Song Review: Purple Kiss – Sweet Juice

Purple Kiss - Sweet JuiceIt’s been a rather long hiatus for Purple Kiss, with their most recent mini album released last summer. The atmospheric sound characterizing many of their title tracks isn’t the best match for the summer months, but it’s right at home during the darker days of winter. New single Sweet Juice delivers a fantasy concept that has tons of potential. As is often the case with their singles, I don’t know if the final product fully seizes that promise.

The strongest aspect of Sweet Juice is its production. I love the haunting strings that drive most of the song. They inject a sense of cinematic drama into the instrumental. The percussion sounds almost like water droplets, further adding texture. The producers must know they have a good thing going because they never depart from this formula. Beyond a beguiling sprinkle of keys here and there, Sweet Juice’s energy remains remarkably consistent. That’s not often the case when it comes to K-pop title tracks.

As nice as this instrumental is, I crave more when it comes to Sweet Juice’s melody. The track passes by with a subdued sense of cool, which has become a very trendy approach over the past year or so. But, I prefer pop songs to take me on a full journey that includes peaks and valleys and everything in between. Sweet Juice is lovely all the way through. It just needs extra oomph at one or two points, creating those highlight moments to look forward to each time we press play.

Hooks 7
 Production 9
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8

Grade: B-


19 thoughts on “Song Review: Purple Kiss – Sweet Juice

  1. I was disappointed by the MV. It seemed like they were trying to combine their horror concept with a sexy concept, which seemed to me like a missed opportunity to do a femme fatale plot. They should have had a male character in the MV and lured him to his death with their Sweet Juice. I mean, come on. It’s not rocket science.

    Really love the strings in the instrumental though.

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  2. I think it is a solid song, well-produced and well-delivered. What it needs is more charisma. It is too hyper-polished and removes any vestige of personality. Think of what a Sunmi or Chungha could do with this material, leaning into the seductive yet innocent tease, pulling on it like taffy. Would they do it more sexy or angry or bitter or powdery soft, or all of these in turn, yes please.

    I like “Nerdy” too, also “Pretty Psycho”. Darling daughter played the shit out of “Zombie” when it came out. I may buy this one anyone, just for her.

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  3. I will probably never love any song that can be described as ‘subdued’ .
    I really like the piano flourishes and the strings, but nothing else here holds my attention long enough to want to listen again.

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  4. Purple Kiss is usually hit or miss for me, but I think I actually like this quite a bit! The chorus is catchy, but I agree that it’s a bit flat and the vocals could use more charisma in the delivery.

    I’ve been listening to PIXY a ton lately, and this song could definitely fit in their discography, and they would’ve knocked the vocal delivery out of the park as that emotional sultry style is what they do best.

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  5. I like it quite a bit! It doesn’t take much for me to like a Kpop song though. Just the song being good, which it definitely is. But I do have a fun fact: This song was written by Lyre Music Group, the same people that wrote Itzy’s Mafia In The Morning, Red Velvet’s Talk To Me, and Jo Yuri’s Loveable. They have a YouTube channel, too.

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  6. I really really like this one; the piano and lush strings make it stand out from everything else out there; and then there are those electronic music flourishes in the second verse that add a nice contrast. Gives me almost Hotel del Luna vibes, and strangely enough, almost jazzy haunted ballroom music (Mingus’ Black Saint & Sinner Lady with touch of the Caretaker’s All You’re Going to Want to Do Is Get Back There). Am I overdoing it? Maybe. But for me this is their best song.

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  7. Sure, the production is beautiful. However, got a little disappointed with the chorus, wish it had more meat on its bones. Maybe the song will grow on me, though I’m still in two minds when it comes to the longevity issue. Rating is about right.

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  8. Will you do a buried treasure for this mini? Autopilot is a completely excellent piece of dancey synthpop that I really wish had been the title track, and hope at least we get some performances of it.

    Overall Purple Kiss always do have excellent b-sides, so a battle of the b-sides would work too! I find it incredibly hard to pick just a few favourites and love how much of their own stuff they write and compose, but my favourite Purple Kiss b-sides are Skip Skip, Twinkle, Cast Pearls Before Swine, Hate me Hurt me Love me, Cursor, and Love is Dead.

    As for how I feel about Sweet Juice- I like it. I don’t love it like I do Zombie and Nerdy, which I think do their witch-pop style better justice by embracing more quirkiness. But I adore the gorgeous production and lush instrumental, I also just wish the chorus jumped out a bit more and the melody was more dynamic. Purple Kiss quickly became one of my bias groups as I was into them pre-debut, and while I can continue to hope for a Zombie 2.0, I’ll forever be impressed by their b-sides and ability to craft a really strong mini album.

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  9. Way better than Nerdy. What pissed me off about that song is how everybody liked it just because Memem was a mess (that I fucking loved). Sweet Juice is 2023 Ponzona and it’s fitting. It was released around this time as well, so that works as a nice throwback. I do, however, think they peaked with Zombie and forever stayed there quality wise. But that won’t stop me, as an old school 2nd gen kpop fan, to support their every release, because they genuinely have aura that other rookies (newer groups) simply don’t. Their songs and concepts are the closest we will ever get to sexy comebacks again. So, kudos for that.

    I give it solid 9.

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  10. This doesn’t have the heavy amount of cursive singing that made Nerdy unbearable to me, so improvement there, nor the messiness of MemeM. But I still feel like they somewhat stalled after Zombie. This fine, but just fine. As stated, there’s no variety in the energy of the track and it rides in the middle almost the entire time, making it feel kinda stale.


  11. I’m surprised by how much I like this. Their voices are so good. They sound so nice.

    My only criticism is I wish there was a much more impactful climax for the final chorus. That would have secured a 9/10 for me but without it it brings it down to an 8.5

    I want RBW to continue down this path with Purple Kiss. This is Great.

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  12. I personally adore the song ! The vocals were coming straight outta heaven ! I didn’t enjoy Yuki’s rap that much but it matched wel with the song. The MV too was outstanding and the concept really crative. For m it is a 9/10 !

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  13. I expected you to hate it and tear it limp from limb lol, but yeah I like the production too. It would’ve been a perfect song if the chorus was much stronger. I love it still though.


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