Song Review: Heize – Vingle Vingle

Heize - Vingle VingleThis is an interesting collaboration. I didn’t expect to see Heize pair with producer R.Tee, resulting in a sound that’s far more dancefloor-oriented than most of her work. Similar to his 2019 track with Anda (still a banger btw), Vingle Vingle (빙글빙글) centers around an instrumental-drop-as-chorus. If you must employ this overused trope, you better make sure that drop is worth looking forward to.

Thankfully, they pulled it off! I like the mysterious nature of this hook. It works well with Heize’s wispy vocals and the repeated riffs are catchy without being obnoxious.

On a related note, I have major gripes with the aspect ratio of the music video. Who made that choice? It feels like such a waste – especially if you’re not watching it on a phone.

Hooks 8
 Production 8
 Longevity 9
 Bias 8
 RATING 8.25

Grade: B


18 thoughts on “Song Review: Heize – Vingle Vingle

  1. I love it! So vintage yet so refreshing (which is definitely the 202X K-Pop paradox). I agree about the 3$ videoclip as well, it doesn’t make sense.


  2. Usually, I tend to dislike or hate beat drop centerpiece-centered tracks, but not in the case of this one! The song felt so addictive to me, ngl. I suppose it’s gonna get more and more enjoyable every time I’d play it. 8.5/10.


  3. Anyone else notice that this song is called “Round and Round” in Korean? It’s kinda strange, give that her most famous song has the same time (only in English). I wonder if it’s some kind of call-back? I like the new song, but let’s face, it’s not going to replace this classic;)


  4. I thought the beat drop would result in a loss but it was totally hipnotizing, although not my favorite it was totally worth it.
    By the way, have you heard the song of this new HDYP unit? Very nice!

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    • I love this song! I’m surprised Nick hasn’t reviewed it yet 😉

      Nick, I know your policy is to only review something new, but you should allow yourself space to review something you might have missed 😉

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      • Close! It’s Hwang Hyun.

        I heard the song when it first came out and I do indeed like it, but didn’t get around to posting it as a buried treasure. Probably an 8.5 for me, if you’re curious. There are some things about it that prevent me from totally falling in love.

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        • “Close! It’s Hwang Hyun.” Wow, I’m batting a thousand today. Earlier I was sure BEP didn’t produce the new Apink, and I was right, and now a former member of Sweetune produced this. This is a rarity, let me savor it, lol.

          I don’t know how I’ll feel later, but for the last few days, this has been my favorite song of 2023 (if I don’t count Ditto, which came out in December).


  5. ooh….I don’t know about this one…

    Everything else is great but I don’t like that chorus…

    That bridge is especially great. It’s so entrancing

    I wouldn’t skip it if it came on but I won’t go out of my way to listen to it

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  6. I don’t think anything can beat What You Waiting For since it was one of my SOTYs for 2019, but this is nice. Though something about the very beginning of the beat drop feels kinda meh to me, I find Heize’s vocals carry the beat drop.


  7. Earlier this week on vacation, a song wafted across the air at our dinner restaurant which was the original version that Mamamoo’s Starry Night was lifted from. Of course I sang along with the Mmm lyrics.

    Anyway, if you like this one, you may also like Amber+Luna of f(x) “Lower” from a few years ago as the vibe and chorus drop is similar.


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