Song Review: Lee Minhyuk (Huta) – Boom

Lee Minhyuk (Huta) - BoomThree years since his first album under the “Huta” stage name, BTOB’s Lee Minhyuk is back as a soloist with another full-length. Though I didn’t care for 2019’s Ya, the Hutazone album bore a few memorable b-sides that could have been great singles. I hope the same can be said for this new album, since title track Boom leaves something to be desired.

Here’s the thing: Minhyuk is an incredibly dynamic performer. The thought of him as a soloist is appealing, and that appeal pokes out during the majority of Boom. But, the K-pop industry’s hesitancy to craft an actual chorus makes the song feel half-baked.

Boom’s rap verses are supported by a great beat. There’s a snap to these segments that we don’t always hear in K-pop tracks, punctuated by drum fills that add extra drama to the arrangement. This segues into a very satisfying pre-chorus. Minhyuk’s vocals are wonderful here, bringing tons of texture to the track. Verse two is even stronger as the intensity grows and the performance becomes more unhinged. It’s a great showcase for Minhyuk’s versatility. But sadly, this passionate energy doesn’t extend to Boom’s hook. The song dips into a frustrating beat drop, sacrificing the great drive the track had been working hard to  establish. It’s such an empty centerpiece – like a placeholder that mistakenly ended up in the final mix. And, it’s especially maddening this time because Boom has so many hallmarks of a killer hype track. Unfortunately, an uninspired “boom shaka laka” climax doesn’t help right the trajectory.

 Hooks 6
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8


7 thoughts on “Song Review: Lee Minhyuk (Huta) – Boom

  1. Ah, so this morning I learned who this HUTA is. Dagnabbit these alt stage names.
    I enjoyed his “Tonight” from early Jan 2019. This one, notsomuch.


  2. ah, i’ve been a quiet admirer of this blog for a long time, and i was really excited to see what you would think about this comeback! (since btob are quite possibly some of my favorite k-pop men ever BUT ANYWAY)

    i’m interested in your selection of buried treasure for this album… my bets are on ‘shadow’, seeing that you liked ikon’s last comeback pretty well. my unwavering favorite since the first moment i heard it, however, is ‘firework’


  3. The song was so good until the chorus. I enjoy that as a soloist he can deliver full rap verses which feels harder to come across.


  4. I knew your feelings for drop chorus so not suprised by the review :). I’m definately a btob fan, but not into the hype stuff Minhyuk loves.
    His performance is great and I like the pre and post chorus vocals, but I really loved the verses. It felt like he was finally doing what he wanted for himself, so I can forgive the drop lol.
    Minhyuk is also pretty savvy with what is popular, and the 80s child in me hates to admit, but this is geared at the tiktok generation.
    The 1toK performance clip is cool, it’s like watching a big cat getting ready to attack. I love the restraint.
    Fav bside is also firework 🎆


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