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Open Discussion (June 12, 2022)

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This week’s question:

K-pop has become more global with each passing year. If you could pair a K-pop artist/group with an international artist/group, who would it be and what would the song sound like?

46 thoughts on “Open Discussion (June 12, 2022)

  1. Based on the fun, campy This Hell, I’d want Rina Sawayama to pair with SHINee’s Key for a song that takes advantage of all their star power. Make it totally over the top with a giant chorus, huge synth and lots of guitar. Give them a full mini-movie music video with multiple costume changes.

    Also, in my wildest dreams I want to see Golden Child and Snow Man collaborate. These two groups make me laugh more than anyone else, and their collaboration (preferably on a “Johnny’s meets K-pop” variety show) would be utter chaos. I need to see Jangjun and Koji together as a super Korean/Japanese comedy duo.

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  2. It’s my 2nd time bringing this up but I absolutely love Marianas Trench’s style. They seriously need more attention amongst the international band community.

    Their style is layered vocals playing off each other supported by a dramatic build of strings and percussion. That’s the kind of drama I love.

    I’ll choose WOODZ! An all-rounder capable of carrying enough power and emotion. It would be interesting to see WOODZ’s impish voice layered against a more emotional drama-like music. I think he can pull it off! 🙂


    • I also would like to add that I just read your latest post on what makes a great K-pop song (love the song examples you used btw!), and I wholeheartedly agree that a song is great when there’s a sense of fullness. It’s why I chose Marianas Trench.

      It got me thinking on why I need more K-pop artists to just… Flesh out songs.

      Like I get why lots of conventional sounds like retro, hip-hop etc doesn’t require THAT much time to make a grand build-up to make a chorus.
      Why bother reinventing the wheel if it works within the K-pop industry, right?

      Anyways, I blame ‘streaming culture’ and competitive music shows for forcing artists to make songs as short as possible.


  3. Of the top of my head

    Kang Daniel and Soraru 😁 They’ve both got these low tones and a controlled kinda voice.

    Yuqi and Nano (deep voice, English would sound awesome as well)

    Somebody with Angela lol

    I saw “somebody” because I’m finding it hard to pinpoint someone quickly, but the closest vibe I got recently was Changmin and Yunho after Epitaph; they definitely would work!

    And finally, this is probably not a very well known international artist, but the first time I heard them I immediately thought how they would sound amazing with Onewe.

    Onewe and Sanam

    This is a cover song by the group Sanam where they remixed a very gentle romantic song into one with more modern elements. I feel this would be really cool with the elements Onewe are strong at!

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      • Woah! Glad to see somebody else thinks so! When I heard Yuqi’s full on power voice in Bonnie and Clyde I was immediately reminded of Nano and that’s what put the whole idea in my head! 😀

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  4. If I had to make a collaboration happen, I think it would be between GOT7’s Jackson Wang and Anderson .Paak. I love both of their voices; i don’t really think if it would match but as I really like both of their music style the rapping side or the singing side, I would pay to see that happen. I know 88rising has contacts with Paak so it could be real, I would like to.

    For the song i didn’t really know what it would look like it could be energetic or soft but I still think that Diamond + Pearls by DPR Ian and DPR Live (listen to DPR.) could fit them.

    I’m not really sure what to think about it, let me know about it if anyone listen to those artists

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  5. Dreamcatcher and Judas Priest
    Kingdom and the Alan Parsons Project
    NCT and Einzsturzende Neubaten
    CIX and New Edition
    OnlyOneOf and Booka Shade


  6. I honestly still can’t get over the clips that were circulating of Chan losing his mind listening to Ado’s “Odo” for the first time during a VLive stream lol. That track legitimately made my 2021 and it was hilarious seeing him getting floored by the various twists and turns and intense carnival-esque energy, pretty much mirroring my reaction.

    I mention this because I can now vividly imagine how a 3RACHA x Ado collab would plan out lmao. Ado herself seems to be dipping her toes into Kpop recently based on her Twitter activity, bringing up her love for aespa’s YEPPI YEPPI and checking out and enjoying SKZ’s MANIAC after the clip above was brought to her attention, and the 3RACHA boys seem like genuine collab partners if their recent partnership with SKY-HI was anything to go by.

    As for how the song itself would sound? A monstrous arrangement by Giga, the trio navigating their freewheeling verses through his signature synth stabs and aggressively-positioned breakdowns, all tied together by the young vocal prodigy taking the reigns on a rousing, go-for-broke chorus. I think those would be pretty insane aspects to build a killer track upon :>

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  7. EXO’s Suho and Harry Styles.

    I don’t know why but the other day I was listening to Suho’s (Gray Suit) and Harry Styles’s (Fine Line, Harry’s House) latest albums back to back and observed how some of the songs of Suho’s album would fit well with that of Harry Styles and vice versa. Maybe it’s because Suho’s album dips into many britpop/pop rock genres like Harry Styles did, but there’s something about the similar vibe that both artists have.

