Song Review: DreamNote – Lemonade

DreamNote - LemonadeDreamNote’s Blue was a refreshing palette cleanser — a pre-release that showcased their vocals and brought a shot of emotion to their underrated discography. As its title might suggest, Lemonade is much brighter and bubblier.

As far as this specific K-pop style goes, Lemonade is a solid example. There’s not much critique I can offer beyond admitting the song wasn’t really designed with my taste in mind. I enjoy the thumping club beat that underlines much of the track, but there’s too much cheery, affected sing-song melody driving the performance. I get that this has been DreamNote’s thing since debut (and has occasionally resulted in awesome material), but Lemonade has me craving a more robust chorus to match the intensity of its instrumental.

On the plus side, I wouldn’t be surprised if this grew on me with time. Its energy is pretty infectious and I bet the performances will be fun.

Hooks 8
 Production 9
 Longevity 8
 Bias 7

Grade: B-


6 thoughts on “Song Review: DreamNote – Lemonade

  1. Oh thank heavens we have a week of songs that sounds like songs again.

    When I am not overthinking it, I think it is a helluva lotta fun.

    When I am overthinking it, I think it sounds very 2016 2017 mid Red Velvet early Twice era. Not a bad era to mimic. But on the Red Velvet note, there is a touch of interesting chromaticism in the chorus, but I wish they leaned even more into it, even bucu key changes a ala Ice Cream Cake. There is the space and time and structure for it in the composition, but the song chose to just stay the course it was on. A missed opportunity.

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  2. I’m enjoying the upbeat high energy of the track & MV. Enjoying it enough to explore their back catalogue. Definitely a highway tune w/ the volume up. The beat is just a little to strong for me but does make for a good dance track. The lyrics kinda lost me a bit so I had to give it a couple more listens to catch on. I like it.


  3. As someone who was never putt off by the sugary delivery of dreamnote,I found this very addicting. It’s a little upsetting how low their budget seems to be but at least the song is good and felt like the priority

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  4. Forgot to comment earlier, but I really like this.
    I don’t mind the energetic shouting in songs, I actually quite like it.
    It really does sound like an old Red Velvet track a little bit.


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