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Open Discussion (October 30, 2022)

Open DiscussionIt’s Sunday, which means it’s time to end the week with an open discussion post!

To keep things civil, there are a few rules:

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Each week, I’ll open with a question to get the conversation going. Feel free to chat about anything, but if you’re not sure what to write you can use this question as a starting point.

This week’s question:

Given the tragic news out of South Korea and the country’s national period of mourning this week, it feels weird to pose a typical “open discussion” question. Everyone deals with tragedy and trauma in their own way. I tend to wrap myself in positive things that buoy my spirits.

Feel free to discuss the current situation if you’d like (please don’t share anything graphic), but today’s prompt is simple: Post something K-pop-related – whether it be super-specific or widely-acknowledged – that brings you joy.

23 thoughts on “Open Discussion (October 30, 2022)

  1. I love seeing fledgling idol groups make gains, whether that be in the form of a music show win, a steady increase in sales or simply a steady, appreciative fan base. I always feel for underrated groups regardless of what I think of their music and watching them grow is one of my favorite aspects of K-pop.

    About this upcoming week: it appears all new releases will be postponed. My thoughts are with those suffering in Korea and anyone touched by this tragedy.

    I’ll still be posting because… that’s what I do. Like I said in the prompt, it feels more appropriate to focus on the positive. After all, music can be incredibly healing. I’ll have my top three songs of October tomorrow and I have some ideas for the rest of the week – most likely sharing some of my all-time favorite J-pop/K-pop songs I haven’t written about in detail yet.

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  2. As the news came in last night, I thought of Itaewon Class. When the main character first goes to Itaewon to see a friend, it’s Halloween; he sees everyone’s having fun, wearing costumes, acting liberated. He falls immediately in love with the place, and decides to open a restaurant there. I played the MVs of some of the songs from that drama that I love, especially Kim Feel’s Someday the Boy, and V’s Sweet Night.

    I couldn’t sleep, all I kept thinking about was what happened. I lived in China for many years, and loved the nightlife at places exactly like Itaewon, in places I lived (Xiamen, Shanghai). Now that I’m in the US and bored out of my skull (married, settled down, domesticated, in for the evenings), I often watch Youtube videos people recorded walking through Seoul (e.g. Seoul Travel Walker, Seoul Walker); I especially love the ones at night, in Itaewon and other lively districts where young people gather. It’s like I’m re-living my weekend nights out with my mates, having a great time.

    Yesterday I couldn’t stop updating the news and following closely what was going on. I lived through 9/11 and other disasters, but none ever felt so close to me as this has. I go to a Korean church, my only friends here in the US are Korean for the most part; I saw all the heartbreaking videos, and just can’t process the horror I was seeing.

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    • It seems like you’ve been transplanted; but you miss your native soil. Mind you, you don’t need to originally be from a specific location to consider it home. In keeping with that thinking, you sound homesick.

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  3. This incident news were terrifying to read. It’s frustrating like the Sewol Ferry because it could have been avoid with proper measures.

    For “thinking to something else” part, did you watch the parody of Blackpink song by Twosetviolin on Youtube? He’s acting as Paganini. It’s fun.

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  4. One of my favorite things about kpop is the way it brings people together. As much as kpop and its fandom can be filled with hate and meanness at times, it’s also a powerful uniter of people of all age, places, and walks of life. Music in any form is a powerful uniter of people and kpop has become so big and varied that there really is something for everyone. People from all over the world can find comfort and friendship in the kpop community.

    I recently decided to delve into kpop twitter in search of fellow kpop fans. I was warry at first because you often only hear bad things about kpop twitter. That it’s a place full of fanwars and nonsense, and I can’t say I haven’t already found plenty of that because I have. However, I have also found a few rather marvelous twitter communities where people from various corners of the globe have come together online not only to support and celebrate their favorite artists but have also become staunch supporters of each other as well.
    So as much as I am sure you can and will find “haters” and “toxic stans” in every sphere of kpop fandom, you can also find truly good people who just want to share and support what they love. I have even seen fandom incite real positive change in the world, and overall, I firmly believe that there is more support for one another within this global community than there is malice.

    Watching the tragic and painful news from Seoul unfold I was reminded of the famous quote from Mr. Rodgers that you should always “look for the helpers, you will always find people who are helping.” In almost every horrible news feed or photo, you could find on yesterday’s events there were helpers. People supporting and caring for others under terrible conditions.
    Now obviously there is a world of difference between yesterday’s events and the kpop community but in every aspect of life you will find people who care. So, whether it’s seeing others support each other in a small online forum or watching people try to save the lives of others amid so much pain and loss, there is kindness and care to be found in everything.

