Song Review: DRIPPIN – Hello Goodbye

DRIPPIN - Hello GoodbyeI’m a Woollim mega-fan, but I’ve been deliberately silent about the agency’s upcoming activity because I’m quite annoyed with the current state of affairs. Whether driven by budget, scheduling or staffing, it feels like Woollim has left us supporters in a lurch. Its artists have essentially gone M.I.A since mid-November and the upcoming enlistment of Golden Child’s Y comes during the middle of a long hiatus for the group. I maintain my opinion that the agency consistently releases the best music in K-pop, but these long stretches of nothingness and overall lack of communication become more frustrating each time they occur.

While none of Woollim’s groups seem to have any Korean comeback scheduled at the moment, both DRIPPIN and Golden Child are releasing Japanese singles. Their J-pop work has been spotty at best… but at least it’s something. And honestly, this new DRIPPIN song is quite good.

Hello Goodbye manages to meld the group’s lighter pop side with the rock edge that made their 2022 work stand out. Initially, I worried the song would become too cloying and generic. But, I found myself more charmed with each passing chorus. The power chords elevate the light-as-air melodies and give the instrumental surprising grit. I’m less enthused by the insistent synths, and the central hook is definitely repetitive. But, this is a big improvement over last year’s So Good and comfortably slots within their existing discography. It only makes me more impatient for a Korean comeback!

Hooks 8
 Production 9
 Longevity 8
 Bias 9

Grade: B


5 thoughts on “Song Review: DRIPPIN – Hello Goodbye

  1. Oooh I really like this. 1:01 is a nice addition to the song. They could have ended the chorus there but they extended it. I appreciate the long chorus.


    Also, this song reminds me of another song but I don’t know which one

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    • It’s very One Direction to me. Some combo of That’s what makes you beautiful and the one whose chorus ends in “…. fall in love”. (1D? someone else? idk)

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      • I don’t think One Direction is the one this song is reminding me of. I think it’s another Korean / Kpop song. But since there are so many songs that are similar to this song, it’s probably one of those

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  2. Solid pop song. If a bit generic – it could have been a solid pop song for anyone in the past 20-30 years. But hey, at least we have a “Solid”.


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