Song Review: Crush – Rush Hour (ft. J-Hope)

Crush - Rush Hour (ft. J-Hope)An alarming number of artists seem to be jumping ship from PSY’s P Nation label this year, causing the ambitious start-up to face some growing pains just as they’re trying to get their first idol group off the ground. Luckily, they still have the ever-reliable Crush on their roster. Fresh from military service, he’s making his long awaited return with BTS’s J-Hope in tow. This seems like a recipe for instant chart success, and Rush Hour‘s embrace of light-footed funk is right on trend.

This is the second funk-inflected K-pop track in a row, and like Jay B’s go UP yesterday it draws from many of the genre’s early hallmarks. I hear Stevie Wonder in parts of the melody and groove, though Crush’s performance is far more laid-back than that comparison would have you believe. The song vacillates between hip-hop and sung vocals, crafting a groove-heavy showcase that bops by with an easy charm.

Guest rapper J-Hope fits well within this framework. His verse adds an extra dose of playfulness to a track that makes sure not to take itself too seriously. Rush Hour’s chorus is more a series of exclamations than a robust centerpiece, but that’s in keeping with its influences and compliments the song’s laidback energy. Personally, I’m just happy that Crush has returned with a track that’s not an OST ballad or jazzy mid-tempo. His up-tempo work has always been underappreciated, and with any luck Rush Hour will be the start of a new, successful era.

Hooks 8
 Production 9
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8
 RATING 8.25


10 thoughts on “Song Review: Crush – Rush Hour (ft. J-Hope)

  1. I would’ve been fine with sexy slow jam Crush or tearjerker ballad-y Crush but funky Crush Hour is a fantastic way to have a comeback. He and J Hope blend so well together. I kinda preferred his more fun songs like Ohio and Ibiza anyways.

    Anyway, I saw a tweet calling this duo Seoul Sonic and I laughed at its sheer genius.


  2. Compared to Lapillus’s atrocious Gr*tata, this one is so nice. Feels like a breath of fresh air.

    Also, I think that this is the early development stage of a new upcoming trend in K-pop, which is funk, like Jay B’s Go Up. I need more of it, as well as rock-influenced comebacks! Everyone has been already done with girl crush and boy group TV noise.



    This is exactly what I needed. A fun, funky song. In comparison to yesterday’s go UP, this is much more my taste. I’m so freaking glad j-hope decided to hop on this track, his verse was great!
    Anyways, I’m gonna give this the same score, but I think it’s a grower.

    P.S. Here’s to hoping for more Funk in k-pop!

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  4. I’m not feeling it. And I love funk. They pour their hearts into it, but there’s not a lot of melody or even groove for the brass to hold onto, so it feels kind of aimless. Hobi kind of brightens up the place, but I still can’t remember it after three listens. Makes me crave some Triple-H or something. Or some Ayumu Imazu, whose pop-funk I have really digging lately.

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  5. I felt that it wanted to be something that it never managed to be, I don’t know what specifically but it left me with a feeling of dissatisfaction, I don’t think I will listen to it anymore.
    On the other hand, I disagree regarding J-Hope, I felt that his participation was unnecessary and that Crush could have easily delivered the song alone. Usually the guest artist brings a different energy, which is something J-Hope is an expert at, but here he rapped almost the same words as Crush, with the same beat…no need for him to participate but I understand the business strategy.

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