Song Review: Secret Number – Tap

Secret Number - TapAfter cutting loose and having fun with 2020’s underrated Got That Boom and 2021’s party-starting Fire Saturday, Secret Number retreated to played-out girl group tropes with this year’s disappointing Doomchita. They can only improve with new single Tap, and upbeat teasers seemed to hint at an energy that takes better advantage of the group’s strengths. But sadly, the song itself seems stuck at an oddly underwhelming pace.

On first listen, I wasn’t sure what to make of Tap. It drifted in one ear and out the other – pleasant, but purposeless. It’s neither upbeat enough to be a convincing dance track nor groovy enough to stand as a compelling mid-tempo. The song spins its wheels in a murky middle ground, unable to harness its own strengths. This might be a salvageable approach if given a standout melody, but Tap lacks this feature as well. Its chorus is simple and repetitive, closer to charismatic sing-talk than a robust hook. Again, I find these choices a bit baffling.

Further listens didn’t add much substance to Tap’s appeal. A second verse tempo change adds to the track’s aimless feeling, making it difficult to find an entry point to Tap’s charms. Secret Number have already shown their ability to sell the hell out of a fun pop song and I have no doubt they can excel with more r&b-flavored material. But, there’s not much to be done with Tap’s dirge-like energy. It lands with a thud. It’s a competent — but faceless — non-starter.

Hooks 6
 Production 7
 Longevity 7
 Bias 7
 RATING 6.75

Grade: D+


13 thoughts on “Song Review: Secret Number – Tap

  1. Just when the pre-chorus started playing, I turned off the song. That was a damn disappointing return, but at least not atrocious like Doomchita.


  2. Yeah, secret number is a hit or miss. Still prefer that to groups that don’t really have a hit or a miss, their music is just kind of “meh”. Secret numbers hits HIT. But yeah, this is definitely a miss.


  3. The overall execution of ‘Tap’ feels so, so nugu and rushed. I’m okay with the first verse, but starting from the pre-chorus afterward, it’s missing a lot of proper transition/risers, cohesive melodies, and also an identity. It’s like they didn’t know whether to make it go full tropical or to make it dark/trap.
    Even the MV didn’t know where it was going – I don’t like how mismatched the MV’s styling with the sound, I don’t like how out of place the fairy dress is, and I don’t like how nugu the dancing sets look. I wish they could just commit to a tropical theme – wait a second, that’s also the problem! Why would you release a summer song in winter? Gosh, this comeback.

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  4. well, at least the first verse and prechorus were good. But this chorus makes this another reason to add onto my reasons why I will never stan Secret Number

    Second verse comes and hit the YT button on top.

    I give it 6.5 (6, 7, 6, 7)


  5. I absolutely love Got That Boom and Fire Saturday, as well as their bsides Hola (only redeeming quality of Doom Chi Ta was the fantastic bside!) and Dangerous in Love. This… was boring. I can’t help but wish Denise was still in the group, I loved her voice but glad she’s thriving now


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