Song Review: Victon – Virus

Victon - VirusVicton are back as a five-member group. Leader Seungwoo is finishing up his military service, while Heochan left the group earlier this year after a DUI. The guys have had a rough go of it, and the style of their music has tended to change with the times. Virus sees them embracing both elegant synth and angsty boy group bluster. Unsurprisingly, it’s a mixed bag.

Virus is at its best when it’s laser-focused on its melodic strengths. The chorus is a bit too fitful for me, but there are moments that are quite graceful and evocative. Given a different arrangement, I could see this becoming an r&b-influenced standout. However, the track never fully commits to one thing. Just after that first chorus, we have a rap verse that feels as if it was yanked from a different song entirely. I swear, Do Hanse is the best idol rapper to appear in the most ill-fitting songs. I enjoy his moments in Virus, but not as part of… Virus.

Later on, the track segues into a gorgeous bridge, pulling the grandest elements from the chorus and giving a peek at what Virus might have been if it had opted for a classic EXO sound. Come to think of it, we could do with a boy group who sounded like 2012-era EXO. It’s time to get on that, Victon! As it stands, Virus gets in its own way too often to be a standout in their discography. It has its highlights, but you have to wade through some rough patches to get there.

Hooks 8
 Production 7
 Longevity 8
 Bias 7

Grade: C


19 thoughts on “Song Review: Victon – Virus

  1. Nick, you meant to say: “Do Hanse is the best _god damn freakin_ idol rapper to appear in the most ill-fitting songs”.

    Other than that rap verse, the rest is meh or weird in a weird way (eg the shift into the break). Its the kind of song that makes me ponder what is the purpose of this song, beyond it is time to release another song.

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  2. Agree, it’s a mixed bag. Remove Hanse’s rap verse following the first chorus and give the song a different arrangement, we’d have an even nicer laid-back piece of R&B. Overall, I think a track like this would suit much, much better for one of Victon members rather than for the whole group itself.
    Rating is about right.

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    • Considering victon lost 2 lead vocalist I feel everyone else worked their butt off to bring this together. Yes it’s a bit different sound but these guys are working very hard to do the very best. I’ll still support their hard working effort.


  3. It’s interesting that you mention EXO because I thought parts of this sounded like a WayV song minus the sweeping instrumental background during the chorus and crunchy guitar breakdown. I miss WayV…

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  4. I think some if it sounds like EXO/WayV-ish is because I believe Adrian Mckinnon had a hand in this. I adore Victon but lately their material hasn’t stuck with me, I do appreciate that they haven’t gone full on loud/noise.

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  5. As a fan of weird electro R&B, this is the 4th boy group song I’ve liked this year. Hanse’s part kinda ruins it but otherwise it’s nice! I love the melodies, and it too gives me that older SM vibe.

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  6. Ah, yes the adventures of (now) 4 K-pop boys and the wraith who kind of wanders around and talks to himself. They all look great, and the chorus and bridge are gorgeous. The rest I have no clue about. Hit or miss, though, Victon are almost always kind of interesting.


  7. Agreeeee and agree with some of the comments here

    I think i still can’t move on from previous title track Stupid O’clock
    It’s magical and mysterious and captivating for me.
    This one is… Idk i love them so much especially Seungsik but i can’t really feel the excitement from my heart while listening to this song eventho i alr listened it multiple times in my playlist. I just don’t get the chemistry with this one, sadly, but i hope they enjoy their comeback this time and live healthily.
    Now i kinda wish time flies faster to the time where they will have another comeback 🤣❤️✨

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  8. Exceedingly belatedly, I couldn’t agree more about Hanse. More Hanse solo work in 2023!

    Also, Seungwoo hasn’t been their leader since he did Produce – Seungsik took over temporarily and then permanently after all the scandal went down. I think this might have come up on your last review of one of their titles.


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