Song Review: Mamamoo+ – GGBB

Mamamoo+ - GGBBMamamoo+’s pre-release Chico Malo felt like a lateral move for the girls – a song that sits squarely within the group’s recent repertoire. In contrast, title track GGBB brings us back to early-Mamamoo, when the girls vamped over old-school sounds with an almost vaudevillian flair. But while this nostalgia is appreciated, I wish the song felt more robust.

I really like the doowop sound of GGBB, if only because it’s different than most other K-pop singles of the moment. But apart from the catchy repetition of its chorus, the track plays more like a series of melodic diversions than a consistent idea. This is compounded by a WTF dance break that emerges during the bridge. There’s no musical purpose for this segment beyond the idea that K-pop must do weird, random things. It’s a shame, because when GGBB fully commits to its 50’s/60’s pastiche it’s quite fun.

I’d definitely take this over Chico Malo, but it’s amazing how many of the same frustrations it shares.

Hooks 7
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8
 RATING 7.75

Grade: C+


9 thoughts on “Song Review: Mamamoo+ – GGBB

  1. Sounds like a 20’s revival of the 80’s revival of 50’s doo wop pop. A softer smoother version of every Megan Trainor song ever. A modern reincarnation of Madonna’s “True Blue”, this link here is for the kids who haven’t heard early Madonna back when she was normal ‘


  2. into the new world is an example of a song with a dance break (that very obviously has the purpose of being a dance break) that doesn’t break up the flow. whoz that girl by exid had a jarring dance break but that only appeared in the music video. This serves literally no purpose, the choreography wasn’t good enough to warrant it either. While on the topic, what are some of your favorite/least favorite dance breaks in kpop


    • That’s a good question! The one that comes to mind immediately is Golden Child’s Genie for some reason… but I’m going to think about this more because I know there are many others.

      Ooh! GFriend’s Fingertip has a great dance breakdown too.

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      • I don’t know how I didn’t think of fingertip, it’s literally my favorite part of the song. It’s been forever since I’ve heard genie, time for a rewatch


  3. Really disappointed by the second verse. It got me hype at the tail end just to go back to the same chorus. I think it would’ve been a great idea to change that second chorus up. You don’t hear many songs climax in the middle


  4. Every aspect of this song reminds me of some of my least favorite musical moments of the past year or so. The Meghan Trainor influence is obvious, and the songs that she has released recently have been so awful that they have soured the entire sound for me for at least a few years. The title and lyrics also kinda remind me of that one Falling In Reverse song that was popular on Tik Tok a while ago “Good Girls Bad Guys”. They aren’t really that similar, but I couldn’t stop thinking about that song while listening to this, which was funny but ultimately hurts my ability to take it seriously.


  5. I love these women and their whole group. I HATE doo wop, along with rockabilly and swing. Guess which wins in this instance?


  6. I like this and it definitely reminds me of early Mamamoo but wow that dance break is … jarring! I would’ve been fine if it was just in the music video and not in the song but I’m half tempted to edit a version without it to add to my Spotify 😭

    The rest of the song is pretty nice as a piece of sugary pop; I’m not a doo-wop fan largely but I always enjoy Mamamoo’s takes on it. I really love the music video- what I love about Mamamoo is they always look like they’re having so much fun and they have so much conviction and charisma and that really comes through here.

    Overall (if the dance break was absent!) I’m pretty happy with both this and Chico Malo for this subunit- they try some different things and have some fun, which I’m always here for even if the songs could be slightly stronger. I know watching live performances of this will really sell it for me, nothing is quite like any member of Mamamoo performing live!


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