Looking Back: The Top Three K-Pop Songs of November-December 2008

Looking Back

November-December 2008 Overall Thoughts

In addition to my monthly K-pop round-up, I’ve taken a look at my favorite three singles from each month since 2009 and factored them into my ultimate Bias List scorecard, which can be found here.

The problem is, prior to 2009 it becomes harder to find reliable sources for K-pop release dates. I’m going to do the best I can with the information I have, but occasionally I may place a song a month early or late (it becomes even more confusing when you factor in separate release dates for mv and album!). And because K-pop releases were far less prolific fifteen years ago than they are today, I’ve decided to feature two months each week. That gives me more music to choose from and ensures I’m not spotlighting songs I dislike simply because there’s nothing else that came out during that period!

As is often the case, 2008 in K-pop closed with a relatively sparse number of new releases. TVXQ were still milking their Mirotic album (as they should!) with excellent follow-up single Wrong Number and ballad Picture Of You. Bigbang returned with Sunset Glow, which is decent but suffers from following on the heels of the iconic Haru Haru.

We had a bit of Sweetune as well, with Kara offering a jolt of energy in the form of Pretty Girl. They still hadn’t fulfilled the awesome potential we’d see in the coming years, but the basic ingredients were all present. If nothing else, the song deserves immortal praise for the iconic “If you wanna pretty, every wanna pretty” lyric. I miss the days that K-pop just threw random words together. Go ahead and turn an adjective into a verb, Kara!!

SS501 unveiled their first sub-unit with the super catchy (and confusingly titled) U R Man. That chorus has definitely endured over the years. Son Dam Bi dropped an opera-infused club banger with Change the World, which is more of a production showcase than a full-fledged pop song. But, it’s totally fun and unlike anything else we hear in K-pop. I’d probably put it in fourth place for this period.

Finally, we had a couple great hip-hop tracks. Eun Jiwon (leader of 1st-gen group Sechs Kies) delivered with the catchy Dangerous and Son Dam Bi popped up again as a guest on Mighty Mouth’s Family.

If you’re interested in what happens next in the story of K-pop, make sure to check out January 2009 and onward!

Honorable Mentions

Bigbang – Sunset Glow (video)

Eun Jiwon – Dangerous (video)

Mighty Mouth – Family (ft. Son Dam Bi) (video)

Son Dam Bi – Change The World (video)

TVXQ – Picture Of You (review)


3. TVXQ – Wrong Number

2. SS501 – U R Man

1. Kara – Pretty Girl


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