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  5. In my opinion, I love K-pop that is just…genuinely fun, you know? Songs that either don’t take themselves too seriously (like WJSN Chocome) or are just so bright and happy that you can’t help but be happy too. Some of my favorites are Hello by Joy, Into The New World by SNSD, Travel by Bol4, Bon Voyage by YooA, What Is Love by TWICE and Tomboy by (G)I-DLE (which I love because it never fails to make me laugh). At its best, I think K-pop shows how important themes, even in different languages, are still universal. It really can bring people together, and that’s really powerful.

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  6. Music has great power to heal. I have always appreciated A-ha performing their “Stay on these Roads” song some years ago when Norway had a horrible incident of their own. Morten Harket’s falsetto is in fine form here.

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  7. This blog. I’ve been following this genre for over a decade. In that time, I’ve been to plenty of sites where the average Joe/Josephine is able to offer comments and/or interactions. Some are highly policed care bear spots where all negatively is squashed and deleted. Some are vitriolic quagmires where the meaner you are, the more “likes” you get.

    The Bias List is my Goldilocks site. Doesn’t take itself too seriously, but seriously takes on the music. As some of you are aware, I’m Abby Normal. I know I’ve wedged myself under Nick’s skin on more than one occasion, but he’s yet to introduce me to the curb; for “some” reason.

    So.. ..yeah, this island of misfit toys is my happy place. While I try to infuse decorum in this forum, thine own self be true; or some such drivel.

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  8. These are a few kpop songs that consistently raise my spirits, may not have that effect on everyone

    SNSD- Into the new world
    FAVORITE- You’re my favorite
    INFINITE- inconvenient truth
    Gfriend- rainbow
    Dal Shabet- HARD2LOVE

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  9. I like the musical kaleidoscope of K-pop and the fact it keeps 90s r&b/hip-hop in its sights. I’ve met a lot of sweet, kind fans from all backgrounds. I’m kind of at a loss for words because the tragedy is overwhelming. Here’s some SF9 and ONF members dancing to NewJeans’s Hype Boy in the Army. It hits two big themes of K-pop – guys doing girl group choreo and also doing mandatory military service. Their happiness is infectious.

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  10. My bias Jeongyeon working as a volunteer in an animal shelter brings me joy. She’s even taking care of a puppy that was in very bad shape. Jeongyeon has created an instagram account for her: Yuki. This way she wants to find a home for the puppy. Yuki got so much better over the last coupe of months.

    “Hi, I’m Yuki. I’m about three months old. They used to call me Yonggi (courage) when I was staying at the shelter. But Jeongyeon noona gave me my new name, Yuki. I come from the Ansung Pyeonggang Gongju Shelter, but I’m at Jeongyeon noona’s house as a foster now. I came to the shelter with an existing skin condition. But I’ve been taking medication as well as medicated baths and I’m getting better. Thanks for checking me out! ^^❤️
    #AnsungPyeonggangGongjuShelter #Yuki #Yonggi”

    -Jeongyeon via @yuki_2021222 on Instagram

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    • I can’t adequately express how much lift your post has put in my day. As a fan of TWICE, Jeonyeon, and (especially) puppies, your retelling of Miss Yoo’s adventures with Yuki has put a smile on my face that’s going to take a while to settle back into extra serious frumpy mood. Thank you for this. /headbow

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  11. I was in a car accident yesterday. No one was hurt thankfully, but it’s thrown a wrench in like… everything. Kind of a terrible way to cap off a night with someone I had just been having tough conversations with. Also all of today I’ve just felt exhausted and like I don’t deserve to be doing anything after causing that much damage. But I’ll get over it.

    Kpop things that bring me joy? I’m easy, I just like bops. I appreciate how kpop embraces upbeat electropop sounds more than most of what’s on the radio these days. I’m a low-energy person, so it can help me a lot (I first started listening to kpop my freshman year in college, and Twice’s”Fancy” was on loop for a while.)

    My roommate asked if I had a favorite kpop song the other day, and I said probably “Step” by Kara or “Wild” by Nine Muses. But my current “favorite” (in terms of listened-to obsessions) would be “Between Us” by Laboum.

    I also get some joy from following along with, mera & everglow-up’s kpop review Youtube channels.

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    • I’ve been in my fair share of car accidents. Everything from fender benders to having to crawl out of a an upside down car. It is psychologically and emotionally damaging, so I sincerely hope you are able to move on from your experience and get back to your happy place.

      Music has amazing curative properties. While I listen to many types of music seeking a therapeutic remedy for this, that, and the other, K-Pop helps me fend off most negative things. It’s my spiritual tonic for chasing away the doldrums. In keeping with that sentiment, my advice for you is a big fuzzy blanket, a warm beverage, and lots and lots of K-Bops. Works for me!

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