Song Review: Trendz – New Dayz

Trendz - New DayzI enjoyed Trendz’s last single Vagabond quite a bit, even if it pitched them as a younger iteration of ATEEZ. The guys have begun working with that group’s old producer Leez and it definitely shows in the music! But, Leez is an immensely talented composer so I’m happy his work lives on regardless of which group he’s collaborating with. Some of my favorite songs have been his lighter, pop-rock influenced work. New Dayz confidently joins their ranks, repainting Trendz with a more anthemic sound.

New Dayz has its issues (damn those cheesy second verse trap breakdowns!), but overall the song is instant and satisfying. You’ll hear ATEEZ right away – even more than before. But, they’re not a bad group to model your sound after and the track rarely loses sight of its own strengths. It manages to make current K-pop trends (stripped down chorus, chanted hooks, etc.) palatable thanks to its focus on melody and energetic performance.

New Dayz’s first verse and pre-chorus immediately launch us into the driving, rock-influenced vibe. I love how the air clears for the rousing pre-chorus. It’s nice to see that Leez still knows his way around this all-important song segment. I wish the chorus went bigger, but its anti-drop approach is salvaged by a strong hook and some nice arrangements later in the track. If Trendz continue along this style, they may be able to carve a nice little niche for themselves, melding the blustery posturing of K-pop boyband-dom with battle-tested melodies.

Hooks 9
 Production 8
 Longevity 9
 Bias 8

Grade: B


7 thoughts on “Song Review: Trendz – New Dayz

  1. That damn paradise dinner set is definitely the new circular abandoned school of nugu videos. It’s everywhere.

    Trendz is a group that fails to 100% land it for me a lot of the time, but shows enough potential that I’m always excited to check out new releases from them regardless. I think they have a lot of strengths, and with a little more refining, could be a real standout 4th gen group.


  2. I don’t know much about Trendz but this chorus is a 10 for me. The rest of the song is good enough to keep me engaged. I remember feeling the same way when Drippin’s “The One” and TXT’s “Lovesong” came out.


  3. I like this one. I really enjoy their vocalists, especially Havit. I was wrecking my brain all day trying to figure out where I heard that “woah oh oh” part from…I think it was Bye Bye Bye by Wei.


  4. “Nightmare” is fricking fantastic, It’s exactly the type of song I wanted ATEEZ’s “Sector 1” to transform into with how the arrangement of the first verse went.

    But the thing with the TRENDZ song is that it’s only like…2 minutes long. Honestly, I really wanna hear more from this OneFlame guy pairing with LEEZ, right now they’ve released three really good songs with TRENDZ so I am slowly watching them.


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