Song Review: Apink Chobom – Copycat

Apink Chobom - CopycatChobom may not be Apink’s first official sub-unit (anyone remember Apink BnN?), but it’s the first unit with an actual album and full promotions. Chobom brings together members Chorong and Bomi. Its teasers hinted at a quirky concept, which certainly has precedent when it comes to sub-units from female idol groups. But rather than go full-on kitsch in the vein of Orange Caramel or WJSN Chocome, Copycat opts for a moodier, more whimsical take on the style.

I hate to say it, but this song does nothing for me. I can see how it would appeal to others, but the music itself feels like a flatline, lacking the kind of melodic dynamics that pull me into a song. Instead, Copycat is relentlessly pleasant – hazy and surreal from the get-go. Even a second-verse rap follows this same aesthetic. On the plus side, the track is incredibly consistent. It would make excellent “vibe” music, soundtracking your day as you go about your errands and chores.

But while this style may not be for me, I can easily recognize the skill that went into it. Chorong and Bomi make an engaging duo and their airy vocals enhance the dreamlike nature of the track. The chorus is catchy in its breezy, reserved way. And, I appreciate Copycat’s single-mindedness. It knows exact what it wants to do and commits to that energy. I guess I was just craving something more idiosyncratic from this unit. Their personality seems a bit squandered here.

 Hooks 8
 Production 7
 Longevity 8
 Bias 7


12 thoughts on “Song Review: Apink Chobom – Copycat

  1. I think I like it more than you, my first thought on hearing “ ahhh they’re doing the stayc style but it’s not ‘teen’” kinda like you took ASAP removed the hip hop elements and replaced them w something a La Taeyeon’s Weekend.

    But me, I like to vibe!

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  2. it’s a bit more lax than i would’ve wanted but it’s pleasant background noise / vibe to work to or do errands to. oscar has the personality i would’ve wanted in copycat.


  3. I remember not liking apinkBnN’s track. I also wonder what goes into the conversations of which members should be in units

    As for the song I really like it. It has a nice suprise in the bridge and good hooks. The vibe is awesome and I don’t see myself getting sick of it because the melodies over it. I figured this song could go either way because it has good hooks but also doesn’t sound like a mood Nick would go for

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  4. Personally I really love this song, I love how airy (and somewhat eerie) it sounds. I think the MV definitely heightens that atmospheric quality. The chorus is really catchy but the only thing I dislike is the trap beat that’s introduced near the bridge which caught me off guard a little bit. Love to see Apink’s continued success!


  5. Reminds me of “Loveade” by Viviz released earlier this month. Yes, I agree that the song sounds pleasant which makes it hard to be repelled by it, but everything about the track feels too dull and restrained. 7.75 for me.


  6. I really like this one. Yea, it’s the quirky subunit every group does now and then, but I like this different take on it. The copycat concept is charming as well. Around the 8’s for me.


  7. I think it’s calming, and a nice song to put in the background of a cafe, so I like it. Idk if it’ll age nicely for me though.


  8. This definitely feels like their adult contemporary take on a classic Apink concept and sound – not the fierce diva energy of their recent work but not childlike either. An adult version of sweet and cute for sure. I like it but can also see why it might not tick boxes

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  9. When I heard the teasers I wasn’t that impressed but someone on twitter seemed enamoured with it. Surprisingly, the ‘Im your copy copycat’ line turned out to be really catchy after a few listens. I would usually disregard something like this because I’d say its boring, but I love the guitar and the hook, and even the half-time breakdown is cool because of the percussion. One of my favourite releases of the year.


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