Song Review: Pink Fantasy – Bizarre Story: Get Out

Pink Fantasy - Bizarre Story - Get OutPink Fantasy tend to re-emerge right when you need them. In this case, they’ve returned during the week leading up to Halloween. Their spooky sound and image are perfectly suited to the season. And unless I missed something, this is the group’s first release without the creepy bunny-mask girl. Has she finally been revealed? Or, is she just taking a break?

Whatever the case, Bizarre Story: Get Out is another successful play at the group’s niche sound. It’s not nearly as rock-inspired as some past tracks, but still embraces Pink Fantasy’s atmospheric energy. The instrumental is awash with eerie synths and keys, giving parts of the song an appeal that verges on classical. This melds with lurching, dubstep-adjacent electronics. Get Out has plenty of texture, made more compelling by the girls themselves. Their vocals float on top with a light, wispy sound that compliments the song’s haunted house allure.

As a whole, Get Out is a bit scattershot for me. I can leave or take its verses. I just don’t find them very memorable or even intentional in their structure. But, the song’s chorus is a winner. Its melody isn’t spectacular, but Pink Fantasy’s delivery adds an evocative touch that keeps interest high. We move from creepy, doll-like vocal layering to jazzier flourishes that showcase the members’ skill. It’s satisfying to hear a girl group experiment with these different tones instead of relying the chant-shout delivery that’s become so common over the past few years. Get Out feels more like a statement than a standout song, but it’ll definitely be earning some plays before October has finished.

Hooks 8
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8

Grade: B-


11 thoughts on “Song Review: Pink Fantasy – Bizarre Story: Get Out

  1. Well, hey this isn’t bad. And not too weird either. Is it good? Great?

    Sampling Fur Elise is nice but a bit overused in pop music. Several hundred years of classical music all in the public domain, and they use Fur Elise again, cmon people. No extra points for that.

    I am going to call it “good”, plus a point for losing the creepy bunny head. Flat 8 for me.


  2. I’ve really enjoyed their last three singles, I just wish we could get more from them (not sacrificing the sound of quality). I think they’re capable of doing the horror concept way better than dreamcatcher ever did if they had the budget

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  3. The creepy bunny girl is named Daewang! While she’s not in this comeback, she did produce it. She definitely didn’t disappear. I’ve heard rumors that she’s actually the company’s CEO (apparently they have visible beauty marks in the same places), but I don’t know enough to confirm that. I love these girls and what they’re doing either way.

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  4. I like the concept of PF but this song was not for me. I have nowhere to hold on to say I like it, but it might grow on me after a few random listens, who knows…

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  5. Ah, speak of the devil! I only had to mention them the other day and they come back right after. Again, I like them, but this is an example of their maddening inconsistency. It’s not just that the song isn’t rock (though honestly their rock songs are the best), it’s just kinda boring. It’s not obnoxious, but it’s really not doing anything for me either.

    Also, so much classical music in public domain and it still has to be the Bagatelle No. 25 in A Minor they sampled. It’s a nice piece of music, but I can never take pop music sampling it seriously because of this one song by a local band called The Youth called Basura.

    This song is basically a PSA for people to dispose of their trash properly.

    (I’ll give Dreamcatcher a pass for BEcause because they’re my ult group and the second rap verse in that one is fire.)

    Anyway I do wonder, why is Daewang not in this video?


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