Song Review: Hello Gloom – Dancing In The Dark

Hello Gloom - Dancing In The DarkBeyond the glossy exterior of K-pop’s big budget comebacks lies a whole world of indie artists and idols-turned-soloists. I’m thinking about acts like from20, who happens to have a hand in the song I’m writing about today. Dancing In The Dark arrives courtesy of Hello Gloom, the stage name for IMFACT’s Ungjae. After quietly disbanding early last year, all IMFACT members have left their (awful) agency and seem to be pursuing their own things. If you’re unfamiliar with their career, make sure you check out this highlight right away!

Dancing In The Dark is the latest K-pop track to dip its feet into synthpop influences. As usual, this is a style that greatly appeals to me and I had a feeling I’d enjoy the song just from the brief teasers released before today. True to form, Dancing is a slinky little bop, pulsing on atmospheric electro throbs and touches of rhythm guitar. The track is painted with a generous coat of vocal effects, warping Ungjae’s voice into an otherworldly presence. When effects are used intentionally like this, they become a vital focal point that adds character and mood.

As a pop song, Dancing In The Dark is quite reserved. Rather than build to a knockout climax, the track quickly establishes its mid-tempo groove and never strays. However, I love the transition into the chorus. The melody here becomes a bit more ominous but the song never feels dark or dull. It’s an enticing sense of danger, and this tension keeps the listener interested.

Hooks 8
 Production 8
 Longevity 9
 Bias 9

Grade: B


13 thoughts on “Song Review: Hello Gloom – Dancing In The Dark

  1. I knew Ungjae and Raehwan have been doing something with establishing their own company? Not sure about the details, but it’s cool to see them get to have opportunities in the industry still. I didn’t realise from20 was Raehwan and now that Hello Gloom was Ungjae until I read these reviews lol. These synth sounds will always be up my alley because I’m a sucker for these atmospheric vibes, though I think from20’s Chemical is still much stronger than this one.


  2. Just wanted to ask Nick – do you know of this reality show thing going on in a channel called Peak Time official? Idk anything about the show lol but it’s got tons of familiar boy groups participating and the performances look good and even looks like some older groups too (I recognized only Romeo by name lol)

    Idk this group (being an older fan you might lol) – this sounded crazy good to me! Damn they can sing! :


  3. I wish he would do one thing: Pronouncing “Dark”. He hits is as DA-R-KUH”, three syllables, one+half beats, with a heavy K sound. I would rather hear “Daaaar-kuh”, one long syllable, three beats long, tiny tiny soft k almost a g sound.
    Other than that, I think it is a good song.


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