Song Review: DRIPPIN – The One


Unless I’m missing something, DRIPPIN’s The One is the final big postponed K-pop release to arrive. Of course, it also happens to be the comeback I was most looking forward to. With The One, DRIPPIN have concluded their Villain series (until the inevitable repackage, that is!). Both Villain and Zero were highlights of the year, with the latter being a particular standout. Smartly, The One retains Zero’s production team. DRIPPIN + Newtype continue to be a match made in heaven.

The One feels like the closing of a chapter. It’s the aural equivalent of a hero’s victory lap — edgy in production but anchored by celebratory melodies. It’s not as funky as Villain and isn’t packed with as many great details as Zero, but its straightforward blast of energy gets the job done. Woollim artists have been lodged in their rock phase this year, and The One merges these big guitars with a skittering drum-and-bass beat. This alone sets it apart from the many K-pop boy groups opting for darker material.

While I’m not yet sold on the song’s scattershot verses, its double punch of a chorus works wonders. I’ll always love a descending melody, and The One’s centerpiece pairs this exclamatory energy with a sticky hook that loops around in concert with the high-speed percussion. Better yet, the track doesn’t skimp on a great climax. I love the way the bridge pulls back to deliver a funky interlude and pummeling instrumental before the final chorus crashes in to send The One off on a high. DRIPPIN have had a great 2022, and this adds another highlight to their year.

Hooks 8
 Production 9
 Longevity 9
 Bias 9
 RATING 8.75

Grade: B+


15 thoughts on “Song Review: DRIPPIN – The One

  1. Oh thank god, we finally have a rock flavored song that rocks on through the whole damn song. Was that too much to ask, kpeeps?

    You would know what would be more awesome, if a real drummer was drumming. Can you imagine is xtraordinary heroes did a song like this? That would be great.

    Nah, I’ll take it anyway. A couple of interesting passing notes in the chorus and major key shift. Skittering unreal drums. A solid sung chorus. Yes, please.

    My heart is saying 9’s if only from the long drought, but my head is saying the rating is about right.

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  2. When Zero was released back in June, I considered it to be a weakling. This song is a step up and I really love it. Although I’m not sold on that drum-and-bass percussion, and I think it should’ve been replaced with something more reasonant + I dislike the electronic breakdown a little and killer guitar solo would work better instead.
    8.5 for me.

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    • I love d&b, only wish they would have leaned into it a bit harder. I kind of like the batshit exuberance of this right now. I can see it growing on me.


  3. I love rock and I love drum and bass but I’m not sure if I particularly enjoy the two mixed together here. Also I think the bridge doesn’t fit.

    But I appreciate them doing something different from the general boy group stuff the past few years.

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  4. The verses feel scattered and disjointed that I don’t know how to feel about them. But I watch their showcase live performance and the verses don’t feel scattered nor disjointed at all! I guess The One is one of the songs that sound better live rather than the official audio. I’m waiting for the music show performances

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  5. I’m a fan of drum and bass so I instantly liked the verses. And the chorus is so good as well. Idk if it’ll continue to rub on me, but this is one of my fave releases this year.

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  6. I got swept up with the energy of this song on first listen (which plenty of recent k-pop songs fail to do)! Also, they have so many parts to show off their excellent vocals.


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