Song Review: UP10TION – What If Love

UP10TION - What If LoveUP10TION have always been an unclassifiable group for me. I tend to either love their title tracks in a top-ten-of-the-year kind of way or feel absolutely nothing. This uncertainty has led me to keep them at a distance despite musical triumphs like Tonight, Going Crazy and Spin Off. This on-again-off-again relationship seems to be stuck in the “off” phase this year, as neither Crazy About You nor new single What If Love has made much of an impression.

Honestly, I can’t even remember what Crazy About You sounds like, so What If Love definitely has the edge right now. But rather than deliver one of their insta-classics, UP10TION have reverted to a cavalcade of boy group tropes. They string them together in a polished way, especially as we reach the groovy chorus. But, too much of the song plays like reheated leftovers. Its verses are fitful and forgettable and its pre-chorus is completely predictable.

So, we’re left with that chorus. It’s easily What If Love’s strongest asset, though its repetitive nature threatens to grow stale after even one listen. Add some whistling over the top (you know how I feel about whistling!) and we’ve got an amiable hook that’ll get your head nodding. But, I’m more interested in the gurgling synths that underline the verses. Occasionally, What If Love seeks to transform into something a bit weirder, and I wish the producers had run with those instincts. Its bridge offers a strange, sing-song melody at odds with everything around it, but before we know it we’re back to the smooth stylings of that ultra-polished chorus.

Hooks 7
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 7

Grade: C


13 thoughts on “Song Review: UP10TION – What If Love

  1. I’ve got nothing to say, except for the complaint about how ULTRA-boring it is. 7 at best for me. What a fucking boring day of releases it appeared to be!!😭😭😭🥱🥱🥱


        • Not even the 17th of January, when Yena released an awesome debut mini, and Drippin and Taeyeon release above average tracks? I have a very nice memory of that day, but probably because I expected nothing from it initially haha
          And 5th of August will always have a special place had the day Snsd re-released a track that sound like it could get people to cry from happiness.


          • Not quite. To be eligible for that specific feature, there need to be at least two (preferably three) 9+ rated songs released on the same day. I liked all those tracks you listed, but none would be above an 8.75 for me 🙂

            Multiple 9’s on the same day just doesn’t happen much anymore, sadly.


  2. Don’t know what else to say besides I genuinely enjoy every comeback today. Every song kind of has a similar sound, but I enjoy that sound and the cool vibe it gives✨

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  3. It’s solid but a little clunky. The singing truly elevates it.I really did like Crazy About You a lot, so this is a comedown. But since it’s 2022, the b-sides are really good.Bloom and Flash are delightful.

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  4. For me Crazy About You is that one song from January which is still super fresh in my mind and I can hum from start to finish 😂 So… that means I just knew this one would be my style too! I’m really not a slow love song or ballad person – but Up10tion just makes it work for me! Their vocal styles just make these songs have that extra jab of passion – and I really liked this one! Also I know they make the songs even more better with the lives (Crazy About You hit it’s maximum for me after a certain performance on kbs music bank) – so I’m looking forward to that as well. A very sleek song, and the vocalists sounded really good! D

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  5. This is meh, like I’d listen to it but I easily prefer eunbi’s and chaeyeon’s releases.

    Unrelated, le sserafim’s comeback sounds very promising! especially impurities and no celestial…


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