Song Review: Jo Yuri – Loveable

Jo Yuri - LoveableJo Yuri’s Op.22 Y-Waltz series has moved from the major key of this summer’s Love Shhh to the “minor” key of her new mini album. This doesn’t bode well for me. I tend to be pretty biased toward the sound of a major key. What can I say? I’m a fan of upbeat sounds.

New single Loveable offers a grab bag of energies to suit all listeners. Its verses are sparsely produced, with the pluck of the guitar and Yuri’s voice. To me, they sound like the latest in a long line of self-confessional pop that’s become quite dominant in the international scene over the past five years. These songs tend to favor diary-like lyricism over dynamic song production and big melodies, making them a difficult prospect for a fan of over-the-top artifice like myself.

Fortunately, Loveable amps up during its chorus. I don’t find this hook to be especially compelling, but I welcome the stomping percussion and sing-along hook. Even with its sense of catharsis, the chorus slots neatly into expectations. It’s the inoffensive melody you’d expect to hear supporting an advertisement for acne medication or fancy shampoo. It has a vaguely anthemic quality, but nothing about Loveable hits hard enough to stick in memory for long. Jo Yuri does the best she can with the material, bringing the skills of an actress to invite listeners into the song’s light drama. As with her fellow ex-IZ*ONE members turned soloists, she has all the potential in the world. But thus far, her solo work has been eclipsed by many of her fellow bandmates.

Hooks 8
 Production 7
 Longevity 8
 Bias 7

Grade: C


7 thoughts on “Song Review: Jo Yuri – Loveable

  1. What can I say? It sounds delicate and pleasing to the listener’s ears. I like how the track’s centerpiece feels anthemic, though vaguely.
    Overall, for me it’s a pass. Wouldn’t skip this song only if I heard it playing on a soft adult contemporary radio station. As for the rating, 7.25 at best.


  2. If you can’t take aim and hit the target of your dreams, Jo Yuri will be the sharp- shooter who helps you hit it from behind the scenes. Yuri’s vocals soar to such a beautiful peak of delivery in the soulful chorus. High quality vocals with an uplifting delivery as Yuri gives in the performance are to me one of the most wonderful features of fantastic music and deserve a cherished place alongside the latest fascination with darkness and desire being the most enlightened musical empire.
    In the Loveable video, it is the shade of sadness that lurks beneath the surface that makes the moment when the bubbles rise into the sky so joyous. Excellent song, emotionally resonant and uplifting but colored with a touch of bittersweetness.


  3. oh this is great. I like the mellow vibe this has throughout the song. I may be on a Jo Yuri high right now so I may be enjoying this song more than I usually would. I really like this. 9/10

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  4. It reminds me of Red/1989-era Taylor Swift, when Swift mixes her country influences with a more pop sound. At the same times, it sounds Swedish-sterile, as those overdone, minimally produced verses in a midtempo song seems to define Swede-produced midtempos well.
    I don’t find Yuri’s vocal texture to suit the song, however. Her voice sounds ‘airy’ like a cotton candy, there’s a lack of power when she’s singing the chorus. Somebody with a rounder, heavier voice (Wendy or Ailee for example) might do this song more justice.


    • I’m not Nick but I just listened to ‘Blank’ and it’s incredible. Jo Yuri is slowly becoming one of my favourite solo artists. Her music clicks with me.


  5. Glassy was a cute debut, and Love Shhh! has been a song I’ve returned to a lot this year, and this definitely feels like a minor key version of it. While the chorus is fun, the minimalism of the verse’s instrumentation doesn’t do much for me. It’s nice and I love Yuri’s voice, but looking forward to her next major-key songs!


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