Song Review: Genic – Flavor

Genic-FlavorI haven’t featured a review of Genic’s music since back in April 2020 when the group debuted with the awesome Sun Comes Up. But over the past few months, I’ve revisited their discography and become a bit of a Genic fanatic. I love a co-ed group, and these self-producing superstars have the chops to back up their polished music. Like agency seniors AAA, Genic are a “dance and vocal” group rather than idol performers. Each member feels like a main vocal and main dancer. The talent runs deep.

Speaking of talent, new single Flavor is composed by members Joe and Ryuki — even if its NCT-esque “noise music” portions don’t play to their strengths. These two have a gift for melody and their work is at its best when it fully embraces this. But, Flavor is a roadmap for making this quote-unquote ‘noise music’ thrilling by fusing it to a brilliant chorus and swoops of huge major key energy.

If you’ve heard any male K-pop track of the past few years, the opening moments of Flavor will feel familiar. In this case, the shouty schtick is pulled off well thanks to an genuinely interesting palette of effects. Ditto for the pre-chorus, which maintains interest by injecting some cool electro distortion. I’m less enthused by the choice to repeat this intro in place of a second chorus, but that’s only because…

…The chorus is so good! Seriously, I’ve had this hook lodged in my brain since it was first teased a week ago. That’s the sign of an enduring centerpiece, and I wish we could get a song arranged entirely in this style. The members are incredible vocalists and it’s so satisfying to hear them grab hold of a robust melody and deliver it with aplomb (I’m looking at you, Ryuki). As it stands, Flavor is more scattershot than most of the group’s very best work. But, I’m intrigued by its musical mash-up and the panache with which it’s pulled off.

Hooks 9
 Production 8
 Longevity 9
 Bias 10

Grade: A-


7 thoughts on “Song Review: Genic – Flavor

  1. The chorus is really good but feels like a completely different song!
    I am not necessarily a hater of pots-and-pans type of music (I like MCND and a few NCT tracks) but the verses in this song are extremely grating to me for some reason.


  2. Ha, this song cracks me up. It starts off as basic glitch pop. Then becomes a different and better song entirely during the chorus.
    Oh, Jpop, you are such a tease!
    The parts work well together, but one part is clearly >>> the other parts. For that, the rating is a bit high.

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  3. Much like NMIXX’s music, i feel as if both parts of the song could be different songs. I love this song as is but the chorus>>>>>the ‘noisy’ part.
    Overall not my favorite GENIC release but it definitely still has that GENIC charm.


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