups music to go in but just not this route lmao, anything but this route.


    • I just listened to their b-side “180Sec” and actually cannot believe it wasn’t chosen as the title track over this, it has at least 10 times more personality and charm even despite the chorus being an odd sort of anti-drop. I really truly hope their music goes in that direction instead of further into this soulless pile of mush.


  9. i just wanna say over everything else i really like this song and I feel like TNX worked very hard on their debut album! Maybe they didn’t have a great start but we can keep supporting them until they find their own path of music. They have been waiting for their debut day over a year and i think we should be glad for them. 🙂


  10. I am a minority here but i really like it and they give me an ateez vibes…

    Please also review b.i btbt! Its a pre single and on repeat non stop. So chill and summer sexy dance hall song


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