Song Review: Wonho – Don’t Regret

Wonho - Don't RegretBack in August, Wonho warned us not to hesitate. Now, we’re being told not to regret. Honestly, I’m into these self-help guidelines as long as the music is good. And so far, Wonho’s singles run has been super consistent. Highlights like Open Mind, Lose and Crazy cast him as a reliable purveyor of polished dance pop. This seems to be the realm where he flourishes most, making the alt-rock turn of new single Don’t Regret a potential landmine.

When writing about Wonho’s music, I’ve often mentioned how his vocal tone lacks extra grit or power that might elevate his material. Great production has been a boon to his work, but on a slower track like Don’t Regret I crave a more textured performance that meets the angst of the guitar. To be fair, I’m not sure Wonho is that kind of performer. That doesn’t mean he’s not talented or ambitious. We all have our niche, and the fact that he co-writes most of his material means he’s probably well aware of his strengths and how to leverage them. His vocals are satisfying, especially when stacked for the cathartic chorus. But rather than the slinky beats we’ve become accustomed to, Don’t Regret takes a more leaden approach.

Sentiment is the star here, funneled across a rock-infused instrumental that gives way to a rousing refrain. The song has anthemic heft, but never grows above a dull roar. It needs louder guitars, more resonant percussion and a vocal arrangement that swings for the rafters. The melody is pleasant and effective, but it’s wrapped in a package that feels overly cautious.

Hooks 8
 Production 7
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8
 RATING 7.75

Grade: C+


8 thoughts on “Song Review: Wonho – Don’t Regret

  1. wonho’s one of my favorite idols (and a huge influence to me) but i do agree that his voice doesn’t really have that much grit to carry this song (it works really well with his more funky songs). maybe someone like woohyun could be given the song and he’ll perform the hell out of it

    speaking of woohyun, since he’s recently left woollim ent, all the infinite members are now out of that mess of a company. hopefully he starts booking gigs left and right and *crosses fingers* an infinite comeback is coming soon


  2. Nice one. Love the song’s anthemic nature, however, with an instrumental package this weak and cautious, this comes across as nothing more than a solidly delivered straightforward, radio-friendly rocker. Rating is just about right.

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  3. i like this one even tho it’s nothing new. the other song on the album on & on is also pretty good. i’m always too biased about wonho cause he’s a nice dude lol.


  4. It’s not a bad song . It’s a radio-friendly sing along fan service which would have been better placed in a big boy group, which is readily heard in the chorus when Wonho’s voice is more than doubled up, more like quintupled or sextupled, to thicken the sound up to arena size. Then Wonho would get the credit for co-writing {group}’s big arena fan service song.
    As is here, its a pass for me.

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  5. It’s not my absolute favorite Wonho single, and there’s something about the production on his vocals that bugs me. But. I like it a lot, I love the melody and this is yet another solid addition to his discography. Mid-to-high 8s for me!


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