    As for how this song would sound? Maybe a combination of funk rock and synthwave, but spice up the guitars. Also incorporate a shout-along part and a rock guitar solo.

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  8. a sunmi x marina collaboration would be a dream comes true. sunmi follows her on twitter, and as a long-time of marina herself i’m pretty sure she was influenced by her sound in some kind of way.

    i can see her featuring in marina’s classics like primadonna and how to be a heartbreaker.. and now that i said it i badly want to hear a korean cover of especially the latter.

    i’d also kill to see chungha x rina sawayama x taemin

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  9. My usual answer would be Forestella with Annie Lennox on some soaring soundtrack ‘
    Or some dense vocal harmony Celtic music like Clannad or Enya ‘

    But since somehow she has come around again to popularity, today I think Forestella would do a great collaboration with Kate Bush. Below is Kang Hyung Ho’s solo work under his stage name Pitta.

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      • (I used a softer example, to fit my mood today. He is the kind who is usually described as “can go from a whisper to a growl in a moment”. ‘ ‘ )

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  10. My fav. band of all time is the Killers. Cannot even imagine them ever dabbling in the K-pop world but if they EVER do, since TXT seems to like a rock rooted comeback, maybe take them under their wings?

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  11. EXO’s DO actually recorded an original full-length Spanish song on his solo album (Si Fueras Mía); since then I’ve been enthusiastic for him to join forces with a Spanish-speaking artist.

    DO’s so versatile, it’s hard to think of singers he wouldn’t match with. But still I’d choose Bad Bunny. Bad Bunny effortlessly incorporates various styles of music into his tracks, so it would be cool if he included KPop too!

    Maybe DO could use his acting chops for a dramatic telenovela style MV 😉

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  12. If sewerslvt was still making music I’d pair Loona and her. The artist has already done a remix so I think it would be cool!


  13. I would choose ive and glass animals. In my opinion, the album Dreamland is not too different in concept of the music to Ives Love Dive. I really think their voices would pair very well together, especially YUJIN and liz


  14. Come to think of it, I’d also love to see some idol acts collaborate with the big global DJs/producers of the moment on a title track. Talents like:

    David Guetta
    Cheat Codes
    Jax Jones

    Basically, I’d like to see more dance music in K-pop!

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    • I would kill to see Galantis or Sigala collab with kpop idols. Like two of my favourite genres coming together. Yeah, I had Jackson’s song with Galantis on repeat for a while, but I think they can do even better – with bigger, more melodic drops and creative verses.


    • Dreamcatcher and Wagakki Band!! That would be really cool!! I know just a few songs from them – the Senbonzakura cover, Valkyrie etc but it would definitely be an interesting collab!


    • Big yes for Essenger! I love how haunting and alluring his synth-drenched soundscapes are and I think he could add an interesting edge to Everglow’s music.

      Afterburner is still one of my favourite synthwave jams ever. That central guitar riff is *everything*.


  15. Not a specific person, but after PTT by LOONA I think it would be cool to see a KPop artist try out Bollywood style song with and actual producer who works in Bollywood. Maybe have someone like Rishi Rich or Bally Sagoo hop on a remix?


  16. Ooh, I thought I didn’t have any input for this until I remembered:
    Japanese singer REOL makes music (or made..? some of these songs are already pretty old) that reminds me a lot of second generation k-pop:

    It would be super interesting to see her collaborate with a newer group like BlackPink or ITZY to bring back that bombastic, bratty vibe with a lot of energy:


  17. here in America, when i was growing up, we had lots of wonderful boy and girl groups (New Edition, Brownstone, Jackson 5, EnVogue, to name a few among many), but nowadays, it seems like everyone is bout their individual self, so i do not have any groups our individuals i would like to see paired with a kpop group….if anything, i would pair myself with a kpop group, and at the present, it would be with Purple Kiss for a vocally powerful song and Dreamcatcher for something dark and catchy….i would probably even throw Everglow and Itzy in there for iconic k-pop hits, Billie for a fun, uptempo, hyper jam, and solo’s with Seunghee (former CLC) and Yeonjung (WJSN), for something romantic and sexy, as I want them all to myself, hehehe….

    in times past, of course, i would pair myself with Girls’ Generation for something fun, cutesy, but yet still an iconic bop; with Spica for some super-powerful vocal jams (even a solo with main vocalist BoA, as she is such a babe!), 9Muses (2012-2013 lineup) for that ‘told everyone about us’ k-pop bob, and After School for that sexy, “First Love” type of jam….

    and after posting that, you may be asking, but can you sing?….well, i’ll just say, i can hold my own….

    -t bumbo


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