Every GIRL’S DAY Single Ranked: From Worst to Best

Every GIRL'S DAY Single Ranked - From Worst to BestI’ve listed my “top tens” for many artists, but it’s time to rummage through entire discographies and rank every single from worst to best. This feature will primarily tackle groups who have disbanded or gone on indefinite hiatus. It’s a way for me to re-evaluate my initial thoughts on their singles run. Don’t be surprised if the order has changed from past countdowns. These things are always in flux!

It’s always nice to spotlight a group who once ruled the charts but now feel a little underrated. Girl’s Day have plenty of highlights in their discography — and of course a few duds as well…

17. White Day (2013)

A humdrum ballad with a barely-there music video.

16. I Miss You (2014)

Another ballad. Slightly less humdrum and paired with a music video that isn’t just pictures hanging from trees.

15. Tilting My Head (2010)

Well, at least it’s never boring… I guess? Those vocal effects are a choice. (full review)

14. How About Me? (2010)

Boilerplate, early-2010’s dance pop. But, it’s breezy and fun.

13. Hello Bubble (2015)

You can’t expect much from CF tracks, but this one’s stronger than most. The chorus is nice.

12. I’ll Be Yours (2017)

The group’s final comeback and a pretty fierce pop track. It sounds a lot like Ailee, actually. (full review)

11. Ring My Bell (2015)

Over the years, I’ve come to appreciate Ring My Bell’s frantic energy. I hated it at first, but it’s aged well. (full review)

10. Twinkle Twinkle (2011)

Girl’s Day had a great run of these quicky, sugary synth songs. Twinkle Twinkle feels a bit like a novelty track, but its chorus is fantastic.

9. Hug Me Once (2011)

I love the insistent electronic stabs that drive this song. It’s like a pop pinwheel, twirling faster and faster as it gains momentum.

8. Oh! My God (2012)

This feels like it could’ve been a hit for SNSD, but I’m glad Girl’s Day have it in their arsenal. It’s such a enjoyable head rush of fizzy electronics.

7. Female President (2013)

Female President was a real about face for the group, incorporating electric guitar into its bombastic self-empowerment energy.

6. Don’t Flirt (2011)

I’ve always had a soft spot for this weird little track. For whatever reason, it reminds me of something Abba would create at their most unapologetically bonkers.

5. Something (2014)

The sultriest song in Girl’s Day’s arsenal, Something is a gorgeous mix of coos and whispers. It’ll sneak up on you.

4. Expectation (2013)

One of the big watershed moments in Girl’s Day’s trajectory, Expectation stands as a K-pop dance classic. What great melodies!

3. Darling (2014)

I know this probably isn’t the “best” Girl’s Day song out there, but it’s one of my most played. It evokes summer so perfectly and I adore the breathy vocal performance. (full review)

2. Nothing Lasts Forever (2010)

The extended outro on this track is such a rush. Nothing Lasts Forever hooks you immediately but gradually transcends its tropes to blossom into something quite spectacular.

1. Don’t Forget Me (2012)

One of my favorite K-pop songs, period. It’s a real tears-on-the-dancefloor moment, evoking wistful emotion while clobbering you over the head with its perfectly calibrated chorus. It doesn’t get much better than this.


13 thoughts on “Every GIRL’S DAY Single Ranked: From Worst to Best

  1. Wow, thanks for this. This band kind of slipped under my radar; I only knew a few songs (which I really like) – Expectation and Something. I never heard the first 3 here – Nothing Lasts Forever hooked me instantly, and that outro!

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  2. The moment I heard Nothing Lasts Forever on the regular variety I watch, I knew it would wound up to be my favorite GsD song…..and that variety plays GsD songs from time to time. I’d listen to Don’t Forget Me soon, but for now, Nothing Lasts Forever is my pick.

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  3. My fav girl group forever! ♡ I have to say I disagree on I Miss You and Hello Bubble as I really love those two tracks but the rest I almost agree with completely! I miss them. 🥺🙌🏼

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  4. Girl’s Day “is” K-Pop. I know you hear that being coined a lot, but hear me out. This is my reasoning for that statement broken out by categories:

    1: Member count = Just the right amount. Starting from solo artist and progressing to 2, and 3 members feels roughly the same; feeling more like an “act” rather than a group. 7, 8, or more and the members either universally lose individual recognition or only a couple get the spotlight and the rest get lost in the background. But 4, 5, or 6 members? Yeah, that’s the sweet spot. There’s enough room for each girl to shine.

    2. Popularity = Everyone knows Girl’s Day. While they never reached the top tier, such as SNSD, TWICE, BP, they weren’t lost in the weeds either. There was room for them to grow, which gave fans something to cheer on, and there was enough progression so fans didn’t feel they were being ignored.

    3. Skills = They got the job done. Sojin has a fantastic voice but it was never fully showcased. Instead, Min-ah handled all the power vocals with aplomb. While Hyeri and Yura did contribute to the vocals, it was all a mix of rap, sing-speak, and backburner stuff. Still, the producers worked with the individual strengths and weaknesses so that each member pulled her share.

    4. Individual member status = All bases covered. For having only four members, the girls managed to cover all the important bases when it came to ways a group can stand out. For the “It Girl” factor, they had Yura who made quite a few noses bleed during her run. Then you had quirky, nerdy, girl-next-store type covered by Hyeri (whom was also a variety show darling). Min-ah handled the edgy, off-the-wall antics side of things while Sojin filled the sultry leader role. They even had idiosyncratic elements. Do a YouTube search for “Girl’s Day Hyeri and Yura laugh” and you’ll see what I mean.

    5. Discography = Trendy, but distinquishable. They didn’t break any molds with originality, but you couldn’t label them as copy cat. From ballads, to dance, to bombastic/pre-crush, to basic pop goodness, there is something there for everyone. If you’re a first timer going through their back catalog, I guarantee you’ll find some songs that’ll make you a fan.

    6. Legacy factor = They will be missed. Debuting in 2010, they lasted until their contracts ran out in 2019. While the agency (Dream T) never officially declared them as disbanded, instead using the term “hiatus”, we’ll only see them together again in a reunion setting. Still, for those that were following this genre while they were active, they will live on in memories for a very long time.

    P.S. Full disclosure: Yes, I’m a DAI5Y in full bloom.

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  5. This is so funny, I was literally thinking about it you were gonna give this sort of feature to big bang, Kara, and snsd since they all came back this year. It’s not any of those groups but the feature popping up is still a convenient surprise


  6. Hey that’s cool, I just finished the show Yura was in, Forecasting Love and Weather. I study meteorology in school so it automatically interested me and Yura was a bonus for me. I love Girl’s Day. I think they were the best and I wish them nothing but the best in their careers following the group. I don’t even know if I have a favorite song. They’re all great. Darling has been stuck in my head since reading this so my brain picks that one.

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  7. I really did not know this group at all and though I saw their name occasionally I didn’t realize they had such a large discography. Thanks for this! I love these pieces by you as I’ve discovered so many awesome old gen kpop songs from them!! In fact my most listened to songs this year were found from here! 🙃 Working through this list now and I’m already blown by Don’t Forget Me and Expectations! 😀

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  8. Girl’s Day was a group I only got into roughly around the middle of their career but I really grew to adore them and miss them quite a bit. I hope when they have a big milestone anniversary next that they join the wave of 2nd gen revival comebacks.

    Don’t forget me is also a fave for me too, largely because of this particular live performance:

    The raw (and imperfect) vocals really sell it for me! No clue where all of them have ended up ATM but I hope they’re living well

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