Song Review: tripleS – Rising

tripleS - RisingAfter unveiling sub-unit Acid Angel from Asia last year, tripleS have officially made their full group debut with Rising. They’re the latest in a line of new girl groups drawing upon more subdued sounds to create a style that’s effortlessly cool – if not always instantly exciting. As with most of their album, Rising is co-composed by members of the Monotree production team and you can feel their trendy touch all over the song.

I’m of two minds about Rising. On one hand, I want the track to hit harder and deliver at least one killer melodic hook. But, I also understand that that’s not really its purpose. As with many of its musical peers, Rising is more concerned with bottling a vibe and attitude. In that regard, it’s a success. The beat is a total head-nodder and I love how the repeated “la la la” backing vocals are used as a frame for the rhythm. The soundscape is full and exciting, even if the tempo never knocks things out of the park.

If anything, Rising is one great chorus away from being spectacular. Beyond that repeated “la la la” flourish, its melodies play things too safe. The group’s charismatic delivery elevates the material, but the chorus is stuck in a rather repetitive loop and we’re denied a standout climax. Fortunately, everything surrounding the actual song is pulled off with style and I have a feeling this will enjoy a reasonable level of longevity.

Hooks 8
 Production 9
 Longevity 9
 Bias 8

Grade: B


19 thoughts on “Song Review: tripleS – Rising

  1. I LIKED it very much! I’mma thank their fans for voting the best song out of the bunch. but I continue to not be a fan of the 2 minute duration. nevertheless this was a great debut, and I hope Jaden Jeong can deliver with the girls what he couldn’t do with LOONA.

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  2. One fun note to add: just like how the lineup of Acid Angel from Asia was chosen by fans (through the group’s app – COSMO), the title of this album was chosen by fans as well!

    “Rising” (Song B) won, but take a look at other options of what could’ve been. “New Look” (Song C) & “Beam” (Song E) became b-sides on this album!

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  3. To be honest, I like Generation more than this one. The track feels kinda…forgettable. Yes, it’s enjoyable in the moment, but ain’t likely to scream “playlist me!” into my face. If the chorus had a memorable melody, would be a winner on my hands. Rating-wise, it’s a 7.75 at best.

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  4. Agree with the rating, I also like this song a lot. Still think it could pack slightly more punch, like you said. The “intro” track “Before the Rise” delivers a part of that, at least.

    Did you also check the other songs already? Especially New Look is really nice (imo the strongest song on the album) and might deserve its own review.

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  5. Why are the comments on this track so neutered? Anyway, I guess it is after all subjective to each their own.

    In my humble opinion, I think this hits the spot so good after a long drought that December and January had on us. tripleS’ Rising is a standout that I don’t think we give enough credit for. I just know that Rising will stick and survive through this year unscathed while many will surely disappoint us, I’m looking at you TXT (you surely fooled me yet again, but I keep getting baited after a while ugh).

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  6. Its ok, firmly in the NCT dream side of releases this week in that I think its reasonable if not exciting or particularly memorable. Probably mid 7s for me? I hope StayC and Purple Kiss hit for me because its just been H1-Key this year for me.


  7. I can feel that Jaden blueprint all over this. I like it, I feel the instrumental is different enough from the other groups that also have this kind of vibe to make them standout amongst them.

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  8. Ooooooh I like this a lot. I’m exactly like you Nick. One side of me also wants it to hit harder but another side also doesn’t mind it’s tame vibe.

    The rating I would give it is 8.75

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  9. Totally underwhelming, which is a shame because I had high hopes after Generation. The song completely deflates after its pumping first few bars and the chorus, while pushed to the front mix-wise is completely forgettable.

    Colourful might have made for a better title track but I guess it wouldn’t have had the now required ‘attitude’ anyway. The album as a whole is a bit of a let down really, very patchy and none of the hoped for early Loona sound – at least to my ears. 6/10

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  10. While there’s definitely a touch of new jeans here I would argue instead that it’s a more mellow & groovy cousin of Loona’s ‘favorite’ instead. The Jaden Jeong print is STRONG and while I’m unsure it’s a show stopping chart topper or not what I can say is that the groove and feeling is right. I’m not even particularly mad at this being roughly 2:30 because unlike some short songs it resolves itself and has an actual conclusion vs. just sort’ve ending. Good luck to the girls!

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  11. Basically a groovy LOONA song. I can literally picture how LOONA will sing this.
    Would be a popular b-side in 3rd gen, but seems more of a title in 4th gen being radio-friendly.


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