Song Review: Just B – Me=(Naneun)

Just B - Me=(Neun)Debuting last year, Just B’s music has already moved through several iterations. They’re currently in a phase where their singles incorporate “=” symbols into their titles. I’m sure there’s some complex lore supporting this decision, but I’m more concerned with the music behind those titles. Their tracks often incorporate rock sounds, exemplified by this excellent b-side penned by B.A.P’s Yongguk.

New single Me=(Naneun) (ME= (나는)) leans into a different side of rock music. Like TXT’s Lovesong last year, the track tackles an angsty, mid-tempo radio rock sound. There’s an anthemic quality to its chorus, but the rest of Me feels more subdued. It’s not the style of title track we’re used to hearing from idol groups, though acts like Pentagon and iKON have delivered similar energy in the past. This alone helps Just B stand out in a crowded pack of rookies.

As far as the song itself, I think it’s a mixed bag. I really enjoy the chorus, which isn’t something I can say about every K-pop track in 2022! It has a punchy energy that’s quite effective, but I’m most impressed with its diverse structure and arrangement. So many K-pop choruses run a repetitive hook into the ground, but Me unfolds with a melodic diversity that’s very refreshing. The song’s verses aren’t as memorable and threaten to drag down the rest of the track, making Me=(Naneun) more “sturdy” than “outstanding.” However, its strengths outweigh its shortcomings and I like this new style for Just B. I hope they get the chance to develop it further on future comebacks.

Hooks 9
 Production 8
 Longevity 9
 Bias 8

Grade: B


6 thoughts on “Song Review: Just B – Me=(Naneun)

  1. “Sturdy” is very apt.

    For me, it is unexciting. It sounds like something to hear at the supermarket or Target or such, half-listening, and you aren’t quite sure what era of boy band this is or was from, other than it is not One Direction but sounds kinda sort of like something they would do. Or and perhaps maybe just then you check that you are in the US in a Target and not in the UK in a Marks & Sparks because maybe just maybe it is a British boy band that you have never heard of before, maybe the name but not the music, nope.


  2. As someone who’s always got disappointed by the 85% of material released by boy bands this year due to it being an unending stream of clanging beats, farty brass loops, obnoxious beat drops and sing-shouting, I find this one enjoyable. Though pretty generic, songs like this tend to be my shit. Yeah, I can easily hear something similar-sounding on the radio after turning it on, but that doesn’t really affect my opinion.
    Also, for me this is the strongest title track ever released by Just B. Rating is about right.

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  3. For some reason I don’t like this as much as I should. I absolutely love songs like this but this one just doesn’t reach that level of satisfaction. I don’t hate the “Liar Liar such a Liar’s Star” part because it’s actually pretty catchy but I would replace it in this song. Give me a few listens and I’ll probably end up really liking this.

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