Song Review: ITZY – Cheshire

ITZY - CheshireThis summer, we were all punked when ITZY’s bold, fashionable teasers culminated in a song about… putting your sneakers on. The lead-up to that comeback played out like some grand meta joke, but the song itself had its charms (as silly as they were). New track Cheshire arrives on the heels of the group’s English-language Boys Like You, which also appears on this album. Like Sneakers, it was preceded with stylish teaser images that hinted at a chic evolution for ITZY.

Cheshire doesn’t deliver the same bait and switch – for better or worse. It won’t be as polarizing as Sneakers, but it’s also not very interesting. It’s the most subdued ITZY have sounded on a title track, and I don’t think that’s a great match for their appeal. The vocals are incredibly strained during the chorus, and that alone makes the song difficult to enjoy. I mean, this isn’t some dramatic belter of a track. I’m not sure why the key needed to be pitched so high. It’s quite jarring, to say the least.

Vocal performance aside, Cheshire is just kind of… boring. It lopes along a rugged electronic beat, creeping forward but pulling back during the verses. Sing-talk abounds during these segments, filling time but never delivering any exciting melodic punches (the dull “la la la” doesn’t count). A hint of potential pops up during the bridge as the beat becomes more aggressive. But, this never amounts to much. Compared to triumphs like Dalla Dalla, Icy and Wannabe, it’s all rather limp.

Hooks 7
 Production 7
 Longevity 7
 Bias 7

Grade: C-

33 thoughts on “Song Review: ITZY – Cheshire

  1. Probably a solid 8 for me, I’ll always like their earlier songs better but this wasn’t too bad. But I agree with the vocals in the chorus, they could have pitched it slightly lower because now it’l be a pain to sing live, won’t it?

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  2. Unpopular opinion – I love this track! Have never been a big fan of ITZY’s style of music (the one song I had from them was Loco, which is not really representative) but I dig the chicness and simplicity of this track. 8.5 for me!

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  3. Please anyone help me find the part ‘lalalala’ of Cheshire from another song. It sounds so familiar to me. I must have heard this sound from another artist, but I couldn’t remember what song!!!

    Summary, Cheshire is a forgettable song. I listened to it 3 times and already tired of it. Well, if Itzy wanted to compete with IVE, New Jeans and other growing girl groups, JYP better give them a really impressive song, not Cheshire. I’m not impressed with the song, and I will not put this song in my playlist to listen over and over.


  4. this is about 8 or 8.25 for me, definitely better than whatever in fresh hell sneakers and boys like you were (a catastrophe, that’s what).

    sounds like their music from last year although weaker.

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  5. So it wasn’t just me who found the chrous rather shrill.
    It is such a strange style, as if the sound people are tuning songs to only sound good on the phone speakers, and nowhere else. Same thing with the Girls on Top project special song, the clattering clanging one from Jan2022, so high and shrill that it is almost unlistenable.

    The rest of the song is meh. Problem one is that it is at such a languid pace, clicking to 1.1x or 1.15 helps but still doesn’t lift it. Problem two is that for a group with distinct personalities, it does nothing to highlight them. and right about here I run out of interest.

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    • I feel like I’ve been waiting through three years of their career just to see if they can have one title track that feels like a true follow up to their 1-2-3 punch during their debut year. At this point, the answer seems to be clearly no. They just deviate from it further…. and I can’t say they’re B-sides, even though I have liked a few, are strong enough to keep me interested anymore. It’s a shame.

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  6. This is maybe their most generic-sounding title track? It’s not plain bad like MITM, boringly bad like Sneakers or Boys Like You, or interestingly bad but super catchy like Not Shy or Loco, or initially bad but now mega awesome like Dalla Dalla or Icy, it’s just there. I’m curious to see if Itzy can compete with the more gp-friendly sound of IVE and the cooler, trendier sounds of Le Sserafim and NewJeans. What’s their strategy? Do they have one?

