Song Review: Snow Man – Tapestry

Snow Man - TapestryI love when Johnny’s acts upload full music videos to YouTube! Not only is it an infrequent treat, but it means I can write about the song before the physical version of the single or album is released weeks later. In Snow Man’s case, their upcoming single is scheduled to include two promotional tracks and another that’s paired with a performance “lip sync” video. J-pop acts definitely get their mileage out of each release!

Tapestry (タペストリー) serves as the OST to member Meguro Ren’s upcoming film My Happy Marriage and – unsurprisingly – he’s placed prominently within the track and accompanying video. The song sees the group tackling classic Japanese themes, similar to 2021’s YUÁN. But this time, the arrangement moves at a brisk pace. Tapestry is a stylish dance track that knows just when to pull back and when to rush forward. I often write about how important dynamics are in song construction, and this is an excellent example of utilizing structure to elicit emotional impact.

I love the straightforward dance beat that underlines the verses, especially as strings emerge to give the production more depth and theatricality. There’s something very classic about this arrangement. And, Tapestry’s stirring chorus doesn’t disappoint. It’s bold and big and quite majestic in places. Better yet, this chorus is replaced by an unexpected dance break after verse two, resulting in a perfectly placed power note and plucked guitar that tease us toward Tapestry’s climax. By holding back, the song amplifies its power. It’s a really cool and effective trick.

(Now, watch me eat my words when this somehow turns out to be another “YouTube edit” from the agency and the full song is actually a minute longer…)

Hooks 9
 Production 9
 Longevity 9
 Bias 9

Grade: A-


4 thoughts on “Song Review: Snow Man – Tapestry

  1. I love this song! Recently, I’ve been trying to get into Johnny’s because k-pop is too competitive and boring for me now. Too much focus on winning, bragging, endorsements and pulling numbers , and less on entertainment. I feel like k-pop fans have forgotten than fangirling is supposed to be fun
    and not something that gives you migraine every other day.

    It helps that Johnny’s are way more accessible now and the old man is dead. I’ve also noticed that Johnny’s don’t take themselves and a tenth as seriously as k-pop idols do and feel a lot more …idk human. The first group that I got into Snowman and I’ve been hooked (Meguro Ren? Hello? Where have you been all my life?). Very likeable and funny set of guys. Also, I love that they were not little children when they made their debut, most are pushing 30 (how tables have turned with k-pop idols getting younger and younger with time) I must say I enjoy their ballad type songs way more than their dance tracks. Tic Tac Toe is awesome though. Rooting for these guys to succeed even more.

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    • Yeah, Johnny’s definitely has a knack for picking the best oddballs! The entire agency is filled with characters and the fandom is fun and self-deprecating just like the artists themselves.

      Also, as a Meme fan I hope you’ve watched “Silent.” Idol career aside, the guy is one heck of an actor!

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      • Yes, I did watch Silent (and Kieta Hatsukoi). And from what I’ve seen of the clips and snippets of his roles from the NHK asadora and the Takizawa Kabuki movie, I do think he has an excellent future. He even won the rookie award in Japan’s equivalent to the Oscars recently didn’t he? I’ve seen so many Japanese comments on YouTube describing him as “post KimuTaku” and I feel like if he plays his cards well, he might become the face of Johnny’s in a couple of years. I read an interview of his recently where he says he has no innate acting talent so he makes up for it by acting super hard and giving it his all. He even looks like an early KimuTaku in some of his magazine covers from this month’s Meme Magazine Matsuri lol. I’ve never been into Johnny’s actors but he’s truly mesmerizing on screen. He’s now my ichiban for life lol

        As for Johnny’s, yess. They’re so unserious and crazy most of the time , it’s kinda insane. When I watch k-idol shows, the gags feel very rehearsed and scripted. I don’t why but I don’t get those vibes from Johnny’s idols. Maybe because they don’t really care about their image? I still laugh over that clip of SMAP making Lady Gaga choke on a Pizza


  2. The thing about this song is that I’ve watched the trailer for the movie so many times that I automatically get happy when I hear it. Would I like the song nearly as much if I didn’t associate it with blond Meguro Ren magically setting things on fire? Doesn’t matter! I’m just glad I get to listen to the full thing 😀


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