Song Review: TAN – Walking On The Moon

TAN - Walking on the MoonRookie groups should promote often as their agency’s budget allows. The market is too crowded to dip out of sight for long, especially if you’re looking to establish your name. TAN have taken this idea to the next level, making a comeback just one month after their last album dropped! Walking On The Moon follows June’s Louder and offers contrasting charms. But for me, they’ve yet to improve upon their debut.

Thankfully, Walking On The Moon is not another noisy, blustering boy group track. It leaves room for plenty of vocal showcase, particularly during its chorus. And like Du Du Du, the song has a slightly more mature r&b vibe that matches TAN’s image well. Who would have expected such great vocals from a group formed on a show centered around physical strength?

While Walking On The Moon’s heart is in the right place, the track grows a little dull as it trudges along. Its various segments are enjoyable, but the track never builds toward the kind of soulful crescendo I’d hoped for. This is mainly due to the chorus, which feels repetitive and drags down the energy developed by the more anthemic pre-chorus. I can’t point toward any obvious flaws. Most of the melodies just aren’t working for me. Still, it’s nice to hear a more nuanced approach from a rookie boy group. In its own way, Walking On The Moon feels like a throwback, forgoing explosions and taunts and bombast for something more sultry and controlled.

 Hooks 8
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 7
 RATING 7.75


4 thoughts on “Song Review: TAN – Walking On The Moon

  1. I think it is pleasant, but I was hoping for more. TAN’s Du Du Du from earlier this year will be somewhere on my year end list.
    Maybe they are releasing too frequently.


  2. the mini album still isnt on spotify TT but the bsides seem possibly promising- one is produced by shinsadong tiger 👀


  3. I really like this one, it’s definitely better to me than Louder. I’m glad their company recognizes that these are singers and actually let them sing. The choreo for the countdown then “Walking on the Moon” line is dope.


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