K-Pop Risers & Fallers: October 2022

Risers & FallersRather than contain my “Risers and Fallers” feature to a single post in June, I’m going to share a bite-sized version at the end of each month. This will let me account for more songs and make a nice lead-in to the monthly round-up post.

I anticipate most of these ratings adjustments will be negligible: a 0.5 shift here, a 0.25 shift there. But, it’s a fun way to keep track of how my feelings on songs have changed over time – as well as which tracks currently have momentum on my playlist.

And remember, just because a song is marked as a “faller” doesn’t mean I hate it! Falling from a “9” to an “8.75” is no shame. 9+ rated songs occupy a totally different playlist in my music library, so I’m pretty particular about what qualifies. It’s a high bar.

This month’s feature covers the period from September 20th to October 21st.


DKZ – Uh-Heung
Rating: 6.5 → 7

Kep1er – We Fresh 
Rating: 6.75 → 7

Mamamoo – Illella
Rating: 7.5 → 7.75

Xiumin – Brand New *Biggest Riser*
Rating: 8 → 8.5


AB6IX – Sugarcoat
Rating: 7.75 → 7.5

LE SSERAFIM – Antifragile
Rating: 8.75 → 8.5

Mirae – Drip N’ Drop *Biggest Faller*
Rating: 8.5 → 8

Park Jihoon – Nitro
Rating: 8.5 → 8

Seulgi – 28 Reasons
Rating: 8.25 → 8

Stray Kids – Case 143
Rating: 7.75 → 7.5



31 thoughts on “K-Pop Risers & Fallers: October 2022

  1. Antifragile has been a grower for me, same with Case 143. I found both incredibly annoying on release day and have since come to enjoy them. Case 143 was probably buoyed by how many good songs I found on Maxident.

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  2. for me dkz song dropped to abysmal ratings. the song is very exhausting to get through. i’ve been a fan wayyy before the whole BL gig and their songs used to be such hidden gems :/ their new in-house producer doesnt even know what to do with them anymore, theyre at their best when they’re having silly goofy fun but the new song completely strips them of that identity

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  3. Antifragile has been the biggest grower for me! It’s in my top 5 for this month! Case 143 has grown on me a lot too – in fact I think I like it more than Maniac lol. And Dreamcatcher’s Vision did grow on me a little bit more.

    Also Treasure Hello – I already loved it and it’s in my top 5 for this month but also…. it just might make my top 10 of the whole year!! The feeling that song gives me is crazy good!!

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  4. Antifragile was a huge grower for me; I actively disliked it on first listen, but haven’t been able to get it out of my head and have learned to love it. Conversely, Case 143 started “meh” and has dropped even further, which is a shame because usually skz’s stuff grows on me!

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  5. Party Rock by Cravity has been the big riser for me this month. At first I was disappointed that it wasn’t as good as Adrenaline, but the performances have been a lot of fun.

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  7. My list looks like this:


    Seulgi – 28 Reasons (8 – 8.25)
    The Rose – Sour (7.5 – 7.75)
    Mamamoo – Illella (7.5 – 7.75)
    Jo Yuri – Loveable (7.25 – 7.5)

    On the other hand, I’ve got a huge bunch of fallers:

    Stray Kids – Case 143 (7.5 – 6.5)
    Lee Chae Yeon – Hush Rush (7.75 – 6)
    Le Sserafim – Antifragile (8.75 – 7.5)
    Kingdom – Long Live The King (8.5 – 7.5)
    Kwon Eunbi – Underwater (8 – 7.75)
    Park Jihoon – Nitro (8 – 7.5)
    DKZ – Uh-Heung (5.5 – 5.25)
    TFN – Amazon (5 – 4.5)
    Kep1er – We Fresh (5.5 – 5.25)
    Baekho – No Rules (7.25 – 7)

    Gosh, what an extremely underwhelming month of releases it appeared to be!!!!! DEAR K-POP, PLEASE…STOP TORTURING US FINALLY!!!😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    Like, whatever the release it was in October, I immediately got bored, disappointed or angry as some were truly unlistenable to the point when you wanna rip out your ears and go buy a pair of new ones………….
    In fact, Treasure’s Hello, Rie’s Because and Raiden’s Last Man Standing featuring The Boyz were the only title tracks I enjoyed. For the rest of the songs I’ve connected with, all of them are b-sides.


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  9. Weirdly, I haven’t been chasing down much K-pop this month. I’ve been listening to older K-pop, the new Mirae and UP10tion albums, and Japanese/Korean indie dance stuff. I think the new Kihyun song will grow on me because, boy, Voyager sure did. But haven’t listened to enough things to judge.

    Risers – what if Love – UP10tion
    Dance On – Alice
    Case 143 – SKZ
    Sugarcoat – AB6IX

    Fallers – Don’t Regret- Wonho


  10. All of Jo Yuri’s songs have gone up for me. This month Yuri has had me on a leash. I’ve been obsessed with her music. She may have made her way into my top 10 solo artists list.

    Dreamcatcher also had a great comeback. They have always had incredible b-sides and ‘Fairy tale joins them 10/10.

    The Rose. ‘Sour’ has gone from 10/10 to 11/10 for me. The build up..pause…chorus is SO SATISFYING. The whole ‘HEAL’ album is incredible. I would love to see them live.

    I also rediscovered Younha’s ‘END THEORY’ album. I don’t know how I forgot but that album has become a rare 11/10 for me. Younha’s powerful voice always gets me.

    I don’t know how I missed it but Ailee released an album this year. What the heck. ‘I’M LOVIN’ AMY’ is an incredible album. Oh how I’ve missed her voice.
    In addition to that, rediscovering ‘Breaking Down’ was such a blessing this month. Her voice is so powerful.

    I need more groups to utilize their powerful voices properly. Looking at you NMIXX and JYP. I know you guys have extremely good voices. JYP needs to do provide NMIXX with music better suited for their voices.

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  14. Out of these songs, Drip N’ Drop has surprisingly blasted in my heart. The hook sticks well in my head too.
    Antifragile, We Fresh, and 28 Reasons startled me the whole long month. The girls are good at punishing me for watching them perform their songs on music shows. The more I listen to them, the more drastically I lost interest.
    Male solo artists have done the same things as the girls to me. Their songs are even worse than the girls’ because I fatefully dislike them from the start.


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