Song Review: KAT-TUN – Fantasia

KAT-TUN - Fantasia

KAT-TUN released their eleventh album this week and it’s their most consistent work in years. Also, you can stream the standard eleven-track version worldwide! Way to go, Johnny’s!

Fantasia promised to pay tribute to the group’s various eras and sounds, but the whole package feels pretty sleek and modern. It’s relentlessly upbeat, embracing sick dance pop sounds with just a bit of their trademark rock thrown in. The album is promoted with two music videos, and of these two I prefer the title track.

Fantasia (the song) does a nice job melding current-era-KAT-TUN’s maturity with a hooky funk sound that feels youthful and energetic. The first time I heard it, parts of the track reminded me of SHINee. The instrumental has great punch, whether we’re talking about the rugged electronics of its verses of the explosive arrangement of its chorus. The guys deliver a lithe performance, often slipping into falsetto. And, Fantasia utilizes breakdowns quite well, punctuating its chorus with a catchy hook that chops up the rhythm without sacrificing momentum or energy.

If nothing else, it’s gratifying to be a longtime fan and watch KAT-TUN continue to release solid material. We’re coming up on their seventeenth anniversary and, although the composition of the group has changed over the years, the quality of their music has rarely flagged. Fantasia is a fun addition to their singles run and deftly crystallizes the charms they’ve unveiled over the years. Long may their music reign – and while we’re feeling nostalgic I’d love to see them revisit the stellar sounds of their peak 2011-15 era.

Hooks 8
 Production 8
 Longevity 9
 Bias 9

Grade: B


9 thoughts on “Song Review: KAT-TUN – Fantasia

  1. I like this one! Though I don’t really know why, but it feels like there’s something holding me back from really enjoying this as much as I thought I would. But it’s great to know that the album is available on spotify too! As an aside, I was listening to Real Face a couple of weeks ago and was so blown away – that song still bangs to this day, now that’s a crazy good debut.

    Also, do I understand it right – are NEWS having/have had a new album release? I saw a new song was released on YouTube a couple of days ago, but I don’t understand if this is an older song / part of an upcoming album or something – it’s just so hard to keep track of Johnny’s acts, because I don’t think I know the right places to know all of this yet lol


  2. Nice, straightforward, uptempo beat on this track – I really appreciate that. I honestly have no idea who these guys are but this song gives me serious 2nd gen k-pop nostalgia!


    • Gosh, I wish I could just shower you with their 2011-15 era music. It’s seriously some of the best stuff ever and very “2nd gen” but with a unique Japanese touch.

      KAT-TUN were actually my gateway to J-pop, so they hold a special place in my heart!

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      • I just listened to Unlock which really has that SHINee Sherlock feeling. Seems like their songs have super rich, varied production which I love!


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