Song Review: Wonho – Don’t Hesitate

Wonho - Don't HesitateThese Universe releases just keep on coming! Once upon a time, I thought this might be some limited series and I’d be able to fudge my way through a handful of fun carnival game-esque “reviews” and call it a day. Almost two years later and I guess the joke’s on me…

Anyway… we haven’t done a “hangman” yet! It’s my favorite weirdly-murderous kid’s game. Click on the image below to guess letters and solve my single-phrase review. As Wonho would say: Don’t Hesitate!

Wonho Hangman

 Hooks 8
 Production 9
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8
 RATING 8.25


21 thoughts on “Song Review: Wonho – Don’t Hesitate

  1. I survived the game without any wrong letters!
    Re: the Universe music series – we’re going on 25 songs since D-D-Dance. We have come a long way, and it’s not about to stop any sooner. They’re keen on making most of the recording artists signed to their contract release something. There’s a rumor that Yena’s about to record/film her contribution single to this thing. (Ren is also part of this app…..if you’re keen on his contribution….)

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  2. (seems like WordPress ate my comment?) I won this one too!
    Re: the Universe Music thing – this one is like the 25th single since the first one with D-D-Dance. We have come so far, and yet I don’t think it will slow down any time soon. This company is keen on making all of the idols who were signed into this contract release something.
    For instance, there’s a rumor that Yena is currently filming/recording her single for this app. We still also have Kep1er, WEME, Lightsum, VIVIZ, Choi Youngjae…..literally goes on.

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  3. Wonho for the win once again. OK too be fair, it is more of a well done sketch of a song than a full single, but its the first Universe app release that I can stand.

    BTW the song is available on US iTunes. So much for the app exclusivity.

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  4. This has become my second-best Universe release, only surpassed by the masterpiece called “Drink It” by The Boyz. So sorry that Wonho decided to release it through that app, would have become a nice b-side for his next mini.

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  5. He’s definitely one of my favorite soloists! 😭 His voice is soooo good!! It just makes whatever he sings sooo much more additive!! This is such a simple easily flowing song and his voice is definitely what makes it more memorable!

    My fave universal releases so far were Tesseract, Drink It and Kiss of Death which I thought were songs which actually suited the groups well and I think this too is something that suits Wonho well!


  6. I was able to guess it when I hit most of the vowels and felt so proud LOLOL

    Definitely a lovely song added to his repertoire and hopefully it is indeed saved for/put on a future release.


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