Song Review: Super Junior – Mango

Super Junior - MangoOnly a fraction of K-pop groups last beyond their initial seven-year contract, but Super Junior are still going strong after seventeen (!) years. I’d wager that’s longer than the age of many K-pop fans, and it’s a legacy that should be respected. The group is currently in a phase where they just release what they want to release, free from the expectations that frame the careers of younger artists. This allows them to play with trends if they’d like, or simply deliver a classic pop track like Mango.

Pre-release Don’t Wait did little for me, but Mango is the kind of straightforward summer bop that will always be in fashion. The song is not reinventing the wheel, nor is doing anything spectacular or thrilling. But, Mango delivers good vibes without distraction, bolstered by the natural talent and charisma of the members. It’s melodic to a fault, which can’t be said about many 2022 K-pop songs. Its various segments flow together seamlessly without the cut-and-paste construction that often makes tracks feel disjointed and/or predictable.

It might sound like I’m praising Mango for the things it’s not, rather than on its own merits. But, the importance of Super Junior’s performance can’t be overstated. The guys bring robust vocal strength to every bit of the track and I love the use of layering. The arrangement feels so smooth, perfectly suited to the natural funkiness of the instrumental. A late-song breakdown is especially fun, building energy for Mango’s cathartic climax. This is my favorite Super Junior title track since 2017, and I wasn’t expecting to say that!

 Hooks 9
 Production 9
 Longevity 9
 Bias 9


22 thoughts on “Song Review: Super Junior – Mango

  1. Congratulations to SuJu on the release of their 11th studio album, which apparently is the record for kpop idols. (…. 11th in addition to all the EP’s and subgroups and solo work and Supe rShow and OST releases …) During the press conference, they were of course asked the secret to their longevity. Eunhyuk said, “We know how much the rest of the members curse so when even one person steps out while we’re gathered, he’ll curse. So we can’t just leave.. and that’s how we endure it.”

    The 22 years Nick mentions refers to when the older members started their trainee days.

    I Like it! Big eLL. I am not cursing. I wish there were fewer la la la sections, but I am not overthinking it. Low 8’s for me. Also, Kyuhyun is in fine form here. The audio on my cell phone speaker made the song sound like crap so I had some concerns this morning, but fortunately on the best earbuds it is fine.

    For me “Super Clap” is the recent title track that is vastly underrated. “Black Suit” also is great and has legs on it, meaning even after so many years it still sounds fresh. The dance is good too.

    Rumor has it for their upcoming tour they will finally be making a stop in the US of A. Hurrah!


      • It is fine in a way, as Leeteuk, Eunhyuk, Donghae, and Yesung really did start as SM trainees 22 years ago in 2000. And then debuted 16.5 years ago in Nov’05. Its been said in various fan forums that Super Junior were a project group created from the leftovers from TVXQ – whoever didn’t make it into TVXQ got assembled into SuJu. The classic case of not expected to survive and yet they have through force of will and charisma. And talent.


  2. Love this! Enjoyable all the way through. I was singing the chorus on the last repeat something that never happens with choruses that use the catchphrase method. The first in the prechorus put me off but also intrigued me. The lalala part is stuck in my head (funny how apink also have lalala’s in their unit song). I hope this maintains its grip on me


  3. Another refreshing summery bop. It’s just impossible to describe how happy I’m feeling at the moment because of this song. Solid 9 for me too.

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  4. I really like this track and will probably put in on the same playlist as Devil, but for some reason, when I heard the chorus playing for the first time, Clap by Seventeen played in my head and kind of overlapped in the song. It took a few listen for Mango to exists on its own in my head haha.

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    • Or in other words, the Super Show mashup is ready made, purposefully. Just like they mashup Bonamana or Rokkugo with other songs in the Super Shows.


  5. I’m a long time ELF but didn’t love this one. It’s nice but my favorite Suju songs make me want to dance and groove even when I’m walking down the street listening to it. This one does not. But nice enough I supose, it’s good the get 2nd gen track that’s not a ballad this year

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