Song Review: Lapillus – Hit Ya!

Lapillus - Hit Ya!Most years, K-pop debuts are a huge source of inspiration, offering new energy and new ideas. 2022 has seen some notable debuts, but most have been cut from the same musical cloth. With the arrival of MLD Entertainment’s Lapillus, I’m more convinced than ever that the industry is simply devoid of musical innovation. Hit Ya plays like an A.I.-generated K-pop song, hitting so many awful tropes in one noisy package.

This is an incredibly young group, with one member only thirteen (!) years old. So as always, I want to make it clear that my thoughts on this song have nothing to do with my thoughts about the members themselves. You can’t blame a teenage K-pop idol for simply channeling the material their agency gives them, and Lapillus offer as fierce a performance as any group. But… my goodness, this song. I have no desire to listen to it again, but a thoughtful review requires multiple plays.

Over a clattering beat that incorporates gladiator-esque percussion, electric guitar and synth that sounds like whinnying horses, Lapillus shout and scream for three and a half minutes. There’s not really a point to this. Hit Ya barely feels like a song at all. There’s a surprising amount of empty space between the vocals, giving the arrangement a piecemeal effect that feels almost unintentional. Given that this is a debut, you’d think the agency would want to shine focus on the girls themselves. But, Hit Ya comes across as a producer showcase instead. Let’s observe a moment of silence for one of 2022’s most troublesome lyrics, keeping in mind that Lapillus’s youngest member is only thirteen:

“Gonna make you sweat, my hip is like a wagon.”

I mean…

Hooks 5
 Production 7
 Longevity 6
 Bias 5
 RATING 5.75


25 thoughts on “Song Review: Lapillus – Hit Ya!

  1. Oh no…
    Again, I see another idol group shouting and posturing🤬🤬🤬😭😭😭
    And these problematic lyrics about the hip being similar to a wagon……..

    Wtf is happening here?!


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  2. ok i thought taemin jisung wonyoung leeseo krystal niki etc debuting at 14 was bad but poor haeuns debuting at THIRTEEN?????? god its so disgusting

    (also shana u deserved a better debut than this queen)

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  3. The song is the nth reinteration of the BlackPink sound, now with horse whinny sample.
    Speaking of whom, when was the last release? Was it Lisa’s solo? Interesting they have the current Rolling Stone cover without anything new released.


  4. also i like how the writers and producers during the second verse were like “fuck it” and left the entire 2nd verse empty

    imo its even worse than a trap breakdown

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  5. someone described this as a dance break for a year end performance that keeps on going and i feel like it’s pretty apt. doesn’t help that it’s boring too!


  6. the member really did her best and delivered a strong and charming performance, specially before the main beat came in, but the song left a lot to be desired.
    Anyway I think it will build some audience because it’s a catchy sound. They have great vocals, I wish MLD would do better.


  7. I usually give everything a chance. I really try to be open to stuff. I already read somewhere of how this was more instrumental than song and J thought like “hey! I like instrumentals! Maybe I can take it!”

    I was wrong 💀

    The Hit Ya thing was so annoying. The Blackpink style was evident and they were trying to fuel the song on attitude alone but with awful lyrics like that and all that space…. For the first time this year, I genuinely felt bored halfway through and wanted to stop watching 💀 I didn’t feel like this for ANY song this year so far.

    Too bad really… I like Momoland songs actually. And I like T1419’s stuff too. If this was anywhere in those zones I might have given it another try. Now…. meh. A very sad little debut really.

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  8. Very unpleasant, what’s the point of debuting a new group if they’re gonna do what everyone’s doing but somehow even worse. The video was cringe and disjointed just like the song. I hope this group goes a different direction with their next release. Also, I wonder what will happen to momoland now that lapillus is here. They already weren’t promoted well, so a new group doesn’t bode well for that

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  9. That was definitely one of the Kpop tracks that came out this year. Out of all the Kpop you’ll hear this year, this was definitely one of them.


  10. I watched their performance on Show Core and Inkigayo… And I’m still confused.
    The hip is like a wagon…
    Not sure what I was listening to or expected to listen to, but this was not it.


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