Song Review: MCND – W.A.T.1

MCND - W.A.T.1I’m not sure what it says about the state of the industry, but some of the best K-pop tracks of the past few weeks have been given “dance” or “performance” videos rather than the full comeback treatment. Take Treasure’s rocky remix of Darari, for example. The guys didn’t really promote it, but the accompanying video had much of the gloss that accompanies title tracks. Now, weeks before their newest mini album drops, MCND have released a “track video” for an entirely new song. W.A.T.1 acts as a pre-release and a fun bonus for fans.

This is a nice surprise. W.A.T.1 takes influence from K-pop’s rock resurgence, tying guitars to standard boy group fare. Importantly, it maintains its sense of melody all the way through. I wonder if a song like this feels too straightforward to be a title track, given the industry’s current standards? Whatever the case, it’s a satisfying sidestep for the boisterous group, whose enthusiasm usually wins me over in spite of myself. W.A.T.1 is slightly more subdued for them, but crests with a rollicking chorus that embraces sung melody in a chant-like delivery likely to please those who have enjoyed 2022’s slate of boy group releases.

You can predict everything about W.A.T.1 from its opening guitar loop. The entire song circles around this chord progression, which bolsters its sense of continuity. Other than a brief percussive switch-up during the pre-chorus and some great vocal moments at the climax, the song simply lays down its vibey energy and bops along for three satisfying minutes. It has me curious if the group’s sound will transform on their new album.

Hooks 9
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8
 RATING 8.25


8 thoughts on “Song Review: MCND – W.A.T.1

  1. Yes! YESSSS!!! Finally I hear a normal boy group track with no clanging beats, siren-esque synths and posturing! I love the song’s vibe, and it would be so great if Ciipher and AB6IX gained “Slam the Door” and “Sucker for your love” as title tracks last month. As a result, there would’ve been a great pop rock trend in K-pop.
    Rating is about right, though my bias score is 9 and hooks are 8.

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  2. I enjoy this a lot more due to the recent offerings of other boy groups.

    This song reminds me of lil Nas x’s “That’s what I Want”. I really like that song (one of the few pop songs that live in my head) and getting a kpop version, if you will, is really nice. I’m not saying their plagiarizing, just to be clear.

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  3. I absolutely loved this one. I totally agree with how MCND just has that charm which makes you enjoy the song regardless of what the first impression may be.

    Also agree with the comment above on how very SKZ bside this seems 😂 It’s a surprising style from MCND but it sounds really good; flows along pretty fast with the vocals and is smooth from start to finish. Very curious as to how the next album will go!


  4. MCND is just so charming. This song has them sounding more subdued than I prefer from them (they’re one of the few groups whose yelling is infectious, not grating, to me).
    It’s a nice and easy sing-along hook, not super memorable, but nice enough.


  5. i really like the song! it is different than their usual style and what i have come to love from them, but it also feels like a breath of fresh air in this comeback era. it’s not too summer-y, but stil feels like smth i would play on a sunny day to feel a bit more hyped.

    and i feel you on the charm! i love watching the boys and their personalities are half of why i keep being so invested in every comeback. also the moves are very smooth (as usual) so the dance version will def go into the playlist. i love watching them dance.


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