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    • If you label all of their songs as bad maybe it’s time to turn your back on ITZY and stop tuning on them already lmao ITZY already has their own place, there is no need to fill in the niche of what the newer 4th gen groups are doing. They’ve already proven themselves enough.


      • I don’t think all of their songs are bad! Wannabe is one of my favorite gg songs ever and I like some of their b-sides. And I don’t think they have to prove anything, they’ve already cemented their place in recent Kpop history. I’m just interested in how groups’ sounds adapt over time and in relation to others.

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        • I laughed at all your descriptions of ITZY songs starting with bad. I think “bad but now mega awesome” is the perfect description for Dalla Dalla and Icy. They initially were jarring to me but now I love them both.

          Justice for Boys Like You though. I loved it from first listen.

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    • If you want the dance for it, you can tell they are trying to go for the type of generic that’s supposed to be catchy, even with a meme and TikTok approved easy dance and lyrics to use. They are definitely targeting the GP with this one. I’m like you… I’m curious to see where they are going after establishing themselves so well in the beginning. But this comeback? Both the song and performance basically wring everything out of ITZY that is ITZY to try to catch on older but quicker result trends (arguably some boy group trends too). ITZY is now over half way through their contracts (4 years in next month if I’m not mistaken), but given the new trends of 4th gen and the 3rd gen girl groups who have renewed, they have a tough battle ahead. And I still can’t see an overall plan. Every song seems like a reaction to the success of previous tracks. I just wish one of those was Wannabe, because that was en epic girl group song that maintained their color and group cohesion.

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  7. Oh my…
    Itzy are really sliding backwards with this unending stream of children’s songs. Like, they should’ve grown up and got a more mature approach as the time goes by, but instead we get even more of this cartoonishness and immatureness.


    Rating is a lil too high, 6.5 at best (7,7,6,6).

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  8. I actually like this! Something about the mix of the funky instrumental and vocals works for me. I also think it’s the first ITZY title track since Not Shy that I had no issues with on first listen.

    I will say that I am surprised that this seems to be the most subdued project from Itzy in a while…maybe ever. I wonder if this a sign JYP is slowly trying to “right the course” with their groups after having a number of releases get criticized for being all over the place in the last year or so.

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  9. So bizarre. I’m convinced there is both a 1/10 song in here, as well as a 10/10 song. That chorus is borderline unlistenable, yet the rest of the track is hitting SO right for me. I’m not even sure if I could give this a real rating. Cheshire has already missed its shot at a top song of the year, but I’m going to keep listening and see if my opinion on the rest of this divisive song changes.

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  10. Itzy have been on a downward spiral since Wannabe, Not Shy was alright to an extent but it didn’t have staying power like the first 3 singles. A shame considering the obvious talent and charm of the girls, hopefully they do get a bit of a revamp at some point but I think I’m done giving them a chance to give me a wannabe again.

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  11. Sigh, yet another dud from Itzy.

    The song’s not too far off greatness, but the vocals in the chorus bring it down.

    Can’t for the life of me understand why they’re going for this shrill sound. Yeji’s first part almost deafened me…

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  12. Gosh I wish Voltage and Blah Blah Blah had been full Korean comebacks! This was better than Sneakers but the bar for that was doing the limbo (ha) in hell. Agree with the chorus pitch being off, and I wish there was a final chorus as I think I would’ve liked it more if it’d sounded more finished. I fear we’re never getting another Wannabe, but as long as their Japanese comebacks keep being good I don’t mind too much. I almost think I prefer Boys Like You over this!


      • I think it is! They are singing over the backing track. You can hear the shakiness and imperfections at parts like 0:20, 0:31, 1:25… actually through most of it. Not that that is bad; it’s totally normal. Pretty sure they didn’t sing the “lalala”s though.
        Usually when artists lipsync, the track sounds much more flawless because they recorded it beforehand. (e.g. any aespa performance 🤦🏻‍♀️)
        Obviously, Itzy’s singing isn’t perfect since they are dancing, but I respect any artist who actually tries to sing during live stages. Lipsyncing just bugs me